Space Runtz Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Favored by medical marijuana users, the Space Runtz cannabis strain serves up a classic high that’s big on relaxation. The exotic cultivar is tough to find at local dispensaries, but its elusive nature has done nothing but elevate its appeal, and inevitably, its market value.

Enthralling the senses with an interesting combination of flavors and aromas, the Space Runtz strain is a must-try cultivar that aptly deserves a spot in any cannabis user’s stash. Wondering whether you should make room for this rare variety? Here’s everything you need to know about Space Runtz.

What is Space Runtz Strain?

The Space Runtz cannabis strain was born from the union of Runtz and Candy Rain. Although its cannabinoid expression and flavor profile should warrant widespread popularity, the strain’s breeder has restricted its distribution to just two states, stunting the strain’s market potential.

Who Created Space Runtz Strain?

Tiki Madman is a Michigan-based cannabis cultivator that’s particularly fond of the Runtz cultivar. Most of the breeder’s strains use Runtz in one way or another, with over twenty different original strains using Runtz as their genetic backbone.

To protect the quality and authenticity of their marijuana flower, the Tiki Madman breeder has just a handful of authorized marijuana flower and seed vendors. The company does this to safeguard its strains and protect buyers against bogus deals.

When Was Space Runtz Strain Created?

Like most contemporary strains, Space Runtz’s history isn’t very well documented. The best way to get an estimate of when the strain first appeared on the scene would be to simply check available reviews.

Some cyber digging reveals that the first consumer-generated snippet about the Space Runtz strain dates back to July 2021. Since breeders take time to cultivate, process, and market their new strains, it’s possible that the Space Runtz strain was first grown back in 2019.

Space Runtz Strain Review

At a glance, the Space Runtz strain captures consumer attention with its exaggerated trichome covering that resembles a coat of crystallized sugar. Bright orange hairs project from within the nugs which appear almost purple with hints of light green, all of which appear shiny under the nugs’ resinous sheen.

The Space Runtz strain is a fairly new cultivar with a modest following. On the cannabis specialty website, Leafly, the strain has received a total of 54 reviews, garnering the variety an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

According to those who have had the chance to use the Space Runtz weed strain, it delivers a fairly strong yet manageable high that’s great for casual and medical marijuana users. Ideal as a nighttime cultivar, the Space Runtz strain also offers to neutralize the common symptoms of disease.

Space Runtz Strain THC Level

How strong is Space Runtz strain? Although limited, there are lab reports for the Space Runtz strain available online, and many of them point to an average THC percentage of 22%.

This THC content fits right in the middle of the range, making the Space Runtz variety neither too strong nor too weak. Its potency can easily satisfy the needs of the average user while still providing sufficient strength for veterans and purists.

Aside from its THC content, the Space Runtz strain also contains reasonable amounts of other cannabinoids including cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD.)

Space Runtz Strain Taste

What does Space Runtz strain taste like? One of the reasons why the Tiki Madman company keeps using Runtz for its crosses is because it almost always passes down its sweet, candy-like flavor.

In the case of the Space Runtz strain flavor, its predecessor’s sugary goodness is perfectly replicated. The strain produces a light, airy, fruit-flavored smoke that’s easy on the throat and delightful for the taste buds. A slight pungent, herb aftertaste trails the tongue as the smoke exits the lungs.

The Space Runtz strain smell doesn’t stray away too far from this pleasurable experience but adds the distinct aroma of pungent diesel underneath its candy forefront. That’s mainly because of the inclusion of carene and caryophyllene as two of the most prolific Space Runtz strain terpenes.

Space Runtz Strain Effects

What are the effects of Space Runtz strain? After smoking Space Runtz strain, you should find yourself gradually losing your grip on your cognition as the cannabinoids lift your mind away into a hazy state.

The strain takes control of the headspace and releases tension, stress, headaches, and anxiety as it empties the mind and paves the way for unprecedented relaxation and an uplifting cerebral high. At the same time, the body receives a dose of calm as a full-body buzz tingles through the extremities and soothes the entire system.

By the time the strain’s chemistry reaches its peak strength, users should find themselves feeling mellow and completely incapacitated. With a hint of giggly euphoria, the Space Runtz strain high requires a comfortable place to lie as the effects cradle you off into a carefree slumber.

Space Runtz Strain Price

The Space Runtz strain’s elusive nature adds to its appeal and therefore increases the amount of money that people would pay in order to get their hands on the exotic variety. Per gram, the Space Runtz strain can cost a whopping $25, but prices can change from vendor to vendor.

Although it might seem more expensive, buying in bulk actually reduces the cost of Space Runtz per gram. Bulk packages can dial down the price by 30-50% per unit weight versus buying in smaller amounts.

Is Space Runtz Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Space Runtz strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, although its effects might seem slightly indica-leaning. The strain’s morphology combines both sativa and indica properties.

While its nugs appear tightly clustered in true indica fashion, the strain’s plants grow tall and lean as you might expect from a sativa variety.

Is Space Runtz Strain Good for Sleep?

Medical marijuana users struggling with insomnia and poor sleep quality often turn to Space Runtz for its effortless effects that work to improve sleep. The fast-acting strain almost always ends in a heavy, drowsy feeling that knocks users out into a state of uninterrupted sleep.

Is Space Runtz Strain Good for Anxiety?

One of the most prominent effects of the Space Runtz strain is its ability to clear the mind completely. While it eliminates thought processes and replaces them with static, the strain’s chemistry also effectively washes away anxiety, stress, and racing thoughts to give you supreme peace of mind.

Space Runtz Strain Cartridge

Although Space Runtz cannabis flower can be hard to find, vape cartridges that are infused with Space Runtz’s chemistry are actually pretty accessible. You can typically find Space Runtz vape carts at your local marijuana dispensary, vape shop, or online.

Prices for vape carts vary, but they can get expensive. In some cases, cartridges can cost upwards of $70 per piece, depending on the brand, composition, and quantity of the unit.

Similar Strains to Space Runtz Strain

Let’s be real – Space Runtz can be pretty darn expensive, and that’s if you manage to find the strain at your local dispensaries. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on this elusive strain, or if its price just doesn’t sit well with your budget, here are some similar substitutes that you can try:

  • Harambe
  • Mad Scientist
  • DJ Short Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Space Guava

Space Runtz Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Space Runtz strain seeds? To make sure you’re getting the real deal, you might want to consider checking Tiki Madman’s list of authorized seed bank resellers through their website.

They distribute their Space Runtz seeds to noteworthy marijuana seed banks including Neptune Seed Bank and Pack Banditz. Prices for Space Runtz seeds vary, but they sell for an average cost of $11 a piece.

If you want to increase your chances of producing quality flower with less effort, you should consider buying feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds. Although slightly more expensive, these marijuana seeds streamline the growing process and almost always guarantee a better harvest.

Space Runtz Strain Flowering Time

Growing Space Runtz strain takes a little longer than average, with some cannabis plants taking as much as 11 weeks to produce a harvest. This long flowering time contributes to the strain’s relative unavailability on the market.

In terms of cultivation difficulty, the Space Runtz strain is fairly easy to grow. Beginners can enjoy a small to medium yield, with each square foot of plant yielding 30g to 40g of dry marijuana flower.

Where to Buy Space Runtz Strain Flower

Just like their seeds, Tiki Madman also closely monitors the companies that can distribute their raw marijuana flower. Their website has a dedicated page that showcases a list of authorized cannabis flower vendors to which the brand supplies its products.

Keep in mind, though, that these vendors are mainly based in Oregon and Michigan. While you might be able to purchase Space Runtz through other vendors outside of these territories, they’re not likely going to be authorized by the Tiki Madman brand.

Whatever the case, it pays to check lab reports and reviews. It’s also important to shop around and compare prices before you settle on a purchase to make sure you’re getting the best marijuana flower for your money’s worth.

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