Gumbo Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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There are just some strains that seem to pop up from out of nowhere and the Gumbo strain is one of them. A cultivar with a history that’s concealed from even the most curious cannabis connoisseurs, Gumbo’s enigmatic personality plays a significant role in its growing popularity.

However, despite the hidden stories behind the strain, one thing is certain – it’s not for the faint of heart. Lending effects that seem to take control of both body and mind, Gumbo isn’t the kind of strain you should try if you’re new to the cannabis scene. Want to learn more about this interesting marijuana variety? Keep on reading.

What is Gumbo Strain?

Seemingly bred for medicinal purposes, the Gumbo strain produces a combination of effects that have found unprecedented favor among medical marijuana users. Beloved for its all-consuming high. Gumbo works to overhaul the system and restore a deep sense of comfort.

Despite its intensity, the strain has never won any awards. It’s also one of the most mysterious cultivars on the scene offering zero information about its lineage and origins.

Who Created Gumbo Strain?

Although there is a company named ‘Gumbo Brands’, the proprietor has made it clear that they had nothing to do with the production of the Gumbo strain. Today, it’s still unknown who first bred and popularized the strain.

All we know thus far is that Gumbo gets its name from its bubblegum flavor.

When Was Gumbo Strain Created?

With no information about the strain’s breeder, it should be no surprise that we also don’t know anything about when it first hit the scene. However, there are mentions of the Gumbo strain throughout the web dated as far back as 2011.

That said, it’s safe to assume that Gumbo might have been around up to two years before then, especially since it takes time to breed, cultivate, and distribute a strain.

Gumbo Strain Review

Perfect for medical marijuana users, this variety promises to banish every kind of pain and discomfort. According to reviews left for the strain online, it’s one of the fastest-acting cultivars on the scene, able to knock out its users in as little as 20 minutes from the drag.

With Gumbo, a little goes a long way. Users particularly appreciate the pronounced effects of the strain even when taken in minimal doses. Its flavor also gets quite a bit of recognition online since it serves up a delectable herbal taste that matches its medicinal effects.

If you’re thinking about taking a dose of the Gumbo weed strain, make sure you’ve got an empty day ahead of you. Guaranteed to knock you out cold for the duration of its impact, this strain is best reserved when you’re sure you’re done for the day.

Gumbo Strain THC Level

How strong is Gumbo strain? You would think that a strain with such potent, incapacitating effects would have a THC percentage that’s through the roof, but the opposite is true.

Gumbo strain’s THC levels fall between 16% and 21% which isn’t particularly high when you consider the fact that a beginner’s maximum tolerance usually sits at 15% THC. So how does Gumbo manage to hit hard with such modest THC levels?

The answer lies in the strain’s total cannabinoid profile. Gumbo contains other organic compounds like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN), which work together with its THC content in order to produce its effects.

Gumbo Strain Taste

What does Gumbo strain taste like? The most prominent Gumbo strain terpenes include terpinene, pinene, and geraniol which combine to create an herbal, aromatic scent and flavor.

So when you crack open a jar, you’ll find yourself embraced by the strong Gumbo strain smell that blends together herbs and freshly cut grass, with hints of earth and pine. The Gumbo strain flavor is a similar experience except that it delivers a pungent, nutty finish and mild hints of sweet bubblegum at the start of the drag.

Gumbo Strain Effects

Smoking Gumbo strain works best at nighttime because its chemistry tends to shut down the entire system. So exactly what are the effects of Gumbo strain?

Taking effect in as little as 20 minutes from the first drag, the Gumbo strain works rapidly to control and relieve pain. As it takes away the physical discomfort, though, it leaves behind a heaviness that weighs down the limbs and eliminates any desire or motivation for movement.

Soon after, the Gumbo strain high washes over the mind and almost instantly eradicates stress and worry. Again, the strain imbues the mind with a clouded heaviness that stops racing thoughts, inducing overpowering drowsiness that ultimately leads to uninterrupted sleep.

Gumbo Strain Price

Since it’s not too easy to find, the Gumbo strain falls into the exotic cannabis category, giving vendors the leverage to slap on higher prices versus the average marijuana strain. Every gram of this elusive variety can cost you upwards of $14.

Just like any other strain, however, Gumbo strain prices significantly decrease the more you buy. Stocking up on bulk Gumbo keeps the strain constantly within your reach and may reduce the price per gram by up to 50% depending on how much of the product you’re buying.

Is Gumbo Strain Indica or Sativa?

With its intensely relaxing and even incapacitating effects, there’s no question that the Gumbo strain is a full-blooded indica. Even its growing patterns indicate holistic indica genetics since the strain grows relatively short, bushy plants and tightly wound, compact bud clusters.

Is Gumbo Strain Good for Sleep?

If there’s one thing that the Gumbo strain is good for, it’s sleep. This variety guarantees a knock-out finish that’s sure to solve the problems of any insomniac. Taking a dose of this stuff a few minutes before your bedtime can help regularize your sleeping patterns and improve your sleep quality.

Is Gumbo Strain Good for Anxiety?

Gumbo targets anxiety by inducing unconsciousness, so you could probably turn to it if you were hoping to relieve anxious, racing thoughts. Users who want to banish anxiety without falling asleep, however, might be better off exploring other indica strains or indica-leaning hybrids.

Gumbo Strain Cartridge

Unless you’re a marijuana purist, you might want to consider using vape pens. These gadgets streamline the use of cannabis by eliminating the need to grind and roll raw flower. They also don’t need flame and they don’t produce smoke, making the drag smoother and more flavorful.

Most vape shops, marijuana dispensaries, and online vendors offer a vast range of vape carts, including options that use the Gumbo strain. Carts vary in price from $20 to upwards of $90, and can usually provide between 200 to 400 hits.

Similar Strains to Gumbo Strain

So Gumbo marijuana flower seems impossible to find at your local dispensary or favorite online vendor. If you really want to know what the strain’s effects are like, you can try these alternatives that provide an almost perfect replication of Gumbo’s benefits and flavor.

  • Cadillac Purple
  • Money Maker
  • Gelato Cake
  • Katsu Bubba Kush
  • Bio-Jesus

Gumbo Strain Seeds

If you’re looking to buy Gumbo strain seeds, the internet is thick with options since most seed banks operate online. And despite the Gumbo strain flower being fairly hard to source, its seeds aren’t quite as rare.

Every seed will cost around $11 with most vendors offering them at a minimum of 3 pieces a pack. You can also purchase packs of 5 or 10, depending on the brand and vendor.

Gumbo Strain Flowering Time

The Gumbo strain doesn’t grow too easily and requires quite a bit of cultivation experience in order to germinate. If you’re planning on growing Gumbo strain plants, make sure to invest in well-draining soil and high-quality, organic fertilizer for optimal nitrogen and potassium supplementation.

Since it’s not too hard, the Gumbo strain might not germinate if grown in unpredictable outdoor conditions. Cultivating the strain indoors can significantly increase its chances of thriving until it produces its yield roughly 11 weeks from germination.

Where to Buy Gumbo Strain Flower

Again, the Gumbo strain is a pretty rare variety so your local dispensary or smoke shop might not carry the variety. In most cases, the best place to find Gumbo would be to check online vendors.

Although buying online can feel a little daunting, you can weed through your options by reading reviews and comparing prices. Whenever possible, opt for free samples so you can try products out before you commit to a larger amount.

You can also check for return policies and satisfaction guarantees that let you get your money back in case you don’t like the product you receive.

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