Gelato Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Considered by many as the perfect hybrid, the Gelato strain is a THC-rich cannabis cultivar that brings the best of both worlds. Delivering a perfect balance of cognitive clarity and physical relaxation, this strain lulls the body into submission as the mind wanders through a flurry of fantasies.

Rich with creamy, gelato flavor, it’s no wonder how the Gelato strain has earned a reputation as a mainstream cannabis favorite. Wondering what else this tasty cultivar brings to the table? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Gelato Strain?

Also called Gelato #42, Larry Bird, or Zelato, the Gelato strain is the perfect marriage of indica and sativa properties. Although morphologically, the cultivar appears to be heavily indica-dominant, the strain’s chemistry combines effects from both ends of the spectrum.

Gelato gets its name from its sweet, sugary, dessert flavor that shines through its deep, earthy, peppery flavor overtones. In terms of effects, the strain is a fast-acting hybrid that fully incapacitates the body while leaving the mind active, creative, and hypervigilant.

Who Created Gelato Strain?

There are a few sources out there that argue that the Gelato strain was bred and popularized by Cookie Fam Genetics. However, earlier publications on the web, as well as statements from the breeder himself, certify that the Gelato strain was the brainchild of iconic cannabis breeder, Mario Guzman who goes by the moniker Mr. Sherbinski

Today, the Mr. Sherbinski enterprise is one of the most popular cannabis breeder entities on the market. Located in Los Angeles, CA, they’re well-loved across the cannabis industry for their flavorful cannabis varieties and dynamic chemical profiles that deliver a distinct experience with every new strain.

When Was Gelato Strain Created?

With records that trace back as early as 2014, the Gelato strain has been around for close to two decades and has since been used as the parent strain for other popular varieties like Runtz and Biscotti. The Mr. Sherbinski farm also claims ownership of all Gelato strains that came after the legendary parent cultivar.

Gelato Strain Review

Gelato gets quite a bit of attention online for its flavor-packed smoke and intense effects. Most users appreciate the cultivar for its body-numbing benefits that don’t penetrate the mind. For this reason, the majority of those who give the Gelato weed strain a fixed spot in their stash use the strain to unwind, relax, and conjure up their creative juices.

Gelato Strain THC Level

So how strong is Gelato strain? The usual floor limit for the Gelato strain’s THC percentage rests at about 17%. However, there are some batches out there that have been tested and found to contain as much as 25% THC.

This intense concentration makes the Gelato strain better suited to users who have more experience with heavy-handed varieties or for those who have a higher tolerance for cannabis chemistry. In terms of CBD content, Gelato hardly has any but it does have fairly high CBN concentrations at 1.5%.

Gelato Strain Taste

When the Gelato strain was first introduced into the market, its interesting flavor is what really caught the public’s attention. So what does Gelato strain taste like? Combining the peppery taste of Caryophyllene with citrus and hoppy hints from Limonene and Humulene, the Gelato strain terpenes stimulate the palate with its distinct tang.

You’ll notice, though, that as the flavors mix and settle on the tongue, they somehow blend together to produce a sweet, creamy, dessert flavor that became the reason for the cultivar’s well-deserved name.

A word of caution though – the delectable Gelato strain smell and flavor might encourage novice users to take more than their threshold allows. Don’t let its mouthwatering ice cream sweetness fool you into taking a megadose.

Gelato Strain Effects

You might be asking, what are the effects of Gelato strain? Well, it’s known all over the web as a cannabis veteran’s delight. The cultivar lends users hard-hitting effects that put the body into full submission while the mind is permitted to run free.

According to users, its effects start to showcase their power within minutes (in some cases, even just seconds) after smoking Gelato strain. The wave of numbness resonates from the core and seems to extend to the extremities until it becomes a full-body high.

During this phase of the experience, the body is placed into an all-powerful couch-lock that drains every motivation for physical activity. This numbing experience is also what makes Gelato a good choice for medical marijuana users.

As the effects progress, creativity and fantasy are unlocked as the mind explores fun, colorful ideas and concepts with supreme clarity. Taking too much of the strain might reduce its user to a state of unconsciousness, which also makes it a solid choice for people battling insomnia. 

Because of these strong effects, it’s not a recommended starter strain for novices or for individuals who struggle with anxiety or paranoia.

Gelato Strain Price

The Gelato strain retails for between $11 and $16 per gram. There are a few vendors out there however that sell for as low as half the price, which should raise some red flags considering how hard it is to cultivate Gelato cannabis.

Just like any other cannabis strain, Gelato sells for exponentially less per gram if you’re buying in bulk. Some vendors sell their Gelato batches for as low as $175 for 28 grams, which puts every gram at just $6.25.

How Strong is Gelato Strain?

A good look at the Gelato strain’s cannabinoid profile should tell you just how strong this strain can be. Considered one of the most potent varieties in terms of THC content, Gelato samples can contain as much as 25% THC.

Generally, first-time and low-tolerance users are strongly advised against taking strains with THC levels beyond 15%. In the same light, users with more experience using cannabis and THC might find that the Gelato strain proves to be a formidable choice for meeting more advanced thresholds.

Is Gelato Strain Indica or Sativa?

As a hybrid cultivar, the Gelato strain doesn’t necessarily fall into one of the two categories of cannabis phenotypes. Instead, it showcases a near-equal manifestation of both indica and sativa properties.

In terms of plant appearance, the Gelato strain might make you think it’s predominantly indica because of its short, stubby shrubs and wide leaves. However, when it comes to effects, the strain perfectly balances out both ends of the cannabis range by combining relaxation with wakefulness.

Is Gelato Strain Good for Sleep?

At low doses, the Gelato strain awakens the mind and stimulates increased cognitive activity. For this reason, a lot of users patronize Gelato when they’re stuck in a creative rut. However, these effects can change depending on the amount that you take.

Larger doses of Gelato magnify its indica properties. This totally incapacitates both mind and body, forcing the user into a sleepy stupor that could potentially help relieve insomnia.

Is Gelato Strain Good for Anxiety?

It’s not necessarily the best strain for anxiety. While it might reduce stress, some individuals claim that Gelato can exacerbate paranoid and anxious ideas and feelings. Keep in mind that the strain stimulates thought. So users whose minds are dominated by anxieties might find that Gelato further fuels these negative ideas.

Some users have also warned against using Gelato if you commonly struggle with depressive thoughts. Again, the strain will build off of whatever your mind already contains. Thus taking a dose when you’re feeling depressed or worried might further emphasize those ideas.

Gelato Strain Cartridge

If smoking cannabis flower isn’t your cup of tea, then there are lots of other ways to enjoy the Gelato strain. Among the most popular is the use of Gelato strain cartridges that can be bought at almost every online dispensary or even through vape shops.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that condensing cannabis chemistry into a cartridge can change its potency and effects. Before buying a cartridge, make sure to ask for lab reports to guarantee the quality and freshness of what you’re getting.

Strains Similar to Gelato Strain

The Gelato strain isn’t necessarily a rare variety, but its popularity makes it a fast-moving product on most dispensaries’ shelves. So unless you’re fast enough, you might find the strain often sold out.

Fortunately, there are a few other varieties out there that you can try with a taste and chemical profile similar to Gelato. Here are a few of them:

  • Gelato #33
  • Sunset Sherbet
  • Berry White
  • Sweet Dream
  • Alien OG

Gelato Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Gelato strain seeds? Seed vendors litter the internet and offer cannabis seeds at fairly low prices. Since the Gelato strain isn’t necessarily a rarity, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding seeds online. You can also check resources like Reddit to find out where people buy seeds in your area.

Since it’s a hybrid strain, Gelato seeds should be midsize. If you want to increase your chances of growing a plant from the seeds, look for dark brown or black specimens. Seeds in any shade of green tend to be immature and are difficult to grow.

Gelato Strain Flowering Time

Growing Gelato strain plants can be a challenge if you haven’t had previous experience cultivating cannabis. From the seed, it takes about 9 weeks for the Gelato strain to grow. Plants need to be topped regularly to facilitate proper height and density.

Once mature, Gelato strain plants appear short and stout, standing at 5-6 feet, depending on growing conditions. Gelato bushes produce a medium yield at best and good varieties should showcase rich trichome expression upon harvest.

Where to Buy Gelato Strain

The Gelato strain is a fairly popular cultivar that’s sold all across the web and in physical cannabis dispensaries. If you want to get the best possible batches and you live in the state of California, you can purchase Gelato straight from the Mr. Sherbinski farm online.

However, because they don’t sell nationwide, buyers from outside of the state might have better luck checking online vendors or local brick-and-mortar stores.

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