Cookies and Cream Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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If there’s any strain that has won the hearts and patronage of medical marijuana users across the country (and perhaps the globe), it would have to be Cookies and Cream. This cannabis cultivar serves up truly soothing benefits all wrapped up in creamy, decadent goodness.

Perfect for people who struggle with chronic pain and discomforts that plague both the mind and the body, the Cookies and Cream strain is generally considered a must-have for quick doses of accessible relief. Find out more about this pain-busting variety with this comprehensive guide and review.

What is Cookies and Cream Strain?

Also called ‘Cookies N’ Cream’ or ‘Cookies & Cream’, this strain shares the genetics of two relatively unpopular parents. Starfighter, the first ancestor in the mix, is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from the luminaries at Alien Genetics.

The other parent is an unnamed phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies or GSC variety. As a certified cannabis celebrity, GSC induces a giggly, euphoric mood and an intensely relaxing body high.

Who Created Cookies and Cream Strain?

Cookies and Cream comes from the genius behind Exotic Genetix. The company started out in the medical marijuana industry, offering users products for cultivating their own cannabis at home.

Over time, Exotic Genetix reached its arm into the world of marijuana breeding, developing a range of strains that ended up becoming legendary in their own right. Some other names under the Exotic Genetix belt include Supernatural, Flurple, and Essence.

When Was Cookies and Cream Strain Created?

It’s tough to find any verified accounts of the Cookies and Cream strain’s history, so there’s no telling exactly when the cultivar first entered the cannabis scene. However, we do know that the strain won a bunch of awards in 2014.

The Cookies and Cream strain bagged first place in the 2014 High Times Cup for best US hybrid. In the same year, the strain also won the top spot in the Denver Cannabis Cup for best hybrid.

Cookies and Cream Strain Review

The sweet, creamy smoke produced by a burning bowl of Cookies and Cream attracts users from all walks of life. According to reviews that litter the internet, the strain’s top-shelf flavor is ultimately what draws consumers in and entices them to make a purchase.

However, that’s not the Cookies and Cream weed strain’s only enticing quality. The cultivar boasts beautiful jar appeal, capturing the attention of customers from a distance.

Its brightly colored flowers showcase bright green colors with hints of purple peeking through the cracks. All over the nugs, hot orange hairs encase the leaves while glistening white trichomes cover the flower in a sticky resin that exudes the Cookies and Cream signature aroma.

On Leafly, Cookies and Cream enjoys a lofty rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, taken from over 700 reviews. Based on the feedback from users on the site, this cultivar provides the perfect benefits for people hoping to forget their worries and cares while enjoying complete physical relaxation and relief.

Cookies and Cream Strain THC Level

How strong is Cookies and Cream strain? While most batches contain an average of 20% THC, some Cookies and Cream samples have been found to demonstrate THC percentage up to 26%.

And that’s not the only cannabinoid in the strain’s chemistry. Together with other organic compounds like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG), the strain provides a slew of relaxing benefits that can easily satisfy even the toughest potheads.

Cookies and Cream Strain Taste

Because of its interesting name, a lot of those who discover this cultivar for the first time often have one question on their minds – exactly what does Cookies and Cream strain taste like? Just like its name suggests, this cultivar combines a sweet vanilla flavor with hints of decadent pastry to produce its signature taste.

The Cookies and Cream strain flavor is emphasized by its thick, creamy smoke that produces very little irritation, if any. So as the plumes float into your lungs, you’re left with the tasty dessert flavor that’s topped off with a hint of nutty diesel at the end.

Similar to its taste, the Cookies and Cream strain smell leaves users with the distinct scent of sweet pastry. This comes as the result of the unique blend of Cookies and Cream strain terpenes which combines caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene

Cookies and Cream Strain Effects

What are the effects of Cookies and Cream strain? This cultivar is a bit of a creeper, with effects that take over the system suddenly and all at once. So make sure you pace yourself and wait for the impact before you double down on your dose.

As the chemistry creeps into your system, you should notice a strong body high coming on. The electrifying tingle shoots up and down the spine as it relieves pain throughout its course.

While the effects are definitely palpable all over the body, the Cookies and Cream strain high doesn’t incapacitate its users. So you can still definitely move around and get things done, albeit at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Aside from its effects on the body, smoking Cookies and Cream strain also impacts the mind by relieving cognitive stress and clearing away mental clutter. Its full-blown effects make users feel calm and carefree, allowing them to go through their day without the constant, looming worry and apprehension eating up precious mental bandwidth.

Cookies and Cream Strain Price

Make sure to shop around and compare prices before you decide on a specific batch of Cookies and Cream. However, for the sake of reference, you might anticipate average prices of $12 per gram of the strain’s dried flower.

As with any other variety, buying your marijuana flower in bulk can significantly reduce prices. Bags upwards of 250g can bring down the price per gram by 30-50%.

Is Cookies and Cream Strain Indica or Sativa?

There’s a bit of confusion as to the genetic bias of the Cookies and Cream strain. Some sources say it’s a perfectly split hybrid, while others claim that Cookies and Cream boasts a slight indica lean at 60% versus 40% sativa.

Interestingly, there’s even a third opinion that asserts the opposite – that is 60% sativa versus 40% indica. Considering its potent, calming effects, it’s safe to assume that if Cookies and Cream isn’t a perfect split, it’s probably a slightly indica-biased variety.

Is Cookies and Cream Strain Good for Sleep?

To be clear, regular doses of Cookies and Cream will not induce sleepiness. Many users have enjoyed the strain’s relaxing effects and full-body high without experiencing a smidge of drowsiness.

However, taking slightly larger doses may help induce sleep. According to feedback posted online, the indulgent use of Cookies and Cream has become a go-to for medical marijuana users struggling with conditions that cause sleeplessness.

Is Cookies and Cream Strain Good for Anxiety?

Popular among individuals suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorder, the Cookies and Cream strain provides reliable relief against discomforts of the mind. This strain inspires a carefree, euphoric mood that effectively banishes negative thoughts and feelings for the duration of the high.

Cookies and Cream Strain Cartridge

While smoking raw flower can be a satisfying experience, there’s a unique appeal to vaping your marijuana. Cannabis vapes use ingredients that enhance the flavor of the strain, letting you really pick out all the subtle elements that comprise its taste.

On top of that, vapes also make the dose much easier, eliminating the need to grind flower and pack them into bowls or roll them into joints. If you’re interested, you can buy Cookies and Cream vape carts at your local marijuana dispensary or vape shop. You can also check vendors online to find a wide range of carts.

Similar Strains to Cookies and Cream Strain

If the Cookies and Cream strain has captured your attention with its flavor and qualities, there are similar strains you might want to try. Although they’re not exactly like Cookies and Cream, they showcase flavors and effects that come close to the pastry strain’s properties:

  • Key Lime Pie
  • Gelatti
  • Lemon Kush Headband
  • Orange Kush Breath
  • Oreoz

Cookies and Cream Strain Seeds

If you’re looking to grow Cookies and Cream strain plants, you can check Exotic Genetix for their list of vetted partner seed banks. As the strain’s originator, Exotic Genetix only chooses a handful of vendors to supply their seeds, letting buyers get their hands on seeds that are guaranteed authentic and high-quality.

You can also consider checking your local seed banks if they have any Cookies and Cream strain seeds in stock. A seed should cost you around $12 each, and they’re typically sold in packs of at least three pieces.

Cookies and Cream Strain Flowering Time

Growing Cookies and Cream strain takes an average of 9 weeks, but using autoflowering seeds can cut down the wait time to just 7 weeks. Every square meter of marijuana plant yields around 500 grams of dry flower, making the Cookies and Cream strain a rather profitable option.

Where to Buy Cookies and Cream Strain Flower

If you don’t have the patience to grow your own cannabis harvest, you can always just buy ready, raw flower from your local dispensary. Cookies and Cream is a pretty popular variety, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it in stores or even online.

As a rule of thumb, though, you will want to check reviews and compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best marijuana for your money’s worth. If you’re buying from a vendor for the first time, make sure to check satisfaction guarantees and return policies in case you find that you’re unhappy with the flower that you get.

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