Zkittlez Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

A dried Zkittlez cannabis flower against a black background

Popularly known as ‘The Original Z’, the Zkittlez cannabis strain is the genetic backbone for countless iconic marijuana varieties on the market today. Lauded for its delectable, fruit-flavored candy taste, the Zkittlez strain sky-rocketed to certain stardom since it dropped in the 2010s.

A favorite among cultivators who want to breed new cultivars with a dynamic sensory aspect, the Zkittlez strain also brings intense, award-winning effects that benefit both mind and body. Wondering how Zkittlez achieved legendary cannabis status? Here’s the complete background of the world-renowned marijuana pick.

What is Zkittlez Strain?

Named after a popular childhood favorite confection, the Zkittlez strain brings together the genetic properties of Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and a third undisclosed cultivar. This mysterious family history contributed to Zkittlez’s popularity, tickling the general public’s interest by creating an enigmatic air around the strain.

Today, Zkittlez is considered one of the most prolific strains available, not only because of consumer favor but also because cultivators often leverage the variety for its intense flavor and strong cannabinoid profile.

With such distinct properties in both effects and taste, The Original Z has won various awards including the 2016 Emerald Cup.

Who Created Zkittlez Strain?

The development of the Zkittlez strain is mostly attributed to Terphogz — a cannabis cultivation company based in Mendocino County, California. However, it’s also often mentioned that the 3rd Gen Family — a collective of California-based cultivators — was heavily involved in the breeding and marketing of the Zkittlez cannabis variety.

When Was Zkittlez Strain Created?

Created sometime in the 2010s, the Zkittlez strain rose to fame at a time when public interest in cannabis began to swell after discussions about the legalization of the agricultural commodity spread throughout the United States.

Named for its delectable fruity flavor that closely mimics the taste of a familiar childhood treat, the Zkittlez strain faced legal issues in 2016 because of trademark infringement. That’s why the Terphogz company officially renamed the strain to ‘The Original Z’ in fulfillment of a legal settlement.

Zkittlez Strain Review

Take the time to read through reviews for the Zkittlez strain, and you’ll be overwhelmed with positive feedback about its flavor. Most often, the strain’s intense fruity taste is what draws in cannabis users.

Many low-tolerance users applaud the strain for its easy, creamy smoke that hardly irritates the throat, if at all. The Zkittlez weed strain boasts a sweet, candy-like taste that also makes it a palatable choice for consumers who are easily deterred by the pungent, bitter flavor of strains like Sour Diesel.

In terms of its effects, connoisseurs tag the strain as a solid nighttime choice. Manifesting the classic cannabis trifecta — happy, hungry, and sleepy — this cultivar represents the golden standard for the original marijuana high.

Zkittlez Strain THC Level

How strong is Zkittlez strain? Well, the cultivar touts a THC percentage between 17% to 25%. This makes it both a novice variety and a veteran weed strain depending on where a specific batch’s THC level rests.

At the floor limit of 17%, Zkittlez can satisfy most low-tolerance users and beginners with manageable effects. However, at THC levels over 20%, batches of this tasty cannabis cultivar are best left to veterans and experienced users.

In terms of other cannabinoids, the Zkittlez strain contains an average of 1% cannabidiol (CBD) and 1% cannabigerol (CBG). Cannabinol (CBN) is close to nil, though, which is typical for a THC-rich cannabis strain.

Zkittlez Strain Taste

Crack open a jar of high-quality Zkittlez, and you’ll be pleasantly greeted with a sugary aromatic experience. The Zkittlez strain smell is one of the first things that buyers notice, often described as a heavenly scent that piques curiosity.

So, what does Zkittlez strain taste like? As its name suggests, the marijuana flower releases a delectable, sweet, fruity flavor when lit.

With almost zero bitterness and earthy pungency, the Zkittlez strain flavor is one of the reasons why it became so popular in the first place. Together, all of the Zkittlez strain terpenes — including caryophyllene, linalool, and humulene — blend to create a mouthwatering candy flavor that any user will love.

Zkittlez Strain Effects

What are the effects of Zkittlez strain? Zkittlez isn’t what you would call a heavy-handed strain since it doesn’t overpower the body the same way that other potent varieties do.

Instead, it imbues the system with a mild euphoria coupled with a steady alertness that keeps the mind aware of its surroundings. Giggly and relaxed, smoking Zkittlez strain keeps users calm and collected in their seats for the duration of the high.

To top off the whole experience, the Zkittlez strain high stimulates the appetite in pronounced ways. This is one of the reasons why the strain has become such a popular medical marijuana variety, especially for individuals who struggle with food intake.

Zkittlez Strain Price

Prices vary depending on the vendor. Typically, the floor limit for Zkittlez prices sits at $6 per gram, but some vendors can crank up their prices as high as $20 or more per gram.

Lots of different factors play into determining the cost of marijuana, including the quality of the batch, its cannabinoid profile, and of course, the brand on the packaging. It’s also worth mentioning that vendors dial down prices for bulk orders.

If you were hoping to build a stash for the long haul, buying in bulk can have you spending less per gram of product albeit paying bigger upfront.

Is Zkittlez Strain Indica or Sativa?

With its dominant relaxing, calming, and tranquilizing effects, the Zkittlez strain shines with the prototypical properties of an indica strain. The cultivar also showcases a strong indica chemistry with its morphology, touting short, stubby plant growth and wide, stout leaves.

Is Zkittlez Strain Good for Sleep?

Even at low doses, the Zkittlez strain can work well as a solution against insomnia. As the strain’s effects progress, it lulls the user into a calm state of cognitive clouding and sleepiness.

More often than not, the Zkittlez high gradually descends into a peaceful sleep that should have its users feeling ready and recharged once they wake up.

Is Zkittlez Strain Good for Anxiety?

Another use that cannabis connoisseurs have found for the Zkittlez variety is anxiety relief. At low to moderate doses, Zkittlez can effectively mitigate cognitive noise and stress, allowing users to unwind and unclench even in the face of worries and problems.

Zkittlez Strain Cartridge

Because not everyone enjoys the feeling of itchy smoke slithering down their throat, marijuana product manufacturers had to get creative so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of cannabis. One of the most popular alternatives for cannabis users is the vape.

Zkittlez vape cartridges can be purchased both online and through physical stores. Keep in mind though that vapes aren’t always as potent as raw cannabis flower since vaping the natural plant chemistry can reduce bioavailability.

Similar Strains to Zkittlez Strain

Can’t find Zkittlez at your trusted dispensary or vendor? Don’t sweat it — there are a bunch of other strains you can try to get similar effects and flavors.

Here are some cannabis strains that come close to the Zkittlez experience:

  • Chem Scout
  • LA Pop Rocks
  • Obama Kush
  • Purple Sunset
  • Runtz

Zkittlez Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Zkittlez strain seeds? Zkittlez is a fairly popular strain, so both its raw flower and seeds are widely sold throughout the market.

If you want to get your hands on real, high-quality Zkittlez cannabis seeds, you can visit the Terphogz online seed bank where the cultivator sells seeds for their own breeds including Zkittlez. There you can buy seeds for an average of $12 a piece.

Zkittlez Strain Flowering Time

According to expert cultivators, growing Zkittlez strain is fairly easy compared to other varieties. With limited needs for both sunlight and water, the Zkittlez strain can produce mature plants ready for harvest in 7-9 weeks.

Each plant grows between three to five feet if grown indoors and up to six feet outdoors. Once it’s ready for harvest, a Zkittlez plant will produce a medium yield.

Where to Buy Zkittlez Strain Flower

The Zkittlez strain is a fairly common marijuana variety and you should be able to find a quality batch through your trusted online vendor or a physical dispensary. Just make sure to check lab reports, compare prices, and read reviews before you shell out cash to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

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