Zookies Strain Info: Effects, Cost, Taste, and More

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Offering a balanced body high that keeps users going, the Zookies strain is a working-class staple. Its impressive THC level might seem daunting on paper, but as the strain’s chemistry takes effect, it uplifts its user without the overpowering sense of couchlock.

Ideal for potheads who need something to get them through a difficult day, the Zookies strain is a reliable cultivar that provides practical benefits for busy bodies. Wondering whether you should add Zookies to your rotating stash? Here’s a low-down on this iconic marijuana variety.

What is Zookies Strain?

The Zookies strain is a popular cannabis cultivar that has a fairly positive reputation across the marijuana user landscape. The strain is a cross of two celebrated OG strains, namely Animal Cookies and the legendary Original Glue.

According to some sources, the Zookies strain was an accidental cross-pollination that the breeders decided to cultivate anyway. A favorite daytime strain for heavy marijuana users, the Zookies variety touts widespread availability making it an easily accessible option.

Who Created Zookies Strain?

The Zookies strain comes from the cultivation expertise of the cannabis breeder that goes by the name of Alien Labs. According to the company, their careful cultivation processes produce high-quality varieties that meet the highest cannasseur standards.

Aside from Zookies, Alien Labs is also known for other strains including Planet Red, Atomic Apple, and Area 51. While their raw cannabis flower is a fan favorite, the brand also makes pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and edibles.

When Was Zookies Strain Created?

Like most other strains, Zookies’ history isn’t properly documented. Most sources only provide an estimate of the era when it was created, which they claim was sometime in the 2010s.

Reviews for the Zookies strain date back to 2018, so it is possible that the strain was in development as early as 2016.

Zookies Strain Review

The Zookies strain has 220 reviews on the cannabis authority website, Leafy, and has garnered an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Based on feedback left for the variety, the Zookies weed strain offers its users the ideal benefits to support daytime functionality while still targeting all of the usual discomforts.

At a glance, the Zookies strain captivates customers with its snowy white exterior that’s coated in a rich layer of fuzzy trichomes. The nugs themselves are loosely clustered and tout light green hues with streaks of dark purple peeking through the folds.

Since it’s a fairly strong strain, beginners and low-tolerance users are strongly cautioned to think twice before taking a drag of this hardcore cultivar. Known for its steep THC content, the Zookies strain can easily overwhelm the uninitiated. 

Zookies Strain THC Level

How strong is Zookies strain? This cultivar’s THC percentage maxes out at around 24%, making it a formidable choice for casual potheads and an everyday go-to for heavy marijuana users.

Lots of other cannabinoids comprise the Zookies strain chemistry, including fairly high amounts of cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD) which all help to elevate the overall experience.

Zookies Strain Taste

What does Zookies strain taste like? At the forefront of the Zookies strain flavor is a strong earthy nuttiness that’s hard on the palate. This is followed by a tinge of spice and pepper, which is then topped off with a pungent diesel finish.

Similarly, the Zookies strain smell follows the same direction, offering a very nut-forward aroma that mixes in the smell of wet earth and wood. All of these sensory qualities come from the unique Zookies strain terpenes blend which includes caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene.

Zookies Strain Effects

Everyone agrees that the Zookies strain is the perfect daytime pick-me-up because of its awakening, energizing effects. But exactly what are the effects of Zookies strain? 

After smoking Zookies strain, you should find yourself pleasantly stimulated with a cerebral high that clarifies the mind and improves motivation. The strain also imposes a gentle body buzz that’s void of couchlock, allowing users to continue through their day with reduced pain.

The Zookies strain high peaks with maximum productivity and a light, manageable outgoing energy. Keep in mind though that at higher doses, the strain might feel a little overstimulating, causing racing thoughts and paranoia in unassuming users.

Zookies Strain Price

The Zookies strain has slowly but surely crept its way up the cannabis popularity ladder, so there’s a growing population that views the cultivar as a marijuana classic. That said, you should expect to pay a slightly steeper cost for a gram of Zookies compared to other, run-of-the-mill varieties.

On average, this strain can set you back $11 per gram. If you want to cut back on the price per unit weight, though, you can try buying in bulk.

Is Zookies Strain Indica or Sativa?

Its effects alone should tell you that the Zookies strain is a perfectly balanced indica-sativa hybrid. While the strain does provide energizing benefits in that it improves motivation, productivity, and mental clarity, it also does some heavy lifting in the relaxation department as it relieves physical discomfort.

Is Zookies Strain Good for Sleep?

No, the Zookies strain is not the kind of cannabis cultivar you’d want to use if you’re trying to induce sleep. The strain’s calming effects mostly focus on the body, banishing any existing pain.

In most cases, the Zookies strain zaps the mind into a state of wakefulness, keeping you up and moving for the duration of the strain’s high.

Is Zookies Strain Good for Anxiety?

At the right doses, yes, the Zookies strain can provide some benefits against anxiety and stress. When doses are properly measured, the strain can alleviate cognitive clouding and provide a sense of clarity that improves thought processes and sharpens problem-solving and decision-making skills.

However, there are some risks. Taking too much Zookies can cause paranoia and racing thoughts, exacerbating the symptoms of anxiety in people who suffer from the condition. Careful dosing is imperative in order to prevent these side effects.

Zookies Strain Cartridge

As previously mentioned, Alien Labs offers the Zookies strain in the form of cartridges. This option mainly caters to users who might find smoking raw marijuana flower to be tedious or irritating to the throat.

Lots of other brands offer their own version of the Zookies strain vape cart, and prices tend to play between $20 and $80. The cost for these products depends on the amount in each cartridge, the strength of the chemistry, and of course, the brand on the packaging.

Strains Similar to Zookies Strain 

If the Zookies strain is right up your alley and you’re looking for other strains that bear similar properties, this list of alternatives can provide an almost identical experience:

  • Mystery Cookies
  • Bango
  • Alien Pebbles
  • White Gold
  • Animal Cookies

Zookies Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Zookies strain seeds? It’s a pretty popular marijuana variety, so you should be able to find it through most seed banks both online and in person.

Zookies strain marijuana seeds cost roughly $11 a piece and are typically sold at a minimum of three pieces per pack. Although green seeds might look fresh and appealing, the brown and black seeds have the best chances of germination.

Zookies Strain Flowering Time

The Zookies strain takes just around 11 weeks to produce a mature harvest and yields roughly 7.5 ounces per plant. This moderate yield makes it a good choice for budding business owners who want to make the most of every growing cycle.

Growing Zookies strain might require some expertise, however, especially when it comes to choosing the right quality soil. Plants grow to an average height of 8 feet, which also means the variety is best grown outdoors.

Where to Buy Zookies Strain Flower

The Alien Labs website has a dedicated page that lets you locate stores throughout the United States where they sell their products. So if you’re on the hunt for authentic Zookies strain flower, it’s best that you take the time to check their store locator first.

Otherwise, you can always just walk into your local medical marijuana dispensary, vape shop, or vendor to find out whether they carry the cultivar. Lots of online cannabis vendors try to keep the strain in stock, so it’s not likely that you’ll run out of options.

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