London Pound Cake Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

Three London Pound Cake cannabis nugs against a white background

The London Pound Cake strain captivates consumers with its unreal jar appeal that captures the attention with bright, saturated colors and wild tendrils and trichomes. And with this intense aesthetic, the strain delivers a powerfully soothing high that places users in a tingly, relaxed trance.

An original creation of a well-loved cannabis breeder, the London Pound Cake strain is an up-and-coming cultivar with all of the trappings of a world-class marijuana variety. Learn more about this heavy-handed cannabis strain with this complete guide.

What is London Pound Cake Strain?

Also simply called ‘Pound Cake’, the London Pound Cake strain is a sweet, dessert-flavored cannabis cultivar with an interesting genetic background. The child of the iconic Sherbert strain which was bred and brought to popularity through the talent of Mr. Sherbinski, the strain inherits much of its intense effects from this legendary predecessor.

While some sources claim that the London Pound Cake’s genetics involve the contributions of another, undisclosed parent strain, others argue that the cultivar has but one genetic ancestor and might be a phenotype of Sherbert. Presently, there is no confirmation as to the true genetic background of the London Pound Cake strain.

Who Created London Pound Cake Strain?

London Pound Cake came into existence through the genius known as Jai. Called the ‘cannabis whisperer’, Jai makes up half of the Cookies Fam Genetics duo and is widely regarded as one of the best cannabis cultivators on the scene today.

Responsible for the inception of popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, the Cookies company is recognized as one of the most prominent and noteworthy breeders on the scene for their dynamic marijuana varieties that combine intense flavors and solid cannabinoid profiles.

When Was London Pound Cake Strain Created?

The London Pound Cake strain’s exact date of development isn’t entirely clear. Based on reviews posted online, however, consumer feedback that talks about the cultivar dates back as far as 2018.

Since it takes a while for strains to reach the general public, we can assume that the London Pound Cake strain started development a year or two before those first few reviews were published, placing its date of conception somewhere in 2016.

London Pound Cake Strain Review

The vast majority of people who leave reviews for the London Pound Cake weed strain leverage the strain for its benefits as a medical marijuana variety. Beloved for its strong effects that help to soothe the common symptoms of various forms of illness, the strain finds its place as a best-seller on medical marijuana dispensary shelves.

At a glance, London Pound Cake attracts attention with its deep, rich colors that combine green and purple. Locked in a cage of unruly orange tendrils, the strain also captivates consumers with a thick coat of fuzzy trichomes that leave a sticky film on the fingers after handling.

As is the case with most cannabis cultivars, the strain’s intense appearance speaks volumes about its rich cannabinoid profile. Delivering a hearty serving of THC among others, the strain’s intense effects make it much better suited to users with more experience.

London Pound Cake Strain THC

Wondering how strong is London Pound Cake strain? At the ceiling level, the London Pound Cake strain can contain as much as 30% THC, so novices can easily feel overwhelmed with even just small doses.

However, the strain’s THC percentage isn’t the only thing that contributes to its intense high. Rich in cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN), the London Pound Cake strain combines a rich chemistry to achieve its soothing, medicinal effects.

London Pound Cake Strain Taste

The most prominent London Pound Cake strain terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. So exactly what does London Pound Cake strain taste like?

The London Pound Cake strain flavor is comparable to a sweet, lemon-flavored cake with hints of pepper and spice. Its smoke is imbued with a distinct dessert flavor that leaves a spicy tingle on the tongue after the exhale.

When it comes to the London Pound Cake strain smell, the cultivar stimulates the olfactories with a tart, lemon scent that’s sharp on the nostrils. While the flavor and aroma are pleasant for most, there is a fraction of the consumer base that claims the strain is an acquired taste.

London Pound Cake Strain Effects

What are the effects of London Pound Cake strain? Well, according to most users, the strain’s effects are pretty straightforward and occur rather plainly.

Unlike other strains that take you through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, smoking London Pound Cake strain delivers a straight punch of relaxation and comfort that comes hurtling at the system within minutes after the first toke.

The hard-hitting effects hit the body hard with an intense episode of couch-lock, keeping users glued to their seats as the strain’s chemistry reduces the desire and motivation for movement. Other noteworthy effects of London Pound Cake strain high include pain relief, sleepiness, and hunger, which explains why it has become so popular among medical marijuana users.

London Pound Cake Strain Price

The London Pound Cake strain is a fairly rare strain and isn’t often found on store shelves. Based on records online, a gram of the cultivar could cost between $6 and $14, depending on the quality, brand, and freshness of the sample.

Remember that prices for cannabis fluctuate from vendor to vendor, so it helps to shop around if you’re looking for the best prices. Customers looking to spend less on each gram might also want to consider buying their cannabis in bulk.

Is London Pound Cake Strain Indica or Sativa?

The London Pound Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70% bias. The strain’s effects reflect this heavy dominance, demonstrating almost purely relaxing, calming benefits with its ability to induce sleep, relieve pain, and encourage relaxation.

Some sativa qualities still manage to shine through, however, especially when it comes to the appearance of the mature plants which tend to tower at 10 feet and produce elongated, loosely bound nugs.

Is London Pound Cake Strain Good for Sleep?

Yes, the London Pound Cake strain is a vetted choice for users struggling with insomnia, thanks to its overpowering effects that calm both body and mind. In most cases, the London Pound Cake strain’s high ends in a restful, uninterrupted sleep that’s perfect for consumers who might need a little extra help dozing off.

Is London Pound Cake Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes. According to most users, the London Pound Cake strain’s effects tend to empty the mind and leave individuals in a trance-like state.

With the headspace filled with a silent static, the London Pound Cake strain effectively banishes stress, anxiety, and other forms of cognitive disturbance, albeit temporarily.

London Pound Cake Strain Cartridge

If you’re one of the people who’s aversive to the spicy flavor of the London Pound Cake strain, there are other ways you can try to enjoy its effects without confronting its taste. Lots of manufacturers offer vape cartridges that turn the bud’s chemistry into a similarly flavored vapor that’s smoother on the throat.

Keep in mind, though, that the London Pound Cake strain is a fairly rare cultivar. So although some vendors offer the strain as a cart, they’re not that easy to come by.

Similar Strains to London Pound Cake Strain

So you’re on the prowl for some London Pound Cake, but just can’t seem to find any at your local dispensary. Don’t worry – there are other strains with similar effects that you can try including the following:

  • Star Killer
  • Zombie OG
  • T-1000
  • Pacific Blue
  • Cake Mix

London Pound Cake Strain Seeds

Looking to buy London Pound Cake strain seeds? Lots of seed banks online and in person sell the London Pound Cake strain, making it fairly accessible for home and commercial cultivators. Prices for the seeds range from $9 to $17 a piece, depending on the type and quality of the specific batch.

As always, autoflowering and feminized seeds will tend to come at a steeper cost. Regardless of what type of seeds you choose, make sure to select brown or black seeds and steer clear of immature green seeds that have a lower chance of germination.

London Pound Cake Strain Flowering Time

The London Pound Cake cultivar can take up to 10 weeks to produce mature marijuana flower. Because of its volatile growing nature, the strain is best reserved for cultivators with a little more experience growing fickle cannabis varieties.

Growing London Pound Cake strain will take some patience and in-depth research since the strain requires specific growing conditions in order to produce a harvest. In case you make it to the finish line, the cultivar delivers a minimum yield that’s ideal for personal use.

Where to Buy London Pound Cake Strain

So, you’re not too keen on growing your own London Pound Cake. Fortunately, there are some vendors out there that offer to sell the variety online and through physical stores.

Before you make a purchase, however, make sure that you consider all the angles, read reviews, and transact only with vetted vendors that have a proven track record to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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