White 99 Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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The lingering effects of White 99 recurrently wash over its user, resulting in a cyclical high that ebbs and flows as the experience unfolds. Offering a cerebral high with potent body-numbing benefits, White 99 stands as a must-have and go-to for potheads hoping to escape everyday stress without losing their grip on their cognition.

Although its tart, fruity aroma might entice newbies, the White 99 strain’s chemistry could easily overpower an unassuming beginner. Want to learn more about this long-standing veteran’s favorite? Here’s the full scoop on White 99.

What is White 99 Strain?

The White 99 strain is a morning marijuana variety that provides delightful effects that add giggly, upbeat energy to mundane, everyday activities. Favored for its slow build-up of effects, White 99’s distinct high comes and goes, seeming to increase in intensity as it peaks multiple times throughout the encounter.

Contributing half of the White 99 genetics is Cinderella 99. This dreamy, creamy cultivar brings together various fruit flavors in a smooth, sweet-scented smoke. Cinderella 99 is also highly coveted for its incredible yield potential, which is why it’s often used as a breeding stud.

The White seals off this clever cannabis cross. Notorious for its lack of both flavor and aroma, The White strain makes up for the lackluster sensory encounter with its heady high and jittery body sensations that tickle and stimulate its users.

Who Created White 99 Strain?

Tierra Rojo is the enigmatic breeder-slash-cultivator behind the White 99 strain. Very little is published about the breeder online and they don’t communicate directly with consumers.

The only existing web presence Tierra Rojo has is its Facebook page which was most recently updated in the year 2012. As of writing, it’s not entirely clear whether Tierra Rojo still produces flower or seeds, but their strains continue to propagate thanks to various other breeders and cultivators that have stepped to the plate.

When Was White 99 Strain Created?

The White 99 Strain is much like 90% of other strains on the scene – it doesn’t have a well-documented past. Online, the only available resources that point to a potential release date are the strain’s older reviews.

White 99 was mentioned in consumer-generated feedback that was published in 2016. Factor in the amount of time it took for Tierra Rojo to breed, cultivate, process, and market White 99, and you can trace back its conception to 2014 or 2015.

White 99 Strain Review

Aesthetically, the White 99 strain bears the trappings of a quintessential OG. Its dull green and brown colors step away from the contemporary multi-colored strains of today, exuding a more dignified, vintage look. All over the nugs, brownish-orange tendrils weave through the cracks as the entire flower glistens in the light with its intense trichome drizzle.

Unlike other strains that serve up a relatively linear high, the White 99 strain’s impact comes and goes in waves. With multiple peaks throughout the encounter, this strain renews its intensity just when you start to think it’s starting to die down.

There are about 200 reviews for the White 99 weed strain on the Leafly website, and the strain has earned an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. According to most of the feedback published for the strain, users particularly enjoy its cerebrally soothing effects that keep you in control.

White 99 Strain THC Level

How strong is White 99 strain? Tests for the strain place White 99 at a THC percentage between 17% to 25%. To put its potency into perspective, most beginners have a tolerance of 13% to 15%.

Trace amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN) work with THC to intensify White 99’s effects. So although many other strains contain higher THC levels, White 99’s complete cannabinoid profile puts it at par with other THC-heavy varieties.

White 99 Strain Taste

What does White 99 strain taste like? Limonene, myrcene, and pinene make up the majority of White 99 strain terpenes, and they blend together in a way to produce a distinct yet subtle fruity experience.

The White 99 strain smell might go undetected if you’re new to the marijuana experience. However, to the veteran snout, White 99’s aroma serves up a sweet, fruity, berry foreground that’s carefully cradled in a tasteful pungent undertone.

Its smoke produces a similar taste profile. The White 99 strain flavor follows the lead of its The White parent strain’ subtlety but mixes in hints of Cinderella 99’s fruity notes with an added nutty, earthy shade.

White 99 Strain Effects

What are the effects of White 99 strain? This variety calls for self-control and proper pacing since its effects gradually build up as the high progresses and the chemistry unfolds.

You’ll notice that White 99 slowly guides you through the progression of its high, inspiring first a clear-headed cerebral high that’s manageable and light. Much later, the experience takes a physical turn as the strain’s chemistry subdues the body in a mild couch lock.

Smoking White 99 strain produces several peaks as the effects ebb and rise throughout the encounter. So while the White 99 strain high might feel like it’s losing fuel minutes after the dose, experts recommend riding it out before you consider taking a second toke.

Ultimately, White 99 produces a fairly sociable mood that’s upbeat and calm. Relieving physical pain and discomfort, the strain might make you want to sit back and relax while you enjoy the company of friends or explore the creative psychology that the cultivar can inspire.

White 99 Strain Price

The White 99 strain sells for an average of $12 per gram. It’s a fairly common strain, though, so it’s not unlikely for vendors to significantly reduce their prices depending on the availability of their stock and its freshness.

If you particularly enjoy the White 99 strain’s effects and flavor, you can opt to purchase a bulk package. These larger bags of marijuana flower cost less per gram and give you a constant, ready supply whenever you might need a fresh smoke.

Is White 99 Strain Indica or Sativa?

White 99 is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid which you might expect after you experience its effects. The strain’s wakeful, energizing, cerebral hit blends well together with traces of indica chemistry that manifest in the strain’s body buzz and pain-busting benefits.

Is White 99 Strain Good for Sleep?

About 30% of the users who have tried White 99 claim that it tapers off into a drowsy stupor once the high ends. That said, if you want to enjoy an outgoing cerebral high a few hours before you fall asleep, then the White 99 strain might be a good choice.

However, if you’re looking for an instant knock-out, other varieties like the Zaza cannabis strain might be a better pick.

Is White 99 Strain Good for Anxiety?

The rising and falling of the White 99 strain’s effects might exacerbate anxiety and produce a similar ebbing and flowing of worry and apprehension. On Leafly, anxiety is the most reported side-effect of the White 99 variety so users with the condition are cautioned when contemplating the strain’s use.

White 99 Strain Cartridge

You can visit your local vape shop or marijuana dispensary to find out whether they sell White 99 vape carts. Cartridges condense cannabis chemistry and enhance its flavor, allowing a more dynamic sensory experience versus smoking raw flower.

On top of that, vaping also eliminates the production of smoke so users who struggle to tolerate itchy, bitter plumes can enjoy a smoother drag. Vape carts sell for as little as $20 while some premium options cost upwards of $90.

Similar Strains to White 99 Strain

Although it is its own, distinct variety, the White 99 strain isn’t entirely unique. Lots of other cannabis varieties share the same flavors and effects while adding their own interesting twist.

Here are some White 99 alternatives that you can try if you want an experience that’s different but still familiar:

  • Lemon Royale
  • Hong Kong
  • Sour Kosher
  • Grape Gasoline
  • Ruby Slippers

White 99 Strain Seeds

Since it’s not entirely clear whether Tierra Rojo still produces or supplies seeds, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find White 99 strain seeds that come from the originator. Fortunately, you should be able to find seeds through other reputable seed banks.

Regular seeds cost $11 each. Autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds (because they’re easier to grow and germinate) cost much more at around $14 to $20 each.

White 99 Strain Flowering Time

If you’re planning on growing White 99 strain, make sure to practice some patience. The strain is notorious for its lengthy flowering time, with some cultivators recording a whopping 12-week waiting period before they could collect any harvest.

On the upside, the strain delivers a heavy yield similar to its Cinderella 99 parent strain. A single White 99 plant can serve up to 9 ounces of dry flower.

Where to Buy White 99 Strain Flower

White 99 is a fairly common strain that you can purchase at your local cannabis dispensary or smoke shop. However, in case they don’t carry the strain, you can consider buying your White 99 online.

These days, there are lots of things you can do to confirm the reliability of a web-based vendor. Verified reviews from past buyers, third-party lab tests, and satisfaction guarantee policies all point to a trustworthy vendor.

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