Girl Scout Cookies Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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The Girl Scout Cookies strain is the stuff of legend and boasts a reputation as having been one of the strains to irreversibly alter the cannabis industry as we know it. This household name has served as the proud progenitor of thousands of marijuana strains that have come after it, contributing to the genetic makeup of almost every cultivar on the scene today.

With a handful of High Times awards under its belt, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is the result of ingenious breeding practices and revolutionary marketing techniques. Wondering what makes the Girl Scout Cookies cultivar stand out? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

Known and loved by many for its perfectly balanced effects and delicious flavor, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has permanently cemented itself into the marijuana hall of fame. A part of the reason for its commercial success is its killer qualities that were passed down from equally iconic parents.

OG Kush makes up half of the strain’s genetics and contributes euphoric benefits and strong, pungent flavors to the Girl Scout Cookies profile. This, combined with Durban Poison’s sweet-flavored, uplifting smoke results in the Girl Scout Cookies’ legendary properties.

Who Created Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

The Cookies Fam Genetics Co. (today simply called ‘Cookies’) was the first cannabis breeder to come up with the Durban Poison-OG Kush cross.

Combining Jai’s creative cannabis cultivation strategies and Berner’s contemporary marketing techniques, the duo behind Cookies managed to break through the thick competition and establish what is known today as the most prolific strain of all time.

When Was Girl Scout Cookies Strain Created?

The Girl Scout Cookies was first released in 2009 and was warmly received by an eager marijuana patronage that was excited to try something new and different. In 2017, the official Girl Scouts of the United States of America issued a cease and desist order to dispensaries selling the strain under a trademarked name.

Since then, Girl Scout Cookies has been officially renamed to GSC, but its original moniker has definitely stuck despite the official change. The strain has won countless awards from High Times, making it one of the most decorated cannabis cultivars of all time.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

While the brilliant marketing and innovative cultivation strategies that have gone into the development of the Girl Scout Cookies strain definitely have much to do with its popularity, its undeniable jar appeal also puts in quite a bit of work to make the strain even more enticing.

At a glance, the Girl Scout Cookies strain boasts beautiful, rich colors that bring together the contrasting hues of green and purple. All over the marijuana flower, delicate orange tendrils extend from crevices and add dramatic appeal.

On Leafly, the Girl Scout Cookies weed strain has received over 7,400 reviews, garnering an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. A common sentiment among those who leave their feedback is that if you’re new to marijuana, then you might want to practice some caution when trying the GSC variety.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain THC Level

How strong is Girl Scout Cookies strain? Well, that really depends on the specific batch of GSC that you purchase. According to reports, the THC percentage for Girl Scout Cookies fluctuates between 17% and 28%.

Another thing to remember is that THC isn’t the only cannabinoid worth considering if you’re assessing the strength of a strain. Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD) contribute significantly to the potency of the GSC strain despite making up just a fraction of the cultivar’s chemistry.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Taste

What does Girl Scout Cookies strain taste like? Named for its sweet, pastry flavor, the Girl Scout Cookies strain flavor combines the delicate taste of freshly baked cookies with pungent undertones of earth and diesel.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain smell offers a similar experience, save for the addition of peppery herb that clears the sinuses with every whiff. This distinct flavor and aroma results from the unique Girl Scout Cookies strain terpenes which include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects

What are the effects of Girl Scout Cookies strain? GSC’s intensity rumbles through the body with unprecedented speed, taking effect in as short as a few minutes from the time you take the first drag.

The pain-relieving tidal wave overcomes the body and soothes all sorts of physical discomforts, leaving a tingling sensation in its wake. However, despite the powerfully calming physical benefits, the strain keeps users sentient and clear-headed.

At the peak of the experience, the GSC strain elevates the user’s mood, inciting a giggly mood and a desire for social activity in most of its users. In case you’re smoking Girl Scout Cookies strain in the absence of friends, you can still enjoy the Girl Scout Cookies strain high as long as you have a comfortable seat and enough snacks to last.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Price

On average, a gram of the Girl Scout Cookies strain costs $11. However, there really isn’t anything stopping vendors from deciding on their own prices, especially if they think their stock is well worth a steeper cost.

Better cannabinoid expression, more intense flavors, freshness, and even branding can impact the cost of marijuana. The amount you purchase can also adjust the price you pay per gram, with bulk orders reducing the cost of every gram you get.

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Indica or Sativa?

Although its effects make it seem like a sativa-dominant hybrid, the Girl Scout Cookies strain actually leans towards the indica side of the spectrum with a 60% bias. Even in morphology, the strain appears to be a pure indica, growing short, stubby plants and wide leaves.

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Good for Sleep?

GSC helps relax the body and relieve physical pain, but it’s not necessarily the kind of cultivar you would choose if you were hoping to fall asleep. Since it tends to awaken the mind and inspire euphoria and outgoing energies, the strain might work against an insomniac’s purpose.

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Good for Anxiety?

Medical marijuana users turn to Girl Scout Cookies for two reasons – pain and anxiety relief. Users claim that the strain seems to lift away apprehension, worry, and all sorts of negative feelings and emotions, allowing them to adopt a carefree disposition that’s light and giggly.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Cartridge

Marijuana vaping has exponentially increased in popularity through the years. Today, most users prefer vaping their cannabis because it eliminates the tedious steps required to prepare a bowl or a blunt.

Because the Girl Scout Cookies strain is so popular, it’s really not that hard to find GSC vape carts. Smoke shops, marijuana dispensaries, and online vendors typically offer cartridges for $20 to $90, depending on their chemistry, amount, and brand.

Similar Strains to Girl Scout Cookies Strain

If the Girl Scout Cookies strain pushes all the right buttons for you, then there are a few other cultivars you might want to give a shot. While they’re probably not as iconic or popular as the GSC strain, they boast a similar range of qualities that make them suitable alternatives:

  • Black Haze
  • Berry Pie
  • Race Fuel OG
  • Gorilla OG
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Seeds

If you’re looking to buy Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds, the Cookies Fam website would be a good place to start. There, the strain’s original breeder sells seeds directly to buyers. 

Keep in mind, though, that seeds that come directly from Cookies cost way more than from other seed banks. The company’s exorbitant pricing puts each seed at $20, which is roughly a 50% price increase versus other vendors.

Of course, the trade-off is that buying directly from Cookies guarantees the quality and authenticity of the seeds you get. If you’re not keen on spending $20 a seed, however, you can always check other reputable seed banks on the scene.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Flowering Time

Growing Girl Scout Cookies can be a fun little exercise for first-time home growers. The strain is moderately difficult to grow, providing a manageable challenge for cultivators with minimal experience. 

Flowering time takes anywhere from 8 to 9 weeks with every square meter of plant producing up to 500 grams of dry cannabis flower indoors. If you’re growing your Girl Scout Cookies outdoors, you can expect a yield of up to 650 grams per square meter.

Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Strain Flower

The Cookies Fam company has a handful of stores worldwide where they sell merchandise, seeds, vape carts, and raw flower directly to their consumer base. You can find their list of complete Cookies storefronts through their website directory.

If there aren’t any branches near your location, you can buy Girl Scout Cookies marijuana online or you can check your local vendors and dispensaries. Should you decide to purchase your marijuana from a web-based vendor, be sure to ask for lab reports, read reviews, and check return policies to protect your purchase.

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