Runtz Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Lots of people have been drawn to the Runtz cannabis strain for its sweet, fruity flavor that’s reminiscent of a well-loved childhood confection. However, more than just its flavor, the Runtz strain is known and coveted for its perfectly balanced hybrid effects.

A perfectly balanced hybrid, Runtz hits hard with a euphoric high that’s calm and relaxed. Perfect for parties, Runtz has the juice to keep you feeling energized and chatty for a night of socialization. Keep on reading to find out more about the rare Runtz strain.

What is Runtz Strain?

A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, the Runtz strain is a 50-50 hybrid cannabis cultivar that gets its name from a familiar childhood favorite. The candy-sweet cannabis strain touts a mouthwatering fruity flavor that comes hand in hand with upbeat effects.

Crowned the Leafly Strain of the Year in 2020, the Runtz strain has earned quite the following from cannabis connoisseurs from all over the globe. Today, it’s widely regarded as one of the best varieties to combat the blues, earning it a reputation as a reliable daytime pick-me-up.

Who Created Runtz Strain?

The development of the Runtz cannabis cultivar is widely attributed to Cookies Fam. Founded by dynamic duo Berner, a businessman, and Jai, an expert cultivator, the company proudly claims the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain as their very own.

Fond of experimenting with the Cookies genetic line, the Cookies Fam company has released countless variations of the sweet, pastry cultivar. Heavily invested in the cannabis smoking encounter, Cookies Fam pays close attention to the sensory experience that their strains provide.

When Was Runtz Strain Created?

Like many other cannabis strains, the history that led to the development of the Runtz strain isn’t well documented. However, some sources online trace the strain’s roots back to 2017, when members of the Cookies Fam team entered the first prototype of the Runtz strain in the Emerald Cup Santa Rosa.

Considering that it can take a year or more to develop a stable strain before it’s ready for release into the commercial market, it’s safe to assume that the Runtz strain might have probably been in development as early as 2016.

Runtz Strain Review

At a glance, the Runtz strain might catch your attention with its bright colored nugs that boast beautiful trichome coats. The compact marijuana flower showcases gorgeous light green colors with dramatic violet undertones, all enveloped in a messy, orange cage of tendrils.

Beloved by many for its sweet candy flavor, the Runtz strain draws in cannabis users with its dynamic flavor profile that closely resembles the tasty confection of the same name. One thing that users most commonly mention about the strain is that it produces a fairly light, airy smoke that doesn’t irritate the throat the same way other varieties do.

Another thing that users appreciate about the Runtz weed strain is how quickly the strain takes effect. After a toke, Runtz can take as little as 20 minutes before its chemistry peaks.

What’s more, users also enjoy the strain’s long-lasting benefits. Even at small doses, Runtz’s effects can stick around for over 6 hours, which has made it a favorite among users who don’t want to take too many cannabis doses over a period of time.

Runtz Strain THC Level

So, how strong is Runtz strain? With a THC percentage between 21-27%, the Runtz cannabis cultivar isn’t for the faint of heart.

This powerful, potent cannabis variety is often best reserved for users with a slightly higher tolerance or with more experience using hard-hitting cultivars. For novices, the Runtz strain might feel a little overwhelming even at low doses.

When it comes to other cannabinoids, the Runtz strain packs moderate concentrations of cannabinol (CBN), but significantly higher amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). For this reason, the Runtz strain has become a fairly popular pick among medical marijuana users.

Runtz Strain Taste

What does Runtz strain taste like? As its name suggests, the Runtz cannabis cultivar releases a light, fruity smoke that’s often likened to the Runtz candy confection.

The Runtz strain flavor is the result of a combination of Runtz strain terpenes including Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Mycrene. Together, these organic flavor components mix together to produce the distinct Runtz strain smell and flavor.

Runtz Strain Effects

The Runtz strain touts a perfect 50-50 indica-sativa composition but its most glaring effects showcase a strong, energetic sativa bias. So what are the effects Runtz strain?

While smoking Runtz strain might be able to reduce some physical discomfort and muscular tension, its heady effects empower the mind and inspire creativity. For this reason, most users turn to Runtz when they need a mood boost.

Widely regarded as a reliable daytime strain, the Runtz high offers uplifting effects that awaken its users with renewed creative energy. In most cases, Runtz can also fuel the desire for social interaction, making its users feel chattier than usual.

Runtz Strain Price

The Runtz strain is a fairly rare cultivar, so you should expect prices to be slightly more expensive than the average, run-of-the-mill cannabis. The range is pretty wide, however, with retailers selling a gram of the bud between $7 and $25.

Artisan, small-batch cultivators often put higher prices on their products because of the more attentive care they put into farming their cannabis. Similarly, vape shop brands also tend to crank up their prices as they cater to consumers who need a quick fix and don’t really have any other options.

Is Runtz Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Runtz strain is said to be a 50-50 hybrid, but most users question whether that assessment is entirely true. Because of its strong sativa-like properties, the indica effects of the strain are hard to notice.

Although it might help relieve some physical discomfort (a marker of indica chemistry), the strain’s main effects impact and elevate the mood in supremely palpable ways, making its sativa properties significantly more dominant.

Is Runtz Strain Good for Sleep?

According to users, the Runtz strain is perhaps the last strain you should turn to if you were hoping to induce sleep. The cannabis cultivar’s effects on the mind are so energizing that the strain has often been called a party variety.

Once its effects hit, the Runtz strain might keep you awake for 6 hours or more. And because it makes users feel chatty, sociable, and outgoing, the strain can divert sleepiness for extended periods of time.

Is Runtz Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the Runtz strain has often been mentioned as a suitable solution against anxiety. The cultivar’s effects help to uplift the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while inspiring users to feel more outgoing and creative.

Keep in mind though that at higher doses (specifically megadoses), the Runtz cannabis cultivar might cause some cognitive distress. That’s why it matters to make sure you measure the right amount before taking on this potent marijuana variety.

Runtz Strain Cartridge

Despite the Runtz strain producing a fairly flavorful, light, and airy smoke, some users still feel aversive to the smoking experience. That’s why marijuana product developers have come up with creative ways to enjoy cannabis including edibles and of course, the ever-popular vape.

Since it’s a relatively rare cultivar, the Runtz strain might be hard to find in the form of a vape cartridge. However, brands like Everything’s Ok and Hemp Hop routinely restock their shelves with Runtz carts.

Strains Similar to Runtz Strain

If you’re in the mood for some classic cannabis bud and you can’t find any Runtz at your local dispensary or through your trusted online vendor, there are other varieties you can try. Sure, they’re not going to be exactly like Runtz, but they come pretty close in terms of both effects and flavor.

  • Sour Cookies
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Chem 91
  • Rascal OG
  • Mint Julep

Runtz Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Runtz strain seeds? Fortunately for you, the strain’s developer offers seeds through their very own online seed bank so you can get your hands on the genuine article.

Cannabis seeds for the Runtz strain can sell for an average of $10 a piece. Some vendors price their feminized seeds for as much as $15 each or even more, so it definitely pays to shop around.

In terms of seed quality, there’s really no way to tell until the plant grows. As a general rule of thumb, however, buyers are cautioned to avoid green-colored seeds since they’re less likely to germinate.

Runtz Strain Flowering Time

Unlike other strains that can take as much as 10 weeks to produce mature flower, growing Runtz strain can take as little as 50 days or 7 weeks, especially if you’ve got a knack for cannabis farming. For casual cultivators, however, the Runtz variety averages a flowering time of 63 days.

Despite the relatively short flowering period, though, Runtz produces an underwhelming harvest. With a smaller-than-average cannabis flower yield, Runtz is best grown in large numbers in order to produce a significant harvest.

Where to Buy Runtz Strain Flower

There’s an infinite number of online cannabis vendors on the market today, making rare strains like Runtz a little more accessible to the general public. Physical storefronts and dispensaries are also viable choices for finding quality Runtz strain flower.

However, with so many vendors at your disposal, it’s easier now than ever to buy bunk cannabis flower. So before you shell out cash, make sure to check lab reports and reviews to get your hands on the best kush on the scene.

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