Skywalker OG Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Powerful and all-consuming, the force is strong with the Skywalker OG strain. This intensely potent cannabis cultivar touts sky high cannabinoid levels that soothe the body and mind for total relaxation and release.

Ideal for users who want to unclench and unwind after a long day of toil, Skywalker OG promises to appease every kind of discomfort. So whether you’re trying to banish the blues or soothe sore muscles, Skywalker OG has you covered. Come to the dark side and find out more about this iconic cultivar.

What is Skywalker OG Strain?

It’s tough to find a true blue pothead who doesn’t know the Skywalker OG strain. Considered one of the most prolific names in the cannabis market, Skywalker OG has reshaped the marijuana landscape with its practical benefits that transcend casual, recreational use.

A favorite among medical marijuana users, Skywalker OG unites the properties of Mazar I Sharif, a relatively unpopular landrace, with Blueberry OG, the proverbial parent strain of every blueberry-flavored marijuana variety on the market.

Some pseudo-cannabis historians state that OG Kush might have also tossed its contributions into the genetic mix, but there aren’t any publications to back up those claims.

Who Created Skywalker OG Strain?

There’s a bit of a mystery as to the origins of the Skywalker OG strain. According to some reports, the cultivar was originally bred by Reserva Privada – a high-profile cannabis breeding company that’s owned and operated by DNA Genetics.

Others suggest that Darkheart Industries was responsible for the variety. However, it’s important to point out that the company is a cultivation company that grows cannabis for other brands, so they’re not really in the business of producing their own strains.

Then again, others say that Dutch Passion Seeds was ultimately responsible for the inception of Skywalker OG. Started in 1987 in Amsterdam, this company is synonymous with cannabis seeds and serves up some of the best quality seeds for both home growers and commercial cultivators.

When Was Skywalker OG Strain Created?

While the oldest reviews for Skywalker OG date back to 2011, many consumers agree that the strain predates its own publicly published feedback. Some experts hypothesize that Skywalker OG might have been around since the early 90s.

However, it’s commonly accepted that the Skywalker OG first entered the scene in the early 2000s when the marijuana legislature was undergoing a paradigm shift.

Skywalker OG Strain Review

The Skywalker OG strain appears bright and saturated, with its brightly colored nugs encased in a delicate cage of spindly orange hairs. Upon closer inspection, the bud flaunts a gorgeous coat of sparkly white trichomes that release a sticky resin when handled.

Almost everyone who tries Skywalker OG finds the strain to be particularly soothing, allowing users to enjoy relative freedom from the usual discomforts that plague the average person.

The most commonly mentioned perk of the Skywalker OG weed strain is its potency. Even in small doses, the strain serves up a strong enough high to flood the whole body with its blissful effects.

Skywalker OG Strain THC Level

Because of its effects that are so often praised and spoken of, people can’t help but ask – how strong is Skywalker OG strain? The answer lies in its cannabinoid profile.

The cultivar contains trace amounts of cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN), which all contribute to its intensity and potency. However, what really cranks up the high is its THC content.

According to some lab reports, samples of Skywalker OG can contain as much as 30% THC. However, the average THC percentage rests at around 19%.

Skywalker OG Strain Taste

What does Skywalker OG strain taste like? Back in the day, cannabis cultivators didn’t really care much about the taste of their strains, so most of the varieties that rose to popularity before the 2010s come with intensely offending flavors.

The same can be said for the Skywalker OG strain flavor. This cultivar delivers a fat punch of pungent, earthy high notes that are underlined by a spicy, cinnamon undertone. 

Its intense flavor can make the average pothead wince and cough, so low-tolerance users are cautioned to manage their expectations. In the same way, the Skywalker OG strain smell warns users that the smoking experience isn’t for the faint of heart.

According to reports, the Skywalker OG strain terpenes include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. These main terpenes mix together to produce the cultivar’s interesting taste and equally offensive aroma.

Skywalker OG Strain Effects

What are the effects of Skywalker OG strain? If you’re thinking about taking a toke of this legendary cultivar, it’s highly encouraged that you consider dialing down your dose.

With some samples reaching THC levels of 30%, it’s possible to feel a little overwhelmed by the strain’s effects regardless of your past experience with marijuana. According to users, smoking Skywalker OG strain can almost instantly relieve pain and discomfort while recalibrating the mind to effectively banish stress and anxiety.

The Skywalker OG strain high also sends an energetic tingle leaping from limb to limb, giving users a jittery feeling that might feel strange for new users. Keep in mind, though, that Skywalker OG isn’t without its side effects. When taken in excess, the strain can cause a loss of consciousness.

Skywalker OG Strain Price

The Skywalker OG strain is a coveted cultivar that’s considered a hot commodity all over the marijuana scene. Expect to pay around $12 to $14 for every gram of this beloved cannabis variety.

Is Skywalker OG Strain Indica or Sativa?

Although it is a hybrid, the Skywalker OG strain brandishes an indica dominance of 85% which makes it almost entirely indica. In fact, the effects and morphology of the strain leave no trace of sativa genetics, which leads many users to question its hybrid classification.

Is Skywalker OG Strain Good for Sleep?

Definitely. As previously mentioned, higher doses of Skywalker OG almost always result in a sleepy stupor. If you’re struggling with insomnia or if you just haven’t been getting enough sleep for a while, a dose of this stuff can help you snooze through the night with no interruptions.

Is Skywalker OG Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the Skywalker OG strain makes a suitable choice if you’re looking for something to help you overcome the symptoms of anxiety. Its calming, soothing effects also work on the mind and help to relieve users of apprehension and worry by slowing the heart rate, normalizing breathing, and calming cognitive noise.

Skywalker OG Strain Cartridge

Marijuana vapes are big business these days because of their convenience and simplicity. Instead of forcing users to grind raw flower, stuff it in bowls, or roll it up in a joint, vapes let you enjoy a dose with nothing more than the push of a button.

Skywalker OG strain vape cartridges are available through vape shops, marijuana dispensaries, and online stores or emporiums. Each one retails for between $20 to $90 depending on the quality of the product, the amount of extract in the cart, and of course, its brand.

Similar Strains to Skywalker OG Strain

There’s no doubt that smoking the Skywalker OG strain is a must if you consider yourself a dedicated pothead. In the likely scenario that you end up liking its effects and flavor, there are some other cultivars that you should consider adding to your list of must-tries, including:

  • Raspberry Kush
  • HB
  • King’s Kush
  • The White
  • Star Killer

Skywalker OG Strain Seeds

There are a few trusted online sources that you should check first if you’re looking to buy Skywalker OG strain seeds. The first, of course, would have to be Dutch Passion Seeds.

As one of the alleged proponents of Skywalker OG and because of its status as a top-rated marijuana seed bank, Dutch Passion Seeds serves up some of the best cannabis starter seeds on the scene. Keep in mind, though, that Skywalker OG availability isn’t always guaranteed.

Otherwise, you can check your local seed banks or the dozens of other seed banks online. For reference, seeds cost between $5 and $12.

Skywalker OG Strain Flowering Time

Growing Skywalker OG strain can take up to 12 weeks to produce a harvest, which typically falls into the average yield volume. Plants don’t grow too tall, maxing out at 8 feet, making them a suitable choice for indoor cultivation.

Where to Buy Skywalker OG Strain Flower

If you’re not keen on growing your own cannabis, you can always just purchase your Skywalker OG strain marijuana flower from your local, trusted dispensary. As always, experts recommend buying cannabis flower in person so you can crack open the jar and inspect the sample face to face.

If that isn’t an option for you, however, you can always buy marijuana flower online. Just make sure you take the time to check lab reports, read reviews, and compare prices before you make a purchase to guarantee that you’re getting the best marijuana flower for your hard-earned cash.

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