White Widow Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

Five White Widow cannabis flowers piled together against a white background

Having been on the cannabis scene for nearly three decades, the White Widow strain is nothing short of a marijuana hall of famer. The professed favorite of many old-school potheads, White Widow was born at a time when cultivators’ only objective was to create cultivars that delivered as intense a high as possible.

Directly descended from two iconic landraces, the White Widow strain brings users close to the original effects of marijuana as nature intended. In this guide, we’re talking all about White Widow, its properties, and what led to its legendary status today.

What is White Widow Strain?

The White Widow strain descends from the Brazilian sativa and the South Indian incida, bringing together the qualities of two, potent, naturally-occurring cannabis phenotypes. The resulting strain showcases the intensity of marijuana as it’s found in nature.

All over the exterior of White Widow’s nugs are fuzzy white trichomes that release a sticky resin, leaving a tacky film on the fingers. Bright orange tendrils gently embrace the compact nugs with dark green and purple hues peeking from behind the unruly cage.

Who Created White Widow Strain?

As with most vintage cannabis cultivars, White Widow’s history is anything but well-documented. Some sources claim that the strain was the brainchild of Scott Blakey aka Shantibaba — a well-renowned cannabis breeder and the former co-owner of Green House Seed Company.

However, there are many other versions of the cultivar’s enigmatic history. According to some, White Widow was originally called ‘Arnhem’s Wonder’ and was developed by Ingemar of De Sjamaan Seeds.

When Was White Widow Strain Created?

It’s widely accepted that the White Widow strain was created and released in 1994, but again, some amateur cannabis historians contest that fact. The 1994 conception date follows the premise that the strain was developed by Shantibaba of Green House Seed Co.

Those who believe the White Widow strain was originally cultivated by Ingemar assert that the strain had been around since 1987 under a different name. Whatever the case, we know that the White Widow strain has circulated the cannabis market for at least the last 30 years.

White Widow Strain Review

The White Widow weed strain is the perfect embodiment of 90s grunge marijuana when quality was defined by the high. According to users, the White Widow strain doesn’t deliver a tasty, pastry sensory experience the same way contemporary cultivars do, but it showcases classic marijuana minus the frills.

Users love White Widow for its fast-acting chemistry that grips the mind and body within minutes after a toke. And because it isn’t particularly overpowering, White Widow provides benefits that even novices and beginners can enjoy.

For newer generations of marijuana users, White Widow might offend the taste buds. According to reviews posted online, the strain’s strong, unapologetic flavor profile can feel like an assault on the throat, so some caution is advised.

White Widow Strain THC Level

How strong is White Widow strain? Compared to a lot of new strains on the market, White Widow isn’t exactly what you would call a ‘potent’ variety.

This marijuana cultivar touts a THC percentage of just around 16% to 20%. This makes it a fairly manageable strain even for users who don’t have a lot of experience or those with a low tolerance.

According to some sources, though, White Widow contains high levels of other cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN.) This elevated concentration of other organic compounds intensifies the strain’s effects despite having relatively lower THC concentrations.

White Widow Strain Taste

Unlike most strains today that are specifically bred to mimic the flavors of all-time favorite confections, fruits, and pastries, the White Widow strain hardly places emphasis on the taste experience. So like most other grunge marijuana cultivars from its time, White Widow assaults the senses with its pungent taste.

So, what does White Widow strain taste like? The classic marijuana strain brings together myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene to produce the signature White Widow strain flavor which can be described as deep, earthy, and organic.

These White Widow strain terpenes also come together to deliver a fairly interesting odor. The White Widow strain smell can sucker punch an unprepared snout with its pungent, diesel overtones that aggressively offend the olfactories.

White Widow Strain Effects

What are the effects of White Widow strain? At low to moderate doses, the White Widow strain high inspires creative energy and stimulates a social mood.

People who often feel like they’re in a productive rut turn to White Widow to induce cognitive activity and support innovation and meaningful activity. In some cases, marijuana users leverage White Widow when they need an outgoing boost if they’re heading to a party or a get-together.

Smoking White Widow strain produces fairly long-lasting effects that can stick around for an average of 6 hours after the last toke. In larger doses, White Widow can induce stupor, but has also been known to spark paranoia.

White Widow Strain Price

As a marijuana legend, the White Widow strain tends to come at slightly steeper prices versus prolific, contemporary strains. Generally, the market value for White Widow ranges from $8 to $17 per gram, depending on brand and quality.

If you want to spend less on your bud, make sure to shop around. Small to medium-sized cannabis dispensaries – whether operating online or in-store – tend to have more reasonable prices for their cannabis flower.

Is White Widow Strain Indica or Sativa?

The White Widow strain is typically regarded as a hybrid with a 60% sativa dominance. Its incida are present yet subtle, providing a little balm against pain and some stress relief.

More than anything, however, the strain’s sativa qualities shine through as it energizes and awakens the mind.

Is White Widow Strain Good for Sleep?

The strain’s stimulating effects might work against you if you were hoping to nod off. Low and moderate doses of White Widow activate the mind and keep users alert, giggly, creative, and upbeat, effectively quenching any need for sleep.

However, like other marijuana varieties, White Widow might be able to encourage sleep when taken in large doses. Megadoses of any cannabis strain, regardless of chemistry, have been known to render users unconscious.

Is White Widow Strain Good for Anxiety?

Users prone to paranoia might want to carefully manage their White Widow dose. At certain amounts, White Widow can trigger paranoid thoughts, exacerbating symptoms of anxiety in people with pre-existing problems.

White Widow Strain Cartridge

It’s no secret that the White Widow strain can offend both the taste buds and the throat, so manufacturers have developed a range of products that let users enjoy the strain’s effects without having to confront its bitter smoke.

White Widow vape cartridges are a popular alternative for people who want quick and easy doses sans the offensive flavor. And since White Widow is a fairly popular strain, it’s not that hard to find and buy cartridges that use the cultivar as its base.

Strains Similar to White Widow Strain

If you like White Widow so far and you want to explore other varieties with similar effects, there are a bunch of strains you can try. Some of the marijuana picks that closely mimic the White Widow strain include:

  • Tangerine
  • Purple Diesel
  • Lemon Diesel
  • Jack Diesel
  • White Rhino

White Widow Strain Seeds

Looking to buy White Widow strain seeds? For a while, the people behind the White Widow strain did everything they could to gatekeep the variety and restrict others from cultivating the variety. Today, however, White Widow seeds are available across every seed bank on the market.

Each seed will cost roughly $12, but prices will fluctuate depending on its quality and brand. To maximize the chances of germination, always choose seeds with giraffe skin patterns in black and brown colorways.

White Widow Strain Flowering Time

Growing White Widow strain takes an average of 60 days when performed indoors. The variety requires less water than other marijuana strains, but it does have slightly different light requirements to maximize its growth and yield.

Adapting an 8-hour light cycle at the end of cultivation (roughly two weeks before harvest) can help enhance trichome expression, aroma, and cannabinoid chemistry. Although White Widow requires quite a bit of sunlight, the strain is pretty hardy and thrives well even in cold conditions.

Where to Buy White Widow Strain Flower

The prolific White Widow cannabis strain flower can be purchased nearly anywhere. Available online through e-commerce vendors, in physical dispensaries, and at local vape shops, White Widow isn’t what you would call an elusive strain.

However, with so many vendors jumping on the White Widow bandwagon, it’s not impossible to buy a bunk batch if you’re not careful. Make sure to perform your fair share of due diligence, shop around, and check lab reports and reviews before you spend your hard-earned cash.

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