Carbon Fiber Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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If everyday life has become dull and boring, the Carbon Fiber strain might help to add a little magic to your daily experience. Used and appreciated by potheads for its potent effects that heighten the senses, a single dose of this enchanting variety might have you feeling more elevated than ever before.

Although lacking in popularity, the Carbon Fiber strain actually combines the genetics of three quintessential marijuana strains that all tout their own cult following. Curious about Carbon Fiber? Here’s a complete review.

What is Carbon Fiber Strain?

You would think that a strain that induces sexual energy and intensifies sensations would be at the top of the list of hottest marijuana varieties, but the Carbon Fiber strain maintains relative anonymity across the cannabis market.

Even more interesting is the fact that the strain comes from a three-way cross that includes at least two industry heavyweights.

Carbon Fiber mixes together the genetics of Biscotti, Cookies and Cream, and Grape Pie. Strangely, the combination results in a completely unique variety that bears almost no similarities to any of its parents – thus the non-food name.

Who Created Carbon Fiber Strain?

Cannarado Genetics takes full responsibility for the Carbon Fiber strain. This company maintains its focus on the production of high-quality cannabis strains that it makes available to the public in the form of seeds.

Some of their originals include Grumpz, Gushers, and Papaya.

When Was Carbon Fiber Strain Created?

With cannabis strains being created left and right, it’s nearly impossible to trace when each one was originally released. Carbon Fiber is a fairly new cultivar, however, with reviews only dating back as far as 2022.

This recent release might also have something to do with the strain’s limited availability and relatively unpopularity.

Carbon Fiber Strain Review

Despite only collecting a little over 30 reviews on the popular website Leafly, the Carbon Fiber strain enjoys a high average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Of all the benefits the strain provides, users seem to enjoy its ability to elevate the sensorium the most.

Just like most of the strains of today, the Carbon Fiber weed strain captures buyers’ attention with its eye-popping jar appeal. Boasting beautifully light pastel colors, the Carbon Fiber strain touts gorgeous, fluffy, undersized nugs with delicate yellow-orange hairs that stitch through the folds.

The aesthetic appeal doesn’t end there, though, as the nugs showcase a gorgeous layer of glimmering trichomes that release a sticky, aromatic resin. All in all, the Carbon Fiber strain rolls out all the stops to make sure anyone who catches sight of its nugs will be guaranteed to take a second look.

Carbon Fiber Strain THC Level

How strong is Carbon Fiber strain? The variety typically contains a THC percentage of 25%, but that’s not the only cannabinoid that contributes to its potency.

Carbon Fiber is one of the few marijuana strains that contain higher than normal levels of cannabigerol or CBG. Some batches have also been found to contain an elevated concentration of both cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) which help to intensify the high.

Carbon Fiber Strain Taste

What does Carbon Fiber strain taste like? Although it descends from a dessert-flavored trifecta, the Carbon Fiber strain goes against the grain with a vintage cannabis taste.

The first thing you’ll pick up after cracking open a jar is its distinct Carbon Fiber strain smell. The deep, bitter aroma pushes its way into the nostrils with forceful, peppery notes that clear the sinuses.

This experience is mirrored by the Carbon Fiber strain flavor which tosses in a heavy, overpowering chemical taste. If you’re a cannabis newbie, the strain’s combination of Carbon Fiber strain terpenes might catch you off-guard and cause you to pull away from the joint.

The entire sensory experience is dictated by Carbon Fiber’s unique blend and ratio of terpenes which mainly includes limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

Carbon Fiber Strain Effects

What are the effects of Carbon Fiber strain? A powerful pang of calm and clarity resonates through the mind as Carbon Fiber’s opening salvo.

The effects build up over a short period of time and reach their peak within a half hour of the last drag. As the experience unfolds, users report feeling more attuned to their surroundings, seeing everything in greater detail and color while also experiencing an elevated, euphoric, talkative mood.

Smoking Carbon Fiber strain also allegedly improves the sound of music, making the sensory experience more rewarding and enthralling. And of course, as most users report, the Carbon Fiber strain high awakens sexual energy, which might come in handy if you’ve got a willing, consenting partner in the vicinity.

Carbon Fiber Strain Price

The average cannabis vendor will typically sell a gram of Carbon Fiber for $12, but most vendors these days offer wholesale packages that can reduce the cost per gram by up to 50%.

Remember that prices aren’t the same across the board so you might want to consider shopping around before you decide on a purchase. As a rule of thumb, artisan marijuana and vape shop products will almost always cost more than average.

Is Carbon Fiber Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Carbon Fiber strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid. Its indica properties shine through with its mild pain-busting benefits and its clarifying cerebral effects, while its sativa chemistry makes itself known through the strain’s sexually arousing and talkative effects.

Is Carbon Fiber Strain Good for Sleep?

No, the Carbon Fiber strain’s effects mainly produce an awakening response that stimulates a chatty mood as well as the desire for physical (often sexual activity.) If you happen to engage in physically draining activities as a result of the high, then the strain might indirectly cause drowsiness.

Is Carbon Fiber Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the Carbon Fiber strain’s initial pang of clarity resonates through the mind to clear the headspace and eliminate negative thoughts and feelings. All throughout the high, users will experience upbeat, euphoric moods that leave no room for anxiety and stress.

Carbon Fiber Strain Cartridge

Vaping marijuana has become a pretty popular method of intake because it doesn’t produce smoke and it reduces the whole process to just two steps. It’s also worth mentioning that vape carts enhance the flavor and chemistry of raw flower, letting users experience the different flavors with greater emphasis.

If there are any smoke shops, marijuana emporiums, or dispensaries in your location, you might want to check their selection of vape carts. Online vendors will almost always have a more extensive range, though, including Carbon Fiber vape carts that retail from $20 to $90 or more.

Similar Strains to Carbon Fiber Strain

There are an infinite number of breeding overlaps in the marijuana industry, so it’s no shocker that a handful of other strains share similarities with the Carbon Fiber cultivar. If for whatever reason, you can’t find any Carbon Fiber in stock, here are some alternatives you can try:

  • Area 41
  • Cake Batter
  • Cherry Pie Kush
  • Purple Frost
  • Carbon Candy

Carbon Fiber Strain Seeds

The first place to check if you’re looking to grow Carbon Fiber strain would be the Cannarado website. They sell their seeds directly to retail buyers, so you should be able to secure your Carbon Fiber seed haul straight from their website.

Most of their offers are feminized seeds that retail for $13 each. Other seed banks sell regular seeds that can cost less, depending on the quality and brand.

Carbon Fiber Strain Flowering Time

If you’re growing Carbon Fiber strain plants, you’ll have to wait between 65 to 70 days before you get your harvest. This hefty yielder produces over 8 ounces of dry flower for every plant that grows, making it a suitable choice if you’re looking to start up a small business.

Where to Buy Carbon Fiber Strain Flower

Since the Carbon Fiber strain isn’t too popular, you might not be able to find it at your local dispensaries or vape shops. That said, your best chance of copping a batch of the strain would be to check online vendors.

Although you might feel a little apprehensive about buying from a vendor that you can’t physically visit, there are tons of ways to vet a vendor before you shell out cash. You can find reviews for web-based marijuana companies all over the web, so you should be able to make an informed choice.

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