Cherry Pie Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Recognized as one of the OG strains in the fruit-flavored category, the Cherry Pie marijuana variety packs a mouthful of sweet pastry goodness that can send users into sensory fantasy land. Its uncanny dessert taste has been used time and time again as the genetic foundation for dozens of strains that have come after it.

Just like its pastry counterpart, a single dose of the Cherry Pie strain can cause a smile to stretch across any user’s face. Learn everything you need to know about this iconic marijuana variety with this comprehensive review.

What is Cherry Pie Strain?

Celebrated for its sweet flavor and aroma, the Cherry Pie strain is what happens when breeders crossbreed Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. Also called ‘Cherry Kush’, the Cherry Pie variety serves up a delightful sensory experience that has made it fairly popular among low-tolerance users.

Who Created Cherry Pie Strain?

Available literature asserts that Ken Dumetz (otherwise called the Bay Area’s Pieguy) is the mastermind behind the Cherry Pie cultivar. Dumetz is just one of the many breeders who work under the leadership of Berner – one of the two brilliant minds behind the Cookies company.

While Pieguy started his career with the fellas at Cookies, he has since established his own breeding company by the name of Powerzzzp Genetics. Based in California, Powerzzzp combines the cultivation prowess of both Dumetz and his marijuana breeding savant, Jason Mieja.

When Was Cherry Pie Strain Created?

According to resources, the Cherry Pie strain came about sometime in 2003 or 2004. As one of the newer strains that sprouted at the turn of the century, Cherry Pie was able to ride the tides of staunch marijuana activism that has led to the freedom of use and possession that most of us enjoy today.

Cherry Pie Strain Review

The Cherry Pie strain was conceived at a time when breeders started paying more attention to flavors, aromas, and appearances. At a glance, the cultivar touts beautiful colors that combine lavender and lime green, all encased in a delicate red-orange cage of tendrils.

The surfaces of the Cherry Pie strain showcase a soft, white coat of fuzzy trichomes that release a sticky resin, making the nugs tacky to the touch. However, more than just the feel and look of the strain, most buyers claim the Cherry Pie weed strain smell is one of its most noteworthy characteristics.

Opening a fresh jar or pack of the cultivar releases a sweet aroma that’s guaranteed to entice any user. With over 2,000 reviews averaging 4.3 stars out of 5 on the Leafly website, the Cherry Pie strain promises all-consuming effects that are sure to wipe away stress and sorrow.

Cherry Pie Strain THC Level

How strong is Cherry Pie strain? At first impressions, its modest THC level might have you questioning the strain’s potency. On average, the marijuana variety brandishes a THC percentage that’s just around 17%.

However, there are some batches of this flavor-packed strain that have demonstrated THC levels of up to 23% – well over the average user’s threshold. It’s also worth noting that THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that contributes to marijuana’s high.

Other organic compounds like cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD) contained in Cherry Pie’s chemistry also have a strong impact on the potency of the strain’s effects.

Cherry Pie Strain Taste

What does Cherry Pie strain taste like? As its main selling point, the Cherry Pie strain flavor has drawn in most first-time users who inevitably became staunch advocates of the fruit-flavored pick.

As you take a drag of the Cherry Pie variety, you’ll notice a strong sweet berry flavor that’s reminiscent of fresh baked pastry. The delicious taste comes with subtle hints of nut and diesel that amplify on the exhale.

This taste is mirrored in the Cherry Pie strain smell that’s an uncanny replication of hot, steaming pie. This is made possible by the Cherry Pie strain terpenes that include myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

Cherry Pie Strain Effects

What are the effects of Cherry Pie strain? The cultivar’s effects come on pretty slowly, so some users find themselves tempted to take a second dose thinking the first didn’t take effect.

However, over the course of a few minutes, the cultivar’s chemistry should wash over your system with a sudden pang of euphoria. As the happy hormones flush your mind, they relieve all sorts of stress and uplift your mood.

Smoking Cherry Pie strain also lifts away physical discomfort without incapacitating the limbs or inducing couchlock. So while the tidal wave of body relaxation washes over you, you’ll probably still have enough motivation to move around and get things done.

As the effects reach their height, the Cherry Pie strain high puts users in a chatty disposition that lasts for hours on end. The relaxed body high plus the euphoric, smiley, sociable vibe make the ideal combination for the perfect party mood.

Cherry Pie Strain Price

The Cherry Pie strain is one of the most widely distributed cultivars on the market because of its flavor and euphoric effects. This also means that its price isn’t quite as expensive as rare or exotic marijuana strains.

A gram of Cherry Pie costs an average of $8, but artisan brands and vape shops can sell their stuff for much higher prices. If you’re hoping to spend less on your Cherry Pie stash, consider buying in bulk to slash down the price per gram.

Is Cherry Pie Strain Indica or Sativa?

Despite its lively effects, the Cherry Pie strain is actually an indica-dominant hybrid. According to lab reports, the strain demonstrates an 80% indica dominance, however, in terms of morphology, its sativa properties definitely shine through.

Is Cherry Pie Strain Good for Sleep?

No, the Cherry Pie strain won’t help if you’re trying to smoke some kush to fall asleep. The variety is known for its long-lasting effects that tend to awaken users with a strong jolt of sociable energy.

Just like other marijuana strains, however, taking Cherry Pie in large doses that exceed your threshold may help induce some drowsiness.

Is Cherry Pie Strain Good for Anxiety?

Taking Cherry Pie might cause some side effects like dry mouth and red eyes, but it’s hardly ever reported to cause anxiety. The strain’s effects work tremendously well to relieve cerebral disturbances and have even been recommended for medical marijuana users suffering from depression and anxiety.

Cherry Pie Strain Cartridge

If you’re tired of having to go through the process of smoking your marijuana, you might want to consider using a vape instead. Vaping streamlines the usage process and lets you enjoy easy marijuana intake on the go.

Cherry Pie vape carts can be bought through most online vendors, vape shops, and dispensaries. They cost $20 to $80 a piece and provide the same effects and flavor minus the smoke.

Strains Similar to Cherry Pie Strain

The Cherry Pie strain’s delightful flavor and effects have made it a cult favorite. If it’s one of your must-haves, you might also want to consider trying these alternative strains that provide a similar experience:

  • Holy Mold
  • Blueberry Silvertip
  • Humboldt
  • Oregon Lemons
  • Forbidden Fruit

Cherry Pie Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Cherry Pie strain seeds? Virtually every seed bank on the market offers Cherry Pie strain seeds because they’re in such high demand.

If you’re on the market for high-quality seeds, make sure to check for brownish-black spots to guarantee germination. Seeds cost an average of $11 a piece and are usually sold in a minimum of three seeds per pack.

Cherry Pie Strain Flowering Time

The Cherry Pie variety is one of the easiest to grow and takes just about 7 weeks to produce a mature harvest. Each plant serves up about 7.5 ounces of dry marijuana flower, putting the Cherry Pie strain in the moderate yield category.

Growing Cherry Pie strain is fairly simple, but the plants do grow an average of 8 feet tall. Unless you have a dedicated greenhouse, the plant’s tall stature is better suited to outdoor cultivation.

Where to Buy Cherry Pie Strain Flower

As a widely available strain, Cherry Pie marijuana flower can be purchased almost everywhere. Vape shops, online vendors, and marijuana dispensaries often carry the strain as one of their main offerings.

To make sure you get the best marijuana for your money’s worth, see to it that you check lab reports and reviews. Purchase your marijuana only from trusted vendors and shop around to compare prices before you decide on a batch.

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