Super Boof Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Although it has yet to achieve widespread popularity, the Super Boof strain’s wake-and-bake appeal props it up for almost certain success as a daytime marijuana variety. This fairly new cultivar brings dynamic day-to-day benefits that are practical, purposeful, and balanced.

Touting a cannabinoid profile that mirrors the chemistry of well-loved cultivars that have etched their names into the hall of fame, the Super Boof strain is a promising marijuana variety that bears the qualities of a soon-to-be award-winning hit. Find out more about this one to watch with this comprehensive guide and review.

What is Super Boof Strain?

With only several hundred reviews on the internet, the Super Boof strain (also called ‘Superboof’) isn’t exactly what you would identify as a prolific cultivar. The relatively unknown marijuana variety has a small following but nevertheless has received high praise from the chosen few who have had the privilege of trying the strain.

Genetically, the strain inherits its qualities from B-list cultivars Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. Popular among both recreational and medical marijuana users, Super Boof delivers balanced effects that are said to work well for everyday use.

Who Created Super Boof Strain?

The Super Boof strain was originally named ‘Blockberry’ and was bred by a small-time cannabis breeder by the name of Blockhead Buds. According to the cultivator’s Instagram bio, they’ve bagged 1st and 2nd place awards from the High Times and Zalympics, but it’s not entirely clear what for.

Much later, another small-time cannabis breeder by the name of Mobile Jay claims to have refined the strain’s chemistry by way of back-crossing. The enhanced cultivar was since renamed to ‘Super Boof’, which has become the recognized name for the strain today.

When Was Super Boof Strain Created?

From choosing a strain’s genetic parents, to breeding, cultivating, and then finally marketing and distributing the strain, it could take well over a year. In most cases, breeders take two years before they can finally introduce a stable, new cultivar to the eager cannabis market.

Scour the web and there aren’t many articles that explore the history of the Super Boof strain, and neither does the original breeder identify the specific date when the cultivar was developed. What we do know, however, is that reviews for Super Boof only go as far back as 2022.

All things considered, we can assume that the cultivar was first thought up sometime in 2020 before being officially released to the general public in early 2022.

Super Boof Strain Review

With so many different cannabis cultivars on the market, it’s tough for newer varieties to pierce through the veil and grab the attention of an already preoccupied audience. So the fact that the Super Boof strain has managed to still capture the patronage of a fraction of the community speaks volumes about its properties.

Often regarded as an everyday go-to, the Super Boof strain delivers benefits that help improve daily performance whether at home or at work. Its balanced effects work well for both novices and veteran users, allowing users of all calibers to enjoy the strain and its chemistry.

Appearance-wise, the Super Boof weed strain boasts interesting aesthetics that can definitely capture a buyer’s attention. The chunky, elongated nugs boast bright, light green colors and deep, rich purple undertones that create the perfect backdrop for its fiery orange tendrils and sticky white trichomes.

Super Boof Strain THC Level

How strong is Super Boof strain? This particular cannabis variety touts an average THC percentage of 28%, which you would assume makes it a little too strong for novices and low-tolerance users.

However, surprisingly, the Super Boof strain manages to balance out its effects so that it doesn’t overwhelm or over-stimulate users with less experience. For the most part, it does this by way of a combination of other cannabinoids contained in its chemistry.

The strain has comparatively lower levels of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG), which work with THC to produce the strain’s unique effects. With lower concentrations of these cannabinoids, the cultivar offers more manageable benefits suitable for all users.

Super Boof Strain Taste

Unlike other strains that are named after their flavor profile, you can’t really tell what does Super Boof strain taste like based on its name alone. According to most users who have had the privilege of trying the cultivar, the Super Boof strain flavor brings together the taste of ice cream, citrus, and the stark pungence of blue cheese.

This flavor comes to life through the combination of different Super Boof strain terpenes which include caryophyllene and myrcene. In the same way, the same terpenes also produce the distinct Super Boof strain smell which can be described as a potent, pungent, earthy odor with hints of sweet herb.

Super Boof Strain Effects

What are the effects of Super Boof strain? The cultivar’s combination of terpenes and cannabinoids work together to soothe the body of any present pain and discomfort, making the strain a favorite among medical marijuana users.

As it lifts away physical aches and tension, the strain sends a zap of enlightenment and energy up to the mind. This mild wakefulness has often been described as perfectly balanced and controlled, keeping users awake and alert without overstimulating their senses.

Smoking Super Boof strain might also induce your appetite which again may help users with certain medical conditions. At its height, the Super Boof strain high elevates productivity while keeping the body relaxed and calm before gently placing the user back down.

Super Boof Strain Price

Numerous factors impact the price of cannabis strains like Super Boof, including its brand, quality, and freshness. Expect to pay between $6 and $18 for a gram of Super Boof.

If you’re hoping to reduce the cost per gram, buying in bulk might help. Although that also means having to pay more upfront, bulk bundles significantly reduce the cost of the product per gram.

Is Super Boof Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Super Boof strain is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid with pronounced calming effects. The strain’s ability to relax the body and relieve pain are identifying characteristics of the indica phenotype.

However, despite the strain’s obvious indica bias, it does showcase a few sativa properties as well. Aside from its morphology which mainly follows the sativa blueprint, the strain also delivers a controlled wakeful cognitive energy that’s expected of a sativa variety.

Is Super Boof Strain Good for Sleep?

Although the strain provides soothing effects that calm the body, it tends to awaken the mind and inspire a sense of productivity. So during the Super Boof high, you might feel a little more motivated to get around to your chores and responsibilities.

If you were hoping to use the strain for sleep, you might have better chances of inducing a feeling of drowsiness by taking a mega dose, however for safety reasons, that’s not always recommended.

Is Super Boof Strain Good for Anxiety?

What’s interesting about the Super Boof strain is that it has almost zero side effects. Based on user reviews, the cultivar usually only ever causes dry mouth as a negative effect, which many users find to be a fairly manageable downside.

That said, paranoia and anxiety are not known side effects of the strain. Nevertheless, although it doesn’t directly relieve anxiety, its ability to soothe the mind and pave a straight path of consciousness and productivity may help provide some clarity and calm that can dial down the symptoms of anxiety.

Super Boof Strain Cartridge

Because of its pungent blue cheese flavor, the Super Boof strain’s taste isn’t something that every user enjoys. On the upside, everyone can still enjoy its chemistry thanks to alternative cannabis-derived products like vapes.

Super Boof vape carts aren’t easy to come by, but they significantly improve the user experience, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy Super Boof’s taste. Carts that use the Super Boof chemistry can be purchased through vape shops, marijuana dispensaries, and of course, online vendors and emporiums.

Average prices for marijuana vape cartridges stand at $70 a piece, making it a little more expensive to maintain versus raw cannabis flower.

Similar Strains to Super Boof Strain

Since not a lot of commercial cultivators grow Super Boof, it’s possible that you might have trouble finding the strain in store. In that case, you might want to try a few alternatives that provide a similar experience:

  • Crunch Berry Kush
  • Petro Chem
  • Apple Kush
  • Jackpot
  • Black Cherry Punch

Super Boof Strain Seeds

Anyone looking to buy Super Boof strain seeds might want to check out Neptune Seed Bank. This cannabis seeds vendor is the official distributor of Super Boof strain seeds and is recognized by the cultivator himself as a reliable source of high-quality, authentic seeds.

The seeds sell for an average price of $10 a piece. Keep in mind, however, that feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds cost more and may increase prices up to $17 per seed.

Super Boof Strain Flowering Time

Growing Super Boof strain flowers takes time which might explain why it’s so rare. According to sources, the specific cultivar can take upwards of 12 weeks to produce a viable, mature yield.

Aside from that, the strain requires nitrogen-rich soil to guarantee the best cannabinoid expression. Its susceptibility to mold and mildew also means that the cultivar must be planted in conditions with 55-60% ambient humidity to reduce the risk of moisture-related contamination.

Where to Buy Super Boof Strain Flower

Sure, the Super Boof strain might be an up-and-comer with limited popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find in-store. There are still a handful of online vendors that keep the strain in stock, giving it the opportunity to continue to grow its reputation.

Just remember that before you make a purchase, check reviews for both the product and the vendor. Lab reports also help guarantee that you’re getting a product that’s worth every penny.

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