White Truffle Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

A single flower of the White Truffle Cannabis strain against a white backdrop

A must-have for the working class, the White Truffle cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that puts users in a placid trance. Its organic, pungent, earthy flavor might be an acquired taste, but the strain’s potent effects make it a must-have nonetheless.

Lifting away stress and fatigue as it consumes the mind and body in a blissful, carefree high, the White Truffle strain could be the nightcap you’re looking for. Interested in this relaxing cannabis rarity? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the White Truffle strain.

What is White Truffle Strain?

Considered one of the most elusive strains in the Gorilla lineage, the White Truffle strain is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid with a stinky personality. Popular for its pungent aroma and sour, bitter taste, this cultivar kicks users in the mouth with a violent sensory attack.

Particularly hard to come by, the White Truffle strain has earned the attention of cannabis collectors worldwide. This status as a marijuana rarity has also made the cultivar highly coveted among elitist cannasseurs and veteran users.

Who Created the White Truffle Strain?

Not to be confused with the strain from Parabellum Genetics that goes by the same name, this particular variety of White Truffle was developed by Fresh Coast Genetics, also called Fresh Coast Seed Co. Located in Michigan, Fresh Coast Seed Co. is a medical marijuana cultivator that has introduced 29 recognized cannabis strains into the market since 2015.

In 2019, the breeder won the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup for the best vape cartridge. According to the Company, they focus on using tried and tested genetic lines that they cross with their own innovative cultivation methods.

Although it isn’t confirmed, some sources claim that BeLeaf Cannabis lent a helping hand in cultivating and developing the White Truffle strain alongside Fresh Coast.

When Was the White Truffle Strain Created?

The White Truffle strain’s debut in the marijuana market isn’t exactly well-documented. Some sources say that the cultivar has been around since 2016, but there aren’t any records online to prove that.

What we do know, however, is that the White Truffle strain descended from a single parent – Gorilla Butter. This strain combines Gorilla Glue and Peanut Butter Breath.

To develop the unique White Truffle phenotype, breeders selected, isolated, and cultivated Gorilla Butter plants with the same genetic properties until the cultivar became a stable variety of its own.

White Truffle Strain Review

Several cured White Truffle cannabis flowers with dense trichome layers heaped together.

Reviews for the White Truffle strain are few and far between since it’s hard to come by. As of writing, there are only a few hundred reviews that talk about the elusive strain online.

However, the available feedback on White Truffle provides just enough information to draw a few conclusions about the strain and how it works.

A polarizing quality of the White Truffle strain is its flavor. Named after a rare, earthy delicacy, this cultivar delivers a mouthful of organic flavor that’s laced with pungent undertones that might be a little overwhelming for the conservative tongue.

Although a large demographic of marijuana smokers claims to enjoy the unique flavor profile, it’s widely regarded as an acquired taste. Nevertheless, if you manage to survive the sensory assault, the strain provides a blissful high that cradles both mind and body.

As the strain takes effect, it subdues stress and discomfort to let you fully relax without succumbing entirely to sleep. The gentle body buzz and dreamy mental state work together to put anxiety on mute and rejuvenate the system.

White Truffle Strain THC Level

How strong is White Truffle strain? The potent marijuana cultivar carries an average THC content of 25%, but some best marijuana batches have been found to contain as much as 30% THC percentage.

This incredible THC concentration gives the White Truffle cannabis buds superior psychoactive effects. For that reason, it’s not recommended as a strain for first-timers or novice users.

If you’re looking for high cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabinol (CBN) cannabis strains though, White Truffle might not be the one for you. Containing less than 1% of both, the strain is best known for its supreme THC concentration.

White Truffle Strain Taste

The White Truffle strain’s flavor is one of its most debatable qualities. While some users claim that the distinct, earthy, and pungent aroma is its best selling point, many others say that it’s all hype.

So what does the White Truffle strain taste like? According to users, the smoke that comes from the cultivar is comparable to a mouthful of earth with hints of diesel and wood.

This blend of flavors and aromas is attributed to the White Truffle strain terpenes which are mainly made up of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. Its combination of terpenes creates a deep, rich, earthy aroma that’s similar to the cultivar’s flavor.

White Truffle Strain Effects

What are the effects of White Truffle strain? Perfect as an end-of-the-day marijuana variety, the White Truffle strain tranquilizes both mind and body.

Although its flavor profile might jolt you into wakefulness with its abrupt assault on the taste buds, the strain’s effects work to lull the entire system into a dreamy state of calm and tranquility

Smoking White Truffle strain induces a mild body high that incapacitates its user while it ushers the mind into a dreamlike state. Most of those who enjoy the White Truffle strain claim that it works wonders to banish stress and pain at the end of a long and tiring day.

White Truffle Strain Price

Prices for White Truffle vary from vendor to vendor. As a general rule, buying from emporiums and vape shops almost always guarantees more expensive prices.

If you’re looking to spend less on your White Truffle, check out dedicated, specialty cannabis stores or marijuana dispensaries that sell cannabis flower in small batches. Generally, with White Truffle, you should expect prices between $12-$19 per gram.

As with any other cannabis variety, buying in bulk helps cut down the price per gram significantly. However, that also means having to shell out more for your purchase up front.

Is White Truffle Strain Indica or Sativa?

The White Truffle strain is a hybrid variety that touts a 70% indica dominance in terms of both chemistry and morphology. Its plants grow short and stout, with tightly compact flowers, wide leaves, and intense trichome expression.

This heavy-leaning bias makes the White Truffle’s effects more relaxing and calm. However, there are some batches that may produce a slightly more energized cognition depending on its cannabinoid expression.

Is White Truffle Strain Good for Sleep?

Yes, the White Truffle strain may help improve sleep quality and duration. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the variety works effectively to calm and relax the mind and body.

Although taking a standard dose might not necessarily induce sleep, increasing the dose amount might just teeter you over the edge into dreamland. For this reason, many of those who best enjoy White Truffle are individuals who struggle with insomnia and similar sleeping issues.

Is White Truffle Strain Good for Anxiety?

Most of those who use the White Truffle strain claim that they use it mainly for its anxiety-relieving effects. The strain’s fast-acting and hard-hitting chemistry effectively silences the mind and puts racing thoughts and worries to a screeching halt.

White Truffle Strain Cartridge

If smoking raw flower isn’t up your alley, there are alternative ways to enjoy the White Truffle strain. Edibles are a popular choice but these products often significantly reduce the bioavailability of the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the plant matter.

To get the same potency without having to deal with the flavor or texture of raw cannabis smoke, vaping might be a suitable alternative. Keep in mind though that White Truffle strain cartridges are extremely rare because of the limited availability of the cultivar.

Strains Similar to White Truffle

Are you having trouble finding White Truffle at your local dispensary? Don’t worry – there are other strains with similar effects that you might want to try in its place. Some of them include the following:

  • Gorilla Butter
  • Orange Kush Cake
  • Peach Crescendo F-1
  • Biscotti TK41
  • Gorilla Berries

White Truffle Strain Seeds

Looking to buy White Truffle strain seeds? Remember that it’s an elusive variety so finding White Truffle cannabis seeds can be a big hurdle.

Lots of online seed banks try to expand their inventory to include rarities like White Truffle. Even Fresh Coast Seed Co. sells its own collection of feminized seeds online.

If you’re lucky enough to find a legitimate vendor that offers White Truffle seeds, expect to pay up to $20 per piece since it’s a highly coveted cultivar. Choose dark brown or black seeds to increase your chances of germination.

White Truffle Strain Flowering Time

Because very few people have experience cultivating White Truffle, there isn’t a lot of available information about growing White Truffle strain. However, according to some sources, the strain takes a similar time frame as other varieties to produce flowers.

Reaching maturity at 9 weeks, White Truffle flower is said to produce a small to moderate harvest. Plants are mainly indica in appearance – short in stature and dark and bushy. 

Where to Buy White Truffle Strain Flower

White Truffle strain flower can be purchased through online vendors and brick-and-mortar dispensaries, but availability is incredibly scarce. Some vape shops might sell White Truffle cannabis in small, pre-weighed packets, but they might not be the same White Truffle that comes from Fresh Coast Seed Co.

If you do manage to find White Truffle at your local dispensary, make sure to check lab reports and inquire about freshness. This helps guarantee that you get the best experience out of your highly coveted stash.

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