Fire OG Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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As a true blue grunge strain from the 90s, the Fire OG cannabis strain is a robust cultivar that’s for experienced potheads only. Named for its smokey appearance (thanks to its thick, fuzzy trichome coat), the strain hits hard in both flavor and effects.

Considered one of the most legendary strains on the market today, the Fire OG strain is the genetic cornerstone for thousands of cultivars that have come after it. Should you make room for Fire OG in your marijuana stash? Here’s what you need to know about this hot commodity.

What is Fire OG Strain?

The Fire OG strain is directly descended from the hot and heavy OG Kush. This places Fire OG just three generations away from the Hindu Kush landrace, which could explain its intense cannabinoid profile and wild trichome expression.

On the other side of the blissful combination is the San Fernando Valley Kush (or simply SFV OG Kush), which descends directly from the Afghani landrace. With two pure cannabis strain grandparents, it’s not hard to see why the Fire OG strain possesses such extraordinary qualities.

Who Created Fire OG Strain?

The Fire OG strain was the creative crop of OG Raskal Genetics. Based in California, OG Raskals Genetics has a number of well-known cultivars under its belt including White Fire OG Kush and Fire Alien Kush.

Renowned as one of the best breeders in the state of Cali, OG Raskals Genetics might not be as well-decorated as other cultivators on the scene. Nevertheless, the majority of their releases have reached cult status because of the care that the breeder puts into guaranteeing strong cannabinoid profiles.

When Was Fire OG Strain Created?

Although there are no official resources that tell us when the Fire OG strain was first introduced to the market, anecdotal evidence supports the idea that the strain comes from the 90s era of cannabis cultivation.

Mentions of Fire OG go back as far as 1993, marking the strain as one of the marijuana varieties present during the time when cannabis laws and landscapes were under fiery opposition. This significant seniority also placed the Fire OG strain in a position to parent countless cultivars that have come after it.

Fire OG Strain Review

Beginners beware – the Fire OG strain isn’t for the average user. Known for its intensely overpowering effects, the Fire OG cultivar threatens to stimulate and arouse the system to the point of paranoia.

At a glance, the strain makes a stern warning about its chemical composition by way of its otherworldly trichome expression. Dusted in a smokey, glistening coat of fuzzy white hairs, the Fire OG strain leaves a thick resin on the fingers after handling.

Causing overly arousing effects on both mind and body, the Fire OG strain isn’t the kind of cultivar you would use for just a casual high. For medical marijuana users, the strain might come in handy to combat severe pain.

Fire OG Strain THC Level

How strong is Fire OG strain? Based on lab reports, the cultivar can contain as much as 26% THC which isn’t the ceiling for THC percentage. However, there’s much more to Fire OG than just its THC percentage.

The strain contains equally impressive amounts of other cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD.) When combined, these organic compounds work together to elevate and enhance the user experience, resulting in a much more dynamic, consuming high.

Fire OG Strain Taste

What does Fire OG strain taste like? Developed at a time when cultivators cared more about effects than taste, the Fire OG strain flavor is considered fairly offensive, especially for low-tolerance users and beginners.

The most prominent Fire OG strain terpenes include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Together, these terpenes combine and produce a pungent, earthy, woody flavor that’s not easy on the taste buds.

Even Fire OG’s smoke assaults users with a thick, itchy texture that scrapes down the throat and causes a serious coughing fit. If you’re not sure whether you can take the cultivar’s intense flavor profile, you can try giving it a whiff since the Fire OG strain smell comes pretty close to the flavor experience it provides.

Fire OG Strain Effects

What are the effects of Fire OG strain? This variety doesn’t dilly-dally when it comes to delivering effects. Instead, the cultivar rushes through the system to deliver a fast-acting high that rapidly progresses over the course of a few minutes.

For most users, smoking Fire OG strain starts off with effects that focus on the body as the strain distributes a strong body buzz that numbs the extremities and eliminates any motivation to move. This is then followed by an intense cerebral high that inspires a giggly, euphoric mood that’s difficult to overcome.

Unlike other strains that tend to silence the mind, the Fire OG strain high stimulates the headspace and intensifies existing thoughts. In some cases, the strain might cause paranoia, especially in individuals who are prone to cognitive disturbance.

Medical marijuana users struggling with severe pain and loss of appetite may find the Fire OG strain to be particularly helpful in controlled doses.

Fire OG Strain Price

Since it is a classic OG strain, Fire OG can be expensive depending on the vendor, brand, and quality of the specific marijuana flower. The cheapest flower you’ll find will typically cost $7 a gram, but it’s not uncommon for some Fire OG samples to cost as much as $25 for the same amount.

Buying your marijuana flower in bulk can help reduce the price of every gram you get. Keep in mind, though, that buying in bulk also means paying more upfront.

Is Fire OG Strain Indica or Sativa?

According to lab test results, the Fire OG cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70% bias. This chemical composition makes itself known through the strain’s mainly relaxing effects that incapacitate the body and relieve physical pain.

However, the strain still demonstrates some sativa propensity, especially when it comes to the strain’s stimulating cognitive effects and tall, lanky plant growth.

Is Fire OG Strain Good for Sleep?

In large doses, the Fire OG strain can induce sleep and help people overcome the symptoms of insomnia, but it’s not recommended. Remember that the strain produces intense effects that can stimulate the mind beyond the typical threshold.

Take a smaller dose of Fire OG, and sleep isn’t guaranteed. Since the strain arouses the mind and inspires euphoria, it’s not the best choice for an insomnia buster.

Is Fire OG Strain Good for Anxiety?

On the contrary, the Fire OG strain might worsen the symptoms of anxiety. As the strain’s effects reach peak strength, it’s possible that it might amplify any existing thoughts in your headspace.

At higher doses, Fire OG has also been known to cause paranoia so users who suffer from anxiety disorders are strongly discouraged from using the variety.

Fire OG Strain Cartridge

If Fire OG’s intense flavor and itchy smoke make it difficult to use in raw flower form, then you can try a Fire OG vape cartridge. These are widely available throughout the market and are sold through most online vendors, vape shops, and marijuana dispensaries.

The cost of a vape cart varies from vendor to vendor but usually sits between $20 and $70 depending on the brand, the quality of the cart’s chemistry, and the amount of product in the cartridge.

Strains Similar to Fire OG Strain

If you like Fire OG but you aren’t quite ready to dive headfirst into its intensity, there are other alternatives you can try. These strains possess similar qualities to the iconic Fire OG but are generally safer for casual use:

  • Larry OG
  • Chocolope Kush
  • Blackberry Fire
  • Tahoe Alien
  • Animal Cookies

Fire OG Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Fire OG strain seeds? OG Raska Genetics doesn’t put any restrictions on the distribution of its seeds, so almost every seed bank on the market carries its own version of Fire OG.

Seeds cost an average of $10 a piece, but autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds can set you back up to $17 each. To increase the chances of germination, make sure to avoid immature, green seeds.

Fire OG Strain Flowering Time

The Fire OG strain renders a mature harvest between 10-12 weeks after germination. Growing Fire OG strain will produce average to tall plants that require some cultivation experience for successful growth.

If you’re new to growing cannabis plants, you might want to consider trying your hand with a beginner-friendly variety that offers greater chances of success. However, if you insist on growing Fire OG, invest in well-draining soil, lots of fertilizer, and spacious outdoor gardens to achieve proper light cycles.

Where to Buy Fire OG Strain Flower

Fire OG is pretty popular, so you should be able to find its marijuana flower almost anywhere. The most accessible options include your local dispensary or online vendors.

In any case, make sure to perform some due diligence before you settle on an option. Look for third-party lab reports and read reviews to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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