Cheetah Piss Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Named for its eccentric flavor profile that’s a bit of an acquired taste, the Cheetah Piss strain is a sensational marijuana cultivar that’s loved for its commanding effects and impressive cannabinoid content. Of course, that’s what you would expect from the lovechild of a legendary three-way cross.

While the Cheetah Piss cultivar almost always deters low-tolerance users with its peculiar and somewhat offensive taste and aroma, it bites back with blissfully balanced effects that work wonders against cognitive distress. Want to find out more about this elusive cultivar? Here’s the whole truth about Cheetah Piss.

What is Cheetah Piss Strain?

Fairly popular for its intensity and flavor, the Cheetah Piss strain gets its killer genetics from the combination of three equally legendary cannabis cultivars. The trifecta that came together to produce the Cheetah Piss strain include Lemonade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97.

According to sources, the Cheetah Piss strain’s name is a homage to the cannabis classic, Cat Piss. While the strains deliver entirely different highs, both offer distinct flavors that set them apart from the typical fruity, pastry picks.

Who Created Cheetah Piss Strain?

The Cheetah Piss strain comes from the creative genius of the legendary marijuana breeder, Cookies Fam Genetics, known today simply as Cookies. These guys have produced some of the most well-known strains on the market today including Girl Scout Cookies, Runtz, and Congo Kashmir.

When Was Cheetah Piss Strain Created?

For strains like Cheetah Piss that don’t have a clear-cut history, the best way to get an estimate of when it was created would be to check for its oldest existing reviews. A quick Google search reveals that users have made mention of the Cheetah Piss strain as far back as 2018.

Factor in the time it takes from strain development to cultivation, distribution, and marketing, and we can safely assume that the earliest Cheetah Piss prototype probably came into existence sometime in 2016.

Cheetah Piss Strain Review

Appearance-wise, the Cheetah Piss strain possesses the qualities that you would expect from a marijuana OG. A dense layer of trichomes engulfs the strain as delicate orange hairs curl outward from within the folds of the nugs.

As you handle the Cheetah Piss weed strain, it leaves a sticky resin on the fingers that speaks volumes about its intense cannabinoid profile. Most of those who have handled the strain, however, find that the odor that the marijuana flower emits can easily cause low-tolerance users to flinch at first sniff.

The Cheetah Piss strain has accumulated over 200 reviews on the Leafly website, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Across the board, users praise the strain for its balanced high that’s great for parties.

Cheetah Piss Strain THC Level

How strong is Cheetah Piss strain? While most lab reports place the average Cheetah Piss strain THC percentage at around 19%, some batches have been found to contain as much as 22%.

Considering that the typical beginner might have a threshold that maxes out at 15% THC, the Cheetah Piss cultivar easily finds itself in the realm of moderately strong cannabis varieties. Keep in mind though, that THC level isn’t the only determining factor for strength.

Other cannabinoids in the Cheetah Piss chemistry including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN) – although less prolific in the strain’s chemistry – do a lot of legwork in terms of the strength and effects of the Cheetah Piss cultivar.

Cheetah Piss Strain Taste

What does Cheetah Piss strain taste like? As the name suggests, the Cheetah Piss cultivar bears a flavor profile that’s not for the faint of heart.

Crack open a jar of this marijuana variety, and you’ll find yourself instantly assaulted by the Cheetah Piss strain smell. Bringing together the pungent odor of earth and a sharp, offensive, organic stench, you might find yourself wondering how anyone could take a toke of this foul-smelling pick.

While its smell is one thing, the Cheetah Piss strain flavor is an entirely different experience. Aside from the burning taste of rotting earth, the strain also scrapes the throat with an itchy irritation that can easily cause a coughing fit even in the most experienced users.

This unique flavor and smell is all thanks to the Cheetah Piss strain terpenes which are predominantly made up of caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene.

Cheetah Piss Strain Effects

What are the effects of Cheetah Piss strain? Once you down the smoke and survive the accompanying coughing frenzy, you’ll find yourself feeling upbeat and uplifted within just minutes of the first drag.

The strain’s cannabinoids work effectively to relieve depressive moods, making users feel bouncy and positive. However, unlike most euphoric strains that also awaken the body with a palpable buzz, this strain weighs down the limbs and eyelids, leaving users feeling physically relaxed.

Most of those who have tried smoking Cheetah Piss strain claim that while the cultivar soothes headaches, tired muscles, and physical pain, it doesn’t cause couch lock, so you can still move around although relatively slower.

According to some reports, the Cheetah Piss strain can also help improve appetite. All of its effects combined make the Cheetah Piss strain high perfect for casual get-togethers and house parties.

Cheetah Piss Strain Price

Cheetah Piss isn’t rare per se, but its balanced effects and interesting flavor have made it the object of many marijuana users’ attention. Something of a ‘rite of passage’ for potheads, the Cheetah Piss strain seems to run low in supply because of the hype surrounding its properties.

This manufactured issue of supply and demand has given vendors the leverage to increase their prices for this so-called ‘elusive’ strain. Today, a gram of Cheetah Piss costs between $8 and $13, depending on where you purchase it.

Is Cheetah Piss Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Cheetah Piss strain is a balanced hybrid that flawlessly demonstrates what sativa-indica equilibrium looks like. With strong body soothing effects and a cerebral euphoria that work perfectly together, the Cheetah Piss cultivar is the embodiment of what ‘balance’ means in the world of marijuana.

Is Cheetah Piss Strain Good for Sleep?

Although it does its fair share in the relaxation department, the Cheetah Piss strain isn’t the variety you should turn to if you’re trying to get some shut-eye. The strain’s soothing effects mainly focus on physical discomfort and pain.

Its effects on the mind tend to awaken the senses and stimulate creative and social thought processes. So while the body might feel relaxed and calm, the strain’s mind-energizing effects will prevent any sort of sleep.

Is Cheetah Piss Strain Good for Anxiety?

If we’re being technical, the Cheetah Piss strain isn’t exactly big on the medical marijuana market because there are other strains for medical use that provide more appropriate effects for people who need that sort of relief. However, if you’re suffering from mild to moderate bouts of anxiety or depression, the Cheetah Piss cultivar’s effects may be more than enough to provide comfort.

Cheetah Piss Strain Cartridge

Not everyone enjoys smoking Cheetah Piss for obvious reasons, so it’s no surprise why Cheetah Piss vape carts have become so popular. More expensive than raw flower, vape cartridges tone down the experience and streamline the process of taking a dose for users on the go.

Prices for Cheetah Piss vape carts range from $20 to upwards of $80 per piece, depending on the amount, quality, and brand.

Similar Strains to Cheetah Piss Strain

If you like the Cheetah Piss strain, there are others on the market that provide a similar experience that you might like as well. These strains include:

  • Magic Melon
  • Bay Platinum Cookies
  • Sour Strawberry Diesel
  • Orange Velvet Underground
  • Guava Kitty

Cheetah Piss Strain Seeds

Anyone looking to buy Cheetah Piss strain seeds would do well to check the Cookies online seed bank first. There, the breeder sells their very own seeds to help buyers guarantee an authentic purchase.

Of course, lots of other seed banks offer Cheetah Piss seeds so it’s all a matter of doing your fair share of due diligence. Seeds cost around $11 each but may vary depending on type (regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds), its vendor, and the breeder that produced them.

Cheetah Piss Strain Flowering Time

It takes between 8-11 weeks for the Cheetah Piss strain to produce a viable harvest. Each plant yields around 6.4 ounces of dry marijuana flower which most cultivators would consider a small yield.

Each plant grows to a height of about 8 feet, so outdoor cultivation works best for growing Cheetah Piss strain unless you have a dedicated greenhouse. Use nitrogen and potassium-rich soil to maximize both cannabinoid and terpene expression.

Where to Buy Cheetah Piss Strain Flower

There are lots of reliable vendors both online and in person that offer Cheetah Piss as one of their mainstays. The issue is finding the marijuana flower in stock since it’s in such high demand.

If you do manage to get your hands on fresh Cheetah Piss cannabis flower, make sure to check the lab reports. Read reviews for both the product and the vendor before you make a purchase to guarantee the best marijuana for your money.

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