Italian Ice Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Like most other cannabis users on the scene, you’ve probably never heard of the Italian Ice marijuana cultivar. This relatively unknown variety has yet to make a name for itself, but its celebrated parent strains provide all the genetic trappings of a guaranteed nepo baby.

Users who have had the privilege of trying the Italian Ice strain claim that it’s a mellow daytime choice that’s just right for daily use. With its controlled buzz and easy effects, this strain doesn’t necessarily stand out but provides a wash-rinse-repeat appeal that’s great for casual potheads. Find out more about the Italian Ice strain with this complete guide.

What is Italian Ice Strain?

The Italian Ice strain is an unpopular cannabis cultivar with a formidable genetic background. The result of the union of Gelato 45 and Forbidden Fruit, Italian Ice seems to have the genetic makings of a guaranteed hit.

However, it seems that lapses in marketing have sabotaged the Italian Ice strain’s rise to stardom. Factor in the thick competition existing on the cannabis scene today, and it’s plain to see why this cultivar just hasn’t peaked yet.

Who Created Italian Ice Strain?

There’s limited information about Italian Ice online, but there is one cannabis breeder who has stepped forward to claim ownership of the covert strain. The Cali Connection is a multi-awarded cannabis breeder and cultivator that’s known for its uncanny ability to bring out the best of the strains that they grow.

They developed the Italian Ice strain by combining two of the most popular strains in their inventory, but some sources say that the resulting cultivar’s mild genetic expression forced the company to give up on marketing efforts.

When Was Italian Ice Strain Created?

There’s a lot that happens before a strain can be released to the general public. After breeding and cultivation, growers need to process the mature flower, package it for sale, and distribute it to dispensaries and vendors on the ground.

Even then, these fresh products don’t fly off the shelves in an instant, and it takes some time before buyers are encouraged to make a purchase and leave reviews. Considering that the earliest reviews for the Italian Ice strain date back to just 2020, we can assume the strain’s first prototype was developed sometime in 2018.

Italian Ice Strain Review

The Italian Ice strain gets its name from the profuse trichome coat that covers its exteriors. This hairy cultivar appears as though it’s been drizzled in freshly shaved ice, with bright orange tendrils encasing each nug in a tangled, tousled mess.

At a glance, buyers claim that the Italian Ice weed strain appears to possess the chemistry of a grunge-era OG because of its intense trichome expression. However, reviews state that the strain’s effects are pretty balanced and controlled, even designating it as a suitable cultivar for beginners and low-tolerance users.

For this reason, some users have called the Italian Ice strain a bit of a catfish. It’s worth mentioning, though, that despite appearing more intense than it actually is, the Italian Ice cultivar provides benefits that can satisfy almost any marijuana user looking for a functional daytime high.

Italian Ice Strain THC Level

How strong is Italian Ice strain? Interestingly, the strain fails to replicate the kind of intensity that its parents possess, averaging a THC percentage of just 19% at best.

To put things into perspective, beginners are told to stick to strains with 15-17% THC, which isn’t a far cry from Italian Ice’s chemistry. So it’s easy to see why so many users have identified this particular cultivar as a viable option for novices hoping to raise their tolerance.

Aside from THC, Italian Ice also contains very small amounts of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG.)

Italian Ice Strain Taste

What does Italian Ice strain taste like? One of the cultivar’s best qualities is its flavor which it inherits from its dessert-flavored ancestors.

The most prolific Italian Ice strain terpenes – caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene – converge to produce a sweet, fruity flavor that’s light and easy on the palate. The smoke also follows suit as the marijuana flower produces smooth, silky, airy smoke that passes effortlessly down the throat with almost zero irritation.

This delightful Italian Ice strain flavor is accompanied by an equally enthralling aroma. The Italian Ice strain smell gently stimulates the olfactory senses with a mild fruitiness that’s followed by a tingle of pungent diesel at the end of the whiff.

Italian Ice Strain Effects

What are the effects of Italian Ice strain? Because its appearance sets expectations for cannabis buyers, some say that the Italian Ice strain high is a little underwhelming.

That’s because the strain delivers a very mild and subtle mood boost that might go unnoticed if you’re not particularly keen on the effects of marijuana. Users who have tried the cultivar claim that it simply improves your current headspace and energy levels, giving you that extra oomph to complete your day with flying colors.

The functional high from smoking Italian Ice strain helps to support productivity and motivation by eliminating cognitive clutter and relieving some body pain and discomfort. If you’re a newbie to smoking pot, the Italian Ice variety can help you get a feel of the effects without overwhelming your system.

Italian Ice Strain Price

Although rare, the Italian Ice cultivar isn’t an expensive variety. That’s mainly because vendors tend to put higher prices on strains that demonstrate more noteworthy cannabinoid profiles.

The Italian Ice strain retails for about $6 a gram, but prices can vary from vendor to vendor. It’s also worth noting that the Italian Ice strain isn’t too common because few cultivators grow the variety for what they consider lackluster or ordinary effects.

Is Italian Ice Strain Indica or Sativa?

Despite its mildly energizing and euphoric effects, the Italian Ice strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. However, most of its indica phenotype properties are made manifest through its appearance which includes tightly clustered nugs and short-growing plants that reach just about 5 feet in height.

Is Italian Ice Strain Good for Sleep?

If you’re trying to combat the effects of insomnia, the Italian Ice strain isn’t something we can recommend. Although it doesn’t overstimulate the mind, the Italian Ice variety doesn’t encourage sleep with its mildly awakening and energizing effects.

Even as the strain’s high wears off, the cultivar continues to provide a gentle body buzz that might keep you feeling the need to move or to find something to do.

Is Italian Ice Strain Good for Anxiety?

In some ways, yes, the Italian Ice strain can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety to an extent. As the high reaches its peak, the cannabinoids work to empty the mind of cognitive clutter, giving you one-track, functional focus that can have you powering through most mundane everyday tasks with single-minded determination.

As it washes away stress and mental noise, the strain also boosts the mood to help you enjoy more positive, productive thought processes that leave no room for anxiety or worry.

Italian Ice Strain Cartridge

Just like the strain’s raw cannabis flower, vape carts that use Italian Ice as a base are pretty hard to come by. However, there are a few vendors that sell the rarity and you can expect to pay between $20 to $80 for a single cartridge.

Strains Similar to Italian Ice Strain 

Hankering to give Italian Ice a try, but just can’t seem to find any in-store? Fortunately for you, there are a handful of similar strains that offer effects and flavors that mimic that of Italian Ice, and these include:

  • Obama Kush
  • Nordle
  • White CBG
  • T1
  • Sonata

Italian Ice Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Italian Ice strain seeds? While marijuana flower, carts, and other cannabis-derived products that use Italian Ice are extremely rare, its seeds are pretty well dispersed throughout the market.

Most marijuana seed banks throughout North America offer Italian Ice strain seeds, letting home growers cultivate their own Italian Ice harvest to make up for the lack of flower for sale on the market.

Keep in mind, though, that because they’re pretty rare, the seeds tend to be a little on the expensive side. On average, a single seed will cost about $13 and is typically only sold in packs of three.

Italian Ice Strain Flowering Time

As an indica-biased variety, growing Italian Ice strain takes slightly less time to reach maturity, with an average flowering time of just 55 days. The plants grow to a height of about five to six feet but require consistent topping to encourage more horizontal growth.

A single Italian Ice plant will produce roughly 6.4 ounces of dry weed which is considered a moderate yield.

Where to Buy Italian Ice Strain Flower

Backpackboyz is one of the most popular vendors that offers Italian Ice since the company is dedicated to selling rare, exotic, and hard-to-find cannabis strains. They sell their Italian Ice in bags as small as ½ ounce up to 1lb.

Other medical marijuana dispensaries and vape shops might have Italian Ice in stock, but before you make a purchase, see to it that you read reviews for both the vendor and the product. Ask for third-party lab test results to assess the quality of the batch in question before you shell out any cash.

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