Sunset Sherbet Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

A single nug of dried Sunset Sherbet cannabis flower against a white background

A genetic cornerstone for many well-renowned strains on the marijuana scene today, the Sunset Sherbet cannabis cultivar is a fruit-flavored classic. The lovechild of two equally iconic varieties, this citrus delight brings balanced benefits enveloped in tasty smoke that cannabis users of all calibers will love.

Being so prolific and popular, the Sunset Sherbet strain is often considered a right of passage for aspiring cannabis connoisseurs. In this guide, we’re breaking down this legendary strain’s legacy and why you should find a spot for this award-winning cultivar in your marijuana stash.

What is Sunset Sherbet Strain?

Also fondly called Sherbet, Sunset Sherbert, and Sherbert OG, the Sunset Sherbet cultivar marries the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The resulting strain has been widely used by medical marijuana patients who struggle with pain.

However, because of its iconic flavor profile and dynamic cerebral high, Sunset Sherbet has gained a cult following among cannabis users who take delight in recreational consumption. That’s why today, Sunset Sherbet proudly parades as one of the most awarded strains both in the US and abroad, despite never placing first in any competition.

Who Created Sunset Sherbet Strain?

The cultivation of the original Sunset Sherbet strain is widely attributed to Mr. Sherbinski. Today, he runs a company called Sherbinskis based in Los Angeles, California.

Having been in operation since 2014, Sherbinskis has developed quite a handful of popular cannabis cultivars. Among their best creations are Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, Acai Berry, Mochi, and Pink Panties.

When Was Sunset Sherbet Strain Created?

Despite the global success that Mr. Sherbinski has seen with the creation of Sunset Sherbet, the critically acclaimed cannabis cultivar isn’t exactly an intentional cross. The mastermind describes spending time at his grandmother’s house sometime in 2014, where he placed a Girl Scout Cookies plant in the same space as his very own Pink Panties.

The two plants unintentionally cross-pollinated, producing Sunset Sherbet by accident. Nevertheless, the strain became a hit and would turn out to be the marijuana variety that pushed Mr. Sherbinski to become a household name.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Review

Each Sunset Sherbet nug is loosely packed together, providing a view beyond the thick trichome coat and unruly orange tendrils. Underneath the fluffy, sticky exterior, Sunset Sherbet showcases deep green and purple leaves that gently cluster together to form lightweight, airy nugs.

According to users, Sunset Sherbet’s potent chemistry makes itself known the moment you touch the flower. After handling a Sunset Sherbet nug, you can expect to find your fingers coated in a tacky resin that exudes the same aroma as the flower.

While it’s a popular medical marijuana pick, the Sunset Sherbet weed strain dominates the recreational market. Its dynamic effects and delightful flavor make it a hit among users who value the sensory experience that marijuana can provide.

Sunset Sherbet Strain THC Level

How strong is Sunset Sherbet strain? Well, it’s not exactly a potent, heavy-handed variety. Average levels for Sunset Sherbet THC percentage rest between 18% to 24%, but there can be some exceptions depending on the cultivation techniques used.

That said, the strain works well as an everyday choice if you’re hoping to get a boost without completely incapacitating your system. What’s more, Sunset Sherbet contains pretty high amounts of other cannabinoids which contribute to its distinct, excited high.

According to reports, Sunset Sherbet can contain up to one percent each of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN), all of which complement the effects of THC for more complex benefits.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Taste

Considered by many as its main selling point, the Sunset Sherbet strain flavor has often captivated users across different countries. So what does Sunset Sherbet strain taste like?

As its name suggests, the strain mimics the flavor of sweet, citrus sherbet. Its light tangerine flavor overtones are complemented by mild pungent, earthy undertones that round out the flavor and highlight the sweet foreground of fruit.

Some of the most prominent Sunset Sherbet strain terpenes – including caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene – work together to produce the distinct Sunset Sherbet strain smell that many compare to a freshly squeezed orange with a tinge of diesel.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Effects

Sunset Sherbet’s chemistry delivers fairly controlled effects that impact both mind and body without entirely petrifying or energizing its user. So exactly what are the effects of Sunset Sherbet strain?

At the onset, the strain grabs hold of the cognition and releases tension, stress, and anxiety that might build up over the course of a difficult day at work. As the mind enters a state of clarity and wakefulness, the cannabinoids work to banish all sense of physical discomfort including muscle tension and pain.

At its peak, the Sunset Sherbet strain high places its user in a giggly, happy, and relaxed mood. While you probably won’t have much motivation to move around and get things done, smoking Sunset Sherbet strain can keep you drowsy and playful for over six hours at a time.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Price

The Sunset Sherbet strain is constantly in high demand, so you can expect prices for this highly coveted cultivar to be a little steeper than the usual strain. On average, a gram of Sunset Sherbet can cost you around $20, but that price isn’t set in stone.

Typically, small to medium-sized e-commerce cannabis vendors offer the best prices for strains like Sunset Sherbet. Make sure to shop around before you make a purchase, and buy in bulk whenever possible to spend less per gram of cannabis flower.

Is Sunset Sherbet Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Sunset Sherbet strain is a hybrid cannabis cultivar with an intense indica bias at 85%. This heavy indica dominance is demonstrated through the strain’s supremely relaxing effects.

However, there are certain qualities of the Sunset Sherbet strain that betray its sativa genetics. Most of these qualities can be seen as the plant grows – tall and lanky plants with long, slender leaves and loosely packed oversized nugs all point to the strain’s partial sativa genetics.

Is Sunset Sherbet Strain Good for Sleep?

Because of its relaxing effects, the Sunset Sherbet strain almost always ends in a drowsy stupor. That said, users who need sleep support might be able to enjoy quality, uninterrupted sleep after a dose of Sunset Sherbet.

Keep in mind though that low doses of the strain might feel a little more stimulating than relaxing. So if you plan to use Sunset Sherbet to help you fall asleep, you may have to take more than the bare minimum.

Is Sunset Sherbet Strain Good for Anxiety?

The beginning of the Sunset Sherbet high affects the mental state by clearing the mind of stress, worry, and tension. This initial benefit effectively relieves anxiety, replacing the negative experience with an upbeat, carefree mood.

Because of these effects, Sunset Sherbet doesn’t only make a suitable pick-me-up but also proves to be a reliable solution for medical marijuana patients battling mental distress including depression and other mood disorders.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Cartridge

Even as one of the most pleasantly flavorful cannabis strains on the market, the Sunset Sherbet strain can still feel like a lot to take in if you’re a low-tolerance user. There are also some cannabis enthusiasts who prefer alternative methods of intake that don’t expose their system to smoke.

That’s why vaping has become such a popular method of cannabis use. Sunset Sherbet vape cartridges are widely available across the market and offer similar (if not exactly the same effects) as cannabis flower without the potential irritation that comes with smoke.

Similar Strains to Sunset Sherbet Strain

No doubt, the Sunset Sherbet strain is definitely a cannabis cultivar worth having in constant stock. But if you’re looking for a little variety without straying too far from the Sunset Sherbet experience, these similar strains might be what you need:

  • Platinum Cookies
  • Chocolate Hashberry
  • RudeBoi OG
  • Rainbow Reserve
  • Gelato

Sunset Sherbet Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Sunset Sherbet strain seeds? As a fairly common cultivar, seeds for Sunset Sherbet are pretty easy to find on the market and sell for an average of $13 a piece.

Most online vendors and seed banks sell Sunset Sherbet seeds through e-commerce websites. If you’re new to seed buying, though, you might want to consider shopping around in person.

The best cannabis seeds should tout a combination of black and brown, covering the exterior of the seed in a giraffe-skin pattern. Avoid green seeds at all costs since they’re often the hardest to germinate.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Flowering Time

A single Sunset Sherbet marijuana plant will take between 63 to 72 days to produce mature, harvest-ready flowers. Growing Sunset Sherbet isn’t particularly difficult, but the variety is prone to developing mold when overwatered even in the slightest.

Once it’s ready to harvest, Sunset Sherbet will produce a moderate yield of large, lightweight, elongated nugs.

Where to Buy Sunset Sherbet Strain Flower

Since the strain is so popular, every vendor wants a piece of the Sunset Sherbet profit, so you should be able to find Sunset Sherbet raw cannabis flower virtually anywhere you turn. However, that also increases your chances of buying bunk.
So to make sure you’re spending your money on the genuine article, you can visit the Sherbinskis website and check their list of certified Sunset Sherbet stockists. Otherwise, you can take the long route and read reviews, compare prices, and check lab reports before shelling out any cash.

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