Motorbreath Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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The Motorbreath marijuana strain is the kind of cultivar that would leave novice users traumatized with its intense petrol overtones. This hard-hitting, award-winning variety has earned a reputation as an acquired taste but cements its place as a veteran’s favorite by way of its intense cannabinoid profile.

Delivering a high that’s overpowering and aggressive, the Motorbreath strain definitely isn’t for low-tolerance users. Want to find out whether Motorbreath should have a spot in your growing marijuana stash? Here’s what you need to know about this heavy-handed cultivar.

What is Motorbreath Strain?

The Motorbreath Strain is a relatively new cannabis cultivar that touts a genetic profile that it inherited from SFV OG Kush and Chemdog. Its legendary parents contribute intense flavor and a supremely stimulating high that gives the Motorbreath strain the distinct properties of classic, grunge varieties from the early 1990s.

Who Created Motorbreath Strain?

Pisces Genetics (also called Jimmy Nitz) is an individual cannabis cultivator whose only noteworthy creation is the Motorbreath variety. While he does grow his own cannabis and has quite the background in biology, the cultivator doesn’t directly sell his seeds or flower to end-users.

Little is known about Pisces Genetics except that he takes it as his obligation to grow and preserve rare strains to make sure their genetic lineage is kept alive.

When Was Motorbreath Strain Created?

Breeding and cultivating cannabis is one thing, but bringing that strain to the collective consciousness of the general public is another thing. Generally, cultivators take a year or two to produce a strain that’s stable and replicable enough to be called a new variety.

Once that’s achieved, they have to go through the process of marketing the new strain to pierce through the dense competition and get enough attention to encourage users to leave reviews. Given that the Motorbreath strain’s oldest reviews date back to 2019, it’s possible that the strain was around as early as 2017.

Motorbreath Strain Review

The Motorbreath strain gets the most praise from veteran cannabis purists who appreciate the bitter, dark flavor of old-school, OG varieties. Since the strain mimics the flavor of its grunge-era parents, it has inevitably earned the good graces of hardcore cannabis connoisseurs who claim that traditional varieties are supreme.

Garnering an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars taken from close to 300 reviews on Leafly, the Motorbreath strain satisfies most users with its classic high that brings together the original marijuana trifecta – happy, hungry, and sleepy.

The Motorbreath weed strain’s intensely uplifting benefits make it ideal as a daytime strain, but users are warned of the elevated arousal that it might cause. Even for veterans, the strain’s overpowering high can be a handful, so users are strongly advised to watch their dose.

Motorbreath Strain THC Level

Wondering how strong is Motorbreath strain? Not for the faint of heart, this cultivar packs a THC percentage that maxes out at 29%. Keep in mind that for the average user, THC levels of just 20% may be more than enough to satisfy the usual threshold.

Aside from its THC content, the Motorbreath variety also packs a significant amount of other cannabinoids including cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabidiol (CBD) which contribute to its benefits as a medical marijuana variety.

Motorbreath Strain Taste

What does Motorbreath strain taste like? Well, there’s a reason why it’s called ‘Motorbreath.’ The Motorbreath strain flavor leaves the mouth feeling attacked with strong overtones of diesel that paint the tongue and assault the taste buds.

The powerful, ghastly flavor leaves a trail of chemical bitterness in its wake and may bump up your saliva production as a natural defense mechanism. This is mainly thanks to the distinct combination of Motorbreath strain terpenes which include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

The Motorbreath strain smell isn’t too far off from its flavor as it aggravates the olfactories with a sharp chemical odor that can deter most low-tolerance users. While most people don’t truly enjoy the Motorbreath flavor and odor, they regard it as a positive harbinger of the high to come.

Motorbreath Strain Effects

How strong is Motorbreath strain? Once you get past the sensory assault, the Motorbreath strain gets to work by emptying the headspace and adding spring to your step. The upbeat mood gradually develops over time and becomes a full-blown energetic euphoria by the height of the experience.

The Motorbreath strain high will have you noticeably chattier than usual and may encourage a strong desire for socialization. Its giggly euphoria might also have you laughing loudly about trivial occurrences that might make you seem a little too giddy for outsiders looking in.

If you’re not used to energizing, euphoric strains, smoking Motorbreath strain might have you feeling a little overwhelmed and overstimulated. On top of its effects as an outgoing variety, Motorbreath can also leave you locked to your couch as it eases away pain and discomfort and the desire to move.

Motorbreath Strain Price

Motorbreath is an elusive cultivar that’s almost never available through local dispensaries and online vendors. Because of how rare it is, the strain expectedly comes at a much steeper price compared to the usual marijuana flower.

A gram of Motorbreath can cost up to $20 but prices can change depending on the vendor, the brand, and the quality of the product. As with most other strains, buying in bulk can help you reduce the cost of the product per gram, but also warrants a steeper price upfront.

Is Motorbreath Strain Indica or Sativa?

The hybrid strain touts a 70% indica dominance but provides largely sativa-like effects. Its energizing, euphoric benefits point to its sativa genetics and take the cake as the strain’s most palpable effects.

In terms of morphology, though, the strain’s indica properties shine through with its short, stubby plants and tightly bound nugs that come in small, compact clusters.

Is Motorbreath Strain Good for Sleep?

No, the Motorbreath strain isn’t the cultivar you should use if you’re trying to combat insomnia. On the contrary, this strain works powerfully to awaken the mind and encourage social participation.

In most cases, low-tolerance users may find that the strain is a little too stimulating, causing long periods of wakefulness accompanied by a jittery buzz.

Is Motorbreath Strain Good for Anxiety?

The Motorbreath strain tends to stimulate the mind and cause thoughts to race faster than they usually do. According to users, the cultivar may also cause anxiety and paranoia as it makes them feel like a bundle of tangled nerves.

If you struggle with conditions like generalized anxiety or other mental health issues with symptoms of nervousness or paranoia, it’s strongly recommended that you steer clear of Motorbreath.

Motorbreath Strain Cartridge

If the taste of Motorbreath bars you from enjoying its classic 90s high, then you can try vaping it instead. Motobreath vape carts provide the exact same chemistry minus the aggressive, diesel flavor that deters most users.

Keep in mind though that Motorbreath strain cartridges can cost significantly more than raw flower, with each cart priced at an average of $70. And just like the flower, Motorbreath carts are hard to come by.

Similar Strains to Motorbreath Strain

If you’re dying to try Motorbreath but just can’t seem to find any at your local marijuana dispensary, there’s hope for you yet. Several strains provide a similar experience and flavor and may fill in the spot as worthy alternatives for the Motorbreath strain.

  • Burnt Toast
  • Bonkerz
  • Boss Hogg
  • Skunk Hero
  • Gator Breath

Motorbreath Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Motorbreath strain seeds? Jimmy Nitz’s official Instagram bio states that the cultivator does not sell or trade his seeds and flower, and only supplies them to several selected seed banks. These include Oregon Elite Seeds, Firestax, and Heirloom Genetics.

So if you want to improve your chances of getting high-quality, authentic Motorbreath seeds, you might want to check these vetted seed banks. Make sure you also come ready with a solid budget since every seed can cost an average of $13.

Prices can also increase depending on the type of seed you want to buy. As a general rule, autoflowering and feminized seeds tend to cost more, but also increase your chances of producing a viable marijuana harvest.

Motorbreath Strain Flowering Time

Growing Motorbreath strain plants can take up to 11 weeks when cultivated indoors. The plants grow to about 5-6 feet in height and produce a moderate yield.

Although Motorbreath isn’t a particularly fickle variety, it is susceptible to mold and mildew because of the tight configuration of its leaves and branches. Constant topping can help spread out growth and prevent moisture-based infections from spreading throughout.

Where to Buy Motorbreath Strain Flower

While it might be a long shot, you can try to scour the web to find an online vendor that sells quality Motorbreath strain flower. It’s important to mention though that most vendors focus on selling the seeds instead of the flower itself since Motorbreath isn’t particularly popular just yet.

Before you make a purchase, see to it that you check lab reports and read reviews for both the product and the vendor. If at all possible, buy your Motorbreath stash from your local marijuana dispensary so you can inspect the product firsthand before you shell out cash.

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