Mendo Breath Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Developed by a highly decorated cannabis cultivator, the Mendo Breath cannabis strain is a multi-awarded marijuana variety that’s perfect for end-of-day use. This electrifying herb incapacitates its user for a truly blissful experience that teeters on the edge of overstimulation.

Widely regarded as a veteran user’s delight, the Mendo Breath strain packs a cannabinoid profile that’s best suited for recreational users with significant experience under their belt. For medical marijuana users, however, this cultivar might just be the pain-busting miracle you need. Find out more about Medo Breath with this complete guide and review.

What is Mendo Breath Strain?

The Mendo Breath strain is a moderately popular cannabis strain that has developed a strong presence on the medical marijuana scene. It brings together the genetics of OGKB and Mendo Montage which are both famous strains in their own right.

In some circles, the Mendo Breath strain is referred to as the ‘true Mendocino meditation herb’ because of its trance-like benefits.

Who Created Mendo Breath Strain?

The Mendo Breath cultivar is just one of 200+ strains created by the multi-awarded Gage Green Group. Other noteworthy strains under their belt include Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, and Grape Stomper.

According to their website, GGG has been around since 2008. Having amassed an impressive amount of awards, the Gage Green Group is considered a formidable cannabis cultivator that competes with other high-end breeders like Cookies. 

When Was Mendo Breath Strain Created?

It’s not clear when the Mendo Breath strain first entered the marijuana market, but reviews for the variety go back as far as 2016. Keep in mind that it takes a while before a strain reaches the general public and makes a significant enough impact to coax users to leave a review.

Considering the time it takes to breed, cultivate, harvest, and market a strain, it’s safe to say that the Mendo Breath variety was first conceptualized in 2014. Since entering the scene, this strain has bagged an award here and there, most notably 3rd place at the ERRL Cup in 2020.

Mendo Breath Strain Review

Although it doesn’t have an extreme cannabinoid profile like other popular strains, the Mendo Breath cultivar still manages to snag the attention and patronage of consumers with its seriously soothing benefits. This has earned the strain a good reputation in the medical marijuana sphere.

In terms of jar appeal, Mendo Breath weed strain touts light-colored, irregularly shaped nugs that come intertwined in delicate orange hairs. Upon closer inspection, each nug showcases a thick trichome coverage that releases a sticky resinous film, adding a slight sheen to the Mendo Breath flower.

Ideal as a nighttime strain, the Mendo Breath cultivar delivers effects that work best as you dial down after a stressful, hectic day at work. For low-tolerance users and beginners, Mendo Breath’s potency might cause some discomfort especially as it has been known to overstimulate its users.

Mendo Breath Strain THC Level

How strong is Mendo Breath strain? With a maximum THC percentage of 22%, people might say that the Mendo Breath cultivar isn’t exactly a potent strain. However, given that the variety also contains a rich combination of other cannabinoids, it definitely pushes the envelope of effects.

The strain contains significantly higher levels of cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabidiol (CBD.) Together, these cannabinoids work together to enhance the strain’s effects, which also explains its effective performance as a medical marijuana variety.

Mendo Breath Strain Taste

What does Mendo Breath strain taste like? Some sources claim that the Mendo Breath strain gets its name from the intense taste it leaves behind, causing unpleasant changes in its user’s breath.

The main Mendo Breath terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, which lend a strange aroma to the strain. Crack open a jar of this cultivar at your local dispensary, and you’ll be greeted with the intense, potent, and pungent Mendo Breath strain smell that’s often compared to stinky gym socks with a slice of lemon.

Take a toke of the cultivar, and the Mendo Breath strain flavor aggressively assaults the taste buds with a bitter lemon flavor that’s tailed by an earthy, pungent taste that might cause a violent gagging fit if you’re not used to offensive marijuana flavors.

Mendo Breath Strain Effects

What are the effects of Mendo Breath strain? As a slow-acting cultivar, it’s easy to make the mistake of taking an extra toke when you think the strain isn’t kicking in.

However, users are warned against exceeding their threshold especially since the Mendo Breath strain delivers overwhelming effects that can easily overcome even veteran users. As the strain starts to take effect, you’ll notice your eyelids getting heavy as your body is rid of every discomfort and pain.

As the couch-lock propensity kicks in, you’ll find that you might want to just sit back and reject any impulse for movement. The strain then gets to work on your mind, relieving stress and anxiety while elevating you into a euphoric mood.

At the height of the Mendo Breath strain high, users might feel giggly, happy, and jittery. Although smoking Mendo Breath strain will keep you glued to your bed, it encourages the mind to frolic through psychedelic spaces that will often induce unstoppable fits of laughter.

Mendo Breath Strain Price

Just like any other cannabis strain, prices for the Mendo Breath cultivar are not set in stone. Some vendors can sell a gram of the product for as low as $6, while others crank up their prices as much as $18 for the same amount.

Generally, however, all vendors can reduce the cost of their marijuana flower if you buy your packages in bulk. Of course, that means having to spend more upfront, but when you do the math, buying in bulk lets you enjoy lower prices for every gram of marijuana flower you get.

Is Mendo Breath Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Mendo Breath strain is a total indica strain despite its energetic cognitive effects. The strain delivers relaxation and calm that work to relieve pain and soothe stress, all of which are signature characteristics of the indica phenotype.

The plant’s morphology also points to indica genetics, with the fast-growing plant producing more buds than sativa varieties. Harvested nugs, however, appear large and loose which isn’t entirely an indica property.

Is Mendo Breath Strain Good for Sleep?

Although it is recommended as a nighttime variety, it’s not necessarily the ideal strain for falling asleep. The Mendo Breath strain will stimulate your mind with its trippy, psychedelic episodes, so you might find yourself half awake as you giggle in full physical incapacitation.

At higher doses, it’s very possible that the Mendo Breath variety might cause significant drowsiness, but experts warn against using more of the product than your threshold requires.

Is Mendo Breath Strain Good for Anxiety?

At the right doses, Mendo Breath can relieve the symptoms of anxiety and keep you feeling worry-free. Remember, though, that the strain does risk overstimulation and it is possible to induce anxious thoughts if the cultivar is taken in excess.

For beginners, the overwhelming effects of Mendo Breath may cause racing thoughts that could induce a feeling of paranoia. That’s why it’s important to make sure you measure the appropriate dose with this particular variety.

Mendo Breath Strain Cartridge

The foul flavor of Mendo Breath can easily deter even the most experienced users, and that’s one of the reasons why the strain’s vape carts have become so popular. This alternative intake method makes it possible for users to enjoy the same high without having to come face to face with the cultivar’s pungent flavor and smell.

Marijuana vape carts tend to be expensive, though, with each individual cartridge costing an average of $70 a piece. The upside, of course, is that they’re fairly accessible and available through most online vendors.

Similar Strains to Mendo Breath Strain

Is your trusted marijuana dispensary all out of Mendo Breath? While you wait for the next restock, here are some alternative strains that offer a similar experience and taste:

  • Donkey Butter
  • Dark Star
  • Zombie OG
  • Stir Fry
  • Peanut Butter Breath

Mendo Breath Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Mendo Breath strain seeds? A visit to the Gage Green Genetics dedicated seed bank website shows you a list of all of the authorized dealers the company has in America, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Thailand, and South Africa.

Seeds for Mendo Breath cost an average of $11 per seed, but prices can vary depending on the type of seed you buy. As expected, autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds cost significantly more because of their elevated chances of producing a viable harvest.

Mendo Breath Strain Flowering Time

Growing Mendo Breath strain takes an average of 60 days to produce a harvest. The plants grow to a moderate height of about 6 feet and develop wide leaves with short blades.

Every plant will produce a moderate to high yield, generating around 7 ounces of dried marijuana flower at harvest.

Where to Buy Mendo Breath Strain Flower

Mendo Breath isn’t particularly rare, and a lot of online vendors sell the strain and ship nationwide. However, this widespread popularity and accessibility also increases your chances of buying bunk.

To make sure you’re getting quality marijuana bud, see to it that you check lab reports before you settle on a purchase. Read reviews about both the vendor and the product and avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

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