Jack Herer Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

A pale Jack Herer cannabis nug on a glossy purple background

If there’s any strain on the cannabis market that has become a household name, it’s Jack Herer. The father of countless marijuana cultivars on the scene today, Jack Herer possesses an abundant combination of cannabinoids that has earned it a spot in the cannabis hall of fame.

These days, there are more than a handful of Jack Herer phenotypes that have hopped on the bandwagon and taken their slice of the OG’s success. However, whatever way you look at it, there’s still no way to dethrone the Jack Herer strain. Find out more about this hotshot cannabis cultivar with this comprehensive review.

What is Jack Herer Strain?

If there was a list of the 10 most popular cannabis strains, Jack Herer would be on that list. Also called JH, The Jack, Premium Jack, Platinum Jack, or simply Jack, this cultivar has reached legendary status with its potent cannabinoid content and its intense effects that jolt the system with creative energy.

Jack Herer achieves this unprecedented feat with a three-way lineage that combines the qualities of equally formidable marijuana picks. The iconic trifecta includes Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk which were all mixed together in a cross-breeding experiment like no other, resulting in Jack Herer’s unmatched presence.

Who Created Jack Herer Strain?

The Jack Herer strain was first bred and cultivated by Sensi Seeds. This cannabis breeder is recognized today as perhaps the most reputable source for high-quality seeds.

Based on reports, Sensi Seeds stands as the oldest existing marijuana seed bank in the world. According to its website, the brand pioneered the cannabis seed industry and sold the first marijuana seeds to at-home growers when they were formally established in 1985.

When Was Jack Herer Strain Created?

There isn’t a specific, recorded date that tells us when Jack Herer was first cultivated, however, cannabis experts seem to agree that the strain first appeared on the scene sometime in the early 1990s.

The Jack Herer strain was named after Jack Herer, also called ‘the Emperor of Hemp.’ The man is considered the lord of cannabis supporters around the world, and he spent his lifetime lobbying for the freedom of marijuana use.

In 1985, Jack Herer wrote a book entitled The Emperor Wears No Clothes which permanently changed the landscape for marijuana legislation. He also founded the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) movement.

Jack Herer Strain Review

At a glance, the Jack Herer strain definitely looks a little odd when sitting beside other strains on a store’s shelves. Its gold-colored nugs appear monotonous from a distance, showcasing a one-dimensional colorway that might seem boring next to nugs that boast bright purple and green combos.

However, take the time to inspect the buds a little closer, and you’ll find intricate golden hairs that wrap around the leaves and yellowish, fuzzy trichomes that release a sticky resin when touched.

According to users, Jack Herer makes the ideal choice for daytime use, especially if sluggish mornings are keeping you from performing at your peak. Garnering a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars taken from over 4,900 reviews on Leafly, the Jack Herer weed strain earns its place as a must-have and a must-try.

Jack Herer Strain THC

How strong is Jack Herer strain? The cultivar was bred and developed at a time when cultivators didn’t really care much for elaborate flavors and terpene combinations. Instead, the strain’s main focus is its cannabinoid profile.

At its peak, the Jack Herer strain demonstrates a THC percentage of up to 26%, making it a formidable choice for veteran cannasseurs. Other cannabinoids also play a role in the strain’s hard-hitting effects including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN).

Jack Herer Strain Taste

What does Jack Herer strain taste like? Unlike other contemporary cultivars that mix together palatable flavors like berry, pastry, and fruit, Jack Herer claws at users’ tongues with its intense and often offensive flavor profile.

The Jack Herer strain flavor isn’t for the faint of heart and brings together strong notes of gasoline, earth, and spice. The hot smoke also scrapes down the throat, seemingly more abrasive than the average cultivar. This, in most cases, will cause a violent coughing fit.

When it comes to its aroma, the Jack Herer strain smell isn’t any different. Its stench can easily saturate the air in a space and may cause low-tolerance users to gag. These uniquely offensive sensory properties are made possible by Jack Herer strain terpenes which include terpinolene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

Jack Herer Strain Effects

The Jack Herer strain is a true-blue energizing cultivar that delivers a powerful shock through the system to awaken both mind and body. After smoking Jack Herer strain, you’ll notice a full-body tingle radiating through your core and out towards your limbs, relieving any discomfort and pain as it moves along.

This restores physical strength and enhances vigor, allowing users to power through the day with heightened energy levels. At the same time, the Jack Herer strain high also inspires creative thought processes to boost productivity and increase motivation.

According to users, the strain’s effects work perfectly as a morning booster. With a single dose of Jack Herer, most of its patrons claim to be able to power through mountains of work with little to no stress.

Jack Herer Strain Price

Today, everyone’s growing Jack Herer so prices have gone down significantly since its heyday. On average, a gram of the stuff will set you back around $11, but bulk packages provide an opportunity for buyers to spend less for every gram they purchase.

Of course, cannabinoid profiles, brands, and freshness still play a role in calculating prices. Typically, buying from artisan, small-batch vendors or from vape shops will cost you more than average.

Is Jack Herer Strain Indica or Sativa?

Its remarkably energetic effects might make you think that the Jack Herer strain is a full-blooded sativa, and you’d be right. The strain even showcases its sativa genetics in the way that it grows, touting extra tall plants with thin, narrow leaves and loose, large nugs.

Is Jack Herer Strain Good for Sleep?

Insomniacs beware – the Jack Herer strain might make those sleepless nights draw on until the morning. Although this cultivar can relieve pain and discomfort, it energizes everything else. The jolt of vigor can have you up and running for hours, making the cultivar a poor choice for a sleep aid.

Is Jack Herer Strain Good for Anxiety?

Although anxiety relief isn’t its strongest suit, the Jack Herer strain may provide some benefits for users struggling with worry and apprehension. The strain works wonders to clear the mind and help users achieve a more balanced, focused mentation which could help to provide relief for certain anxiety-related conditions.

Do note that Jack Herer isn’t without its side effects. Being that it is a strong cultivar, taking more than your tolerance allows may result in a jittery, tingly nervousness. So if you’re trying to use Jack Herer to calm your nerves and combat anxiety, it’s strongly recommended that you measure your dose carefully.

Jack Herer Strain Cartridge

Users who don’t particularly appreciate the abrasive smoke of the Jack Herer strain might find vaping to be a suitable alternative usage method. Not only does it eliminate the presence of smoke, but vaping also provides more flavor.

Jack Herer vape carts are sold through smoke shops, marijuana dispensaries, and online vendors and emporiums. Do note, however, that maintaining a vape habit can be more expensive than using plain, raw marijuana flower since every cartridge can cost up to $90.

Similar Strains to Jack Herer Strain

If you’re caught in a cannabis try-and-buy vortex and you’re looking to get your hands on strains that taste or behave like Jack Herer, these suggestions might be right up your alley:

  • Clementine
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Snowcap
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Amnesia

Jack Herer Strain Seeds

Virtually everyone’s breeding the Jack Herer strain these days, so you shouldn’t have such a hard time finding some of its seeds at your local seed bank. However, if you’re looking for a genuine article, you can’t go wrong by checking the Sensi Seeds website.

Seeds for Jack Herer cost around $12 each and are sold at a minimum of three pieces. To make sure your plants actually germinate and grow, see to it that you choose blackish or brownish seeds.

Jack Herer Strain Flowering Time

One of the reasons why Jack Herer is so prolific is because it takes just 7 weeks to grow a mature plant. Growing Jack Herer strain is also fairly straightforward, so even the most inexperienced cannabis farmers can produce a harvest with little to no help.

Remember, though, that as a sativa plant, the Jack Herer strain can tower at over 10 feet in height. If you don’t have an indoor space that’s big enough to accommodate the oversized shrubs, make sure you pay close attention to light cycles for outdoor cultivation.

Where to Buy Jack Herer Strain Flower

Since everyone’s growing Jack Herer, it’s all too easy to purchase cannabis flower that doesn’t meet expectations. As with any other variety, cultivation skills definitely play a role in the quality of the resulting marijuana flower, so it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source if you don’t want to be disappointed.

If it’s your first time buying cannabis flower, try making time to walk into a physical dispensary so you can inspect the nugs up close. If buying in person isn’t an option for you, scout the web for trustworthy vendors and read reviews for their past sales.

Ask for lab reports, compare prices, and ask for samples whenever possible. You might also want to consider shopping from vendors that offer a satisfaction guarantee just in case your Jack Herer haul doesn’t meet your expectations.

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