Dosido Strain Info: Effects, Cost, Taste, and More

A single Dosido cannabis flower against a white backdrop

The Dosido cannabis strain is one of the few that can capture consumers’ attention with nothing but its jar appeal. However, there’s much more to the Dosido strain than just its intense colors and rich trichome expression.

This heavy-handed indica cannabis cultivar has wowed crowds across the globe with its hard-hitting calm that places users in a zombie-like trance. Hankering to learn more about this award-winning marijuana strain? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about Dosido.

What is Dosido Strain?

The Dosido strain (also called Dosi, Do-Si-Dos, and Dosi Doe) comes from an unusual breeding practice. Cultivators developed the strain by crossing OG Kush Breath and Face Off OG. The resulting strain was back-crossed with itself, finally paving the way for the unique Dosido phenotype.

The indica-dominant hybrid marijuana variety boasts a distinct, dynamic appearance that combines rich, saturated colors. All over its exterior, the Dosido strain also touts a lively trichome coat that leaves a sticky resin all over the fingers after handling.

This intense coloration and trichome expression lend clues to the kind of chemistry contained in the Dosido flower. In fact, the strain’s cannabinoid profile is so unique and potent that it has once been crowned the Leafly Strain of the Year.

Who Created Dosido Strain?

The development of the Dosido strain is widely attributed to Archive Seed Bank. Based in Portland, Oregon, this marijuana cultivator was born out of the vision of Fletcher Watson.

Today, the company employs some of the most experienced cannabis cultivators in the state. The proud proponent of the Face Off OG strain and its descendants, Archive Seed Bank prides itself as one of the best medical marijuana cultivators on the market.

When Was Dosido Strain Created?

Records show that the Dosido strain was developed as early as 2016. According to Watson, he crossed OG Kush Breath with his crowd-favorite cannabis stud, Face Off OG, in an attempt to make something out of the OGKB’s qualities.

The Girl Scout Cookies descendant had a handful of standout properties, but its low-yielding capacity and tendency towards hermaphroditic expression made it difficult to market. However, seeing its potential, Watson crossed the GSC phenotype with his very own and produced what’s now known as one of his best creations by far.

The Dosido strain gets its name from the popular square dance step, which in French translates to ‘back-to-back’. This clever moniker points to the tedious process of Dosido’s development which entailed back-crossing the strain on itself to enhance both appearance and aroma.

Dosido Strain Review

The Dosido strain never fails to capture customers’ attention with its wild colorway and sick trichome-coated nugs. Most buyers claim that, especially in physical dispensaries, they tend to gravitate towards Dosido because of its unique jar appeal.

However, there’s much more to the Dosido weed strain than just the way it looks on a store shelf. This strain puts its money where its mouth is by delivering heavy-handed indica-dominant effects that users describe as intense and long-lasting.

Considered by many as a cultivar that every self-professed cannabis enthusiast should try at least once in their lifetime, the Dosido strain has earned near-perfect ratings across various platforms on the internet.

If there’s anything that customers don’t like about this specific marijuana variety is that it’s difficult to find in stores. Both online vendors and physical dispensaries hardly stock the Dosido strain, making it a rather elusive variety.

Dosido Strain THC Level

How strong is Dosido strain? The variety boasts an average THC percentage of 21%, but some batches have been found to contain as much as 28% THC through third-party lab reports.

Additionally, the Dosido strain packs a high concentration of other cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), paving the way for more intense benefits, thanks to the entourage effect.

Considering the strain’s potency, it’s not often recommended for beginners and novices. Because of its fast-acting and overwhelming effects, Dosido can easily overpower the uninitiated.

Dosido Strain Taste

One of Dosido’s main selling points is its flavor profile, so exactly what does Dosido strain taste like? Beloved for its sweet pastry taste (thanks to its GSC lineage), the cultivar fills the mouth with its cookie-like flavor that comes in thick plumes of creamy smoke.

The Dosido strain flavor is produced from a combination of terpenes including Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool. This marriage of organic flavors also gives rise to the distinct Dosido strain smell. 

When stored properly, Dosido strain terpenes produce a strong aroma that combines freshly baked cookies and pungent, earthy undertones into one dynamic fragrance.

Dosido Strain Effects

What are the effects of Dosido strain? Smoking Dosido strain produces an intense indica-biased high that starts off at the user’s core.

This dull buzz radiates out towards the limbs over the course of a few minutes before fully incapacitating the body in a strong episode of couch-lock. By the time the strain’s intense body-centric effects are in full swing, its chemistry begins to creep into the headspace.

At its peak, Dosido places users in a giggly state of euphoria. This classic Dosido strain high encapsulates the standard marijuana experience.

Most users report feeling like they’re in a trance as the strain completely takes control of the mind and body, encouraging hearty laughter and unrelenting concentration on the most mundane everyday occurrences.

Dosido Strain Price

Prices for marijuana cultivars tend to fluctuate wildly across the board. While some vendors might sell their Dosido flower for as little as $5 per gram, others can hike up their cost beyond $20 for the same amount of product.

Generally, small-batch cultivators tend to set their prices higher. Vape shop brands also typically sell products at steeper costs. If you’re buying Dosido, remember that prices don’t always dictate quality.

Check lab reports and reviews to determine whether a specific batch or vendor is worth patronizing with your hard-earned green.

Is Dosido Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Dosido strain is a hybrid strain with a strong indica bias. Although it might energize the mind in that it can spark euphoria and uplift your mood (which are classic sativa properties), its most palpable effects calm and relax the body.

Is Dosido Strain Good for Sleep?

While the Dosido strain might make your head feel like it’s full of air, the spaced-out cognition won’t always descend into sleepiness. Most users report feeling stuporous under the spell of the Dosido marijuana variety, low to moderate doses of the variety will not elevate the need for sleep.

If you were hoping to combat insomnia with the help of Dosido, you might have to step beyond your usual dosage threshold. At high doses, Dosido may impact your consciousness and induce sleep.

Is Dosido Strain Good for Anxiety?

Throughout the web, you’ll find that the majority of the people who use Dosido leverage the cultivar for its anxiety-relieving properties. As the strain’s chemistry courses through your system, it empties the mind and inspires a sense of well-being and euphoria.

Ideal as a nighttime pick-me-up, the Dosido strain can effectively lift away stress, anxiety, and cognitive distress by replacing them with carefree cognition and an easygoing, upbeat mood.

Dosido Strain Cartridge

Not everyone likes smoking cannabis flower, and that’s why manufacturers have developed various ways to enjoy the same benefits sans the smoke. According to some, vaping provides a similar experience and potency without the pungent, often itchy feeling that smoke has on the throat.

Dosido cartridges aren’t easy to come by since the strain itself is already pretty rare. However some vendors like Essence Cannabis Dispensary keep some Dosido vape carts in limited stock, so if you’re lucky, you may be able to get your hands on the stuff before they sell out.

Strains Similar to Dosido Strain

It’s hard to find fresh, quality Dosido cannabis flower on the market since it’s in such high demand. If you can’t  manage to find Dosido through your trusted vendor or dispensary, here are some alternatives you can try:

  • Paris OG
  • Moonbeam
  • Ancient OG
  • Zombie OG
  • Girl Scout Cookies

Dosido Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Dosido strain seeds? Archive Seed Bank sells seeds for their original strains through their website, and because their Dosido variety has become so popular, they try to keep their seeds in stock as much as they can.

When buying cannabis seeds, make sure to check the color. Black and brown seeds with a giraffe-like pattern have a higher chance of germination and typically sell for a higher price.

Most often, Dosido seeds can retail for about $13 a piece or more depending on the quality, viability, and brand of the seeds.

Dosido Strain Flowering Time

On average, growing Dosido strain takes about 63 days to reach maturity and produce harvest-ready flowers. When planted outside, the Dosido strain can grow particularly tall at up to 10 feet which is characteristic of the sativa phenotype.

Because each plant is quite tall and lanky, topping the growth regularly can help produce a more uniform density and equal flower distribution. Auto-flowering plants can produce mature bud in a much shorter period of time, and work best for novice cultivators with little to no cannabis growing experience.

Where to Buy Dosido Strain Flower

Lots of vendors offer Dosido strain flower both online and in physical stores. And since it’s also considered a medical marijuana variety, you can also expect to find the variety through medical verified dispensaries.

Before you buy, though, make sure to check lab reports and read verified reviews to avoid buying bunk. Whenever possible, buy Dosido at brick-and-mortar stores to inspect the strain in person and improve your chances of getting quality flower.

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