Candyland Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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The Candyland marijuana variety takes you on a magical, euphoric journey as its sugar-flavored plumes pass through your lungs. Perfect as a daytime pick-me-up and social stimulant, this strain sucker punches users with an awakening high that gets creative juices churning and flowing.

An effective mood booster, the Candyland strain can dig users out of any depressive ditch to foster meaningful activity and productivity. Ready to take on a cannabis fantasy like no other? Here’s what Candyland brings to the table.

What is Candyland Strain?

Also called ‘Kandyland’, the Candyland strain merges the best genetic properties of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. Although not quite as popular as its predecessors, the Candyland strain has earned significant recognition online for its manageable effects and psychedelic high that can turn the sourest moods around.

Who Created Candyland Strain?

The Candyland strain’s insane genetics and intense cannabinoid profile are the products of a seasoned cannabis cultivator’s talent. Bred, processed, and marketed by legend-status cannabis breeder, Ken Estes, the Candyland strain is just one of many OG classics he’s created.

Estes made Granddaddy Purple in 2002 and sparked widespread interest in purple strains since then, irreversibly changing the marijuana market’s landscape. Today, he’s a known philanthropist who funnels his financial aid towards causes that hope to make medicinal marijuana products more available to and affordable for patients battling disease.

When Was Candyland Strain Created?

Unfortunately, Estes doesn’t make a habit of documenting his successes, so it’s tough to say when the Candyland strain was first created. Some online amateur historians speculate that the cultivar may have been around as early as 2010.

That checks out considering that Candyland won its first – and seemingly only – award in 2012 at the KushCon in Denver where it bagged the gold medal in the Sativa category.

Candyland Strain Review

Sitting on a store shelf, the Candyland weed strain almost instantly captures the attention of buyers with its large, bright-colored nugs. The oversized marijuana flowers come enclosed in a tangled mess of orange hairs that give each piece a dramatic touch.

A closer inspection of the Candyland strain reveals crystallized trichomes that look like a coat of granulated sugar on the nugs’ exteriors. According to users, this fuzzy presence on Candyland cultivar leaves a thick resinous film on the fingers after handling.

Although it delivers powerful effects, the Candyland strain isn’t out of the leagues of beginners and low-tolerance users. Its manageable high doesn’t overwhelm or overstimulate and provides a fun, uplifting experience that’s free from intense side effects.

Candyland Strain THC Level

How strong is Candyland strain? On average, the cultivar maxes out at a THC percentage of 20%. Just for reference, a beginner’s threshold usually sits at 15-17%, which really puts the Candyland cultivar’s strength into perspective.

Keep in mind though that aside from its THC content, the Candyland strain contains various other cannabinoids that contribute to its effects. Some noteworthy organic compounds found in the plant’s chemistry include cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN.)

Candyland Strain Taste

What does Candyland strain taste like? As its name suggests, this strain delivers a distinct sweetness that mimics the taste of sugar-coated confection.

The Candyland strain flavor delights the senses with hints of berry and mild herb enclosed in thick, creamy plumes of smooth smoke. At the tail end of the drag, Candyland hits the taste buds with a gentle pungent undertone that hangs around as an aftertaste.

According to lab reports, the most prolific Candyland strain terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. As these organic compounds mix together, they produce the distinct Candyland strain smell which is comparable to a slice of cake with hints of diesel.

Candyland Strain Effects

With its modest THC content, a lot of consumers wonder what are the effects of Candyland strain, and whether will it be strong enough to satisfy their needs. The short answer is yes – despite the strain’s ordinary THC percentage, it still manages to wow users with its dynamic, awakening effects.

The strain starts off with a mild body buzz that tingles through the extremities and relieves physical aches and pains. About 30 minutes into the Candyland strain high, the chemistry takes over the mind and lifts away cognitive stress and anxiety.

However, there’s more to smoking Candyland strain than just a stress-free, pain-free encounter. At its peak, the high unhinges the jaw and makes users feel particularly chatty. The upbeat, social energy begs for an outlet, so the strain is best used for opportunities when you might have a party to attend.

Candyland Strain Price

Numerous factors affect the price of marijuana flower including the brand, its chemistry, and the freshness of the product. If you’re looking to buy raw Candyland cannabis flower, expect to pay an average of $7 per gram.

If you’ve got extra to spare, consider buying your packages in bulk. Bulk cannabis flower brings down the cost of every gram you get, although you will have to pay more upfront.

Is Candyland Strain Indica or Sativa?

Candyland strain is a true, blue sativa that energizes the system and inspires a euphoric, upbeat mood. Even during cultivation, Candyland showcases the classic qualities of sativa morphology including large marijuana nugs and tall, towering plants with widespread branches.

Is Candyland Strain Good for Sleep?

No, the Candyland strain is a daytime variety that rouses the mind and senses. Although it might relax the body and relieve pain to some extent, the strain’s effects on cognition lead users towards a more wakeful experience that might completely eradicate the desire or need for sleep.

Is Candyland Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, the Candyland strain works well to relieve anxiety. The cultivar’s chemistry clears the headspace and makes room for a sociable, talkative persona to shine through.

At its peak, the strain’s effects completely wipe out stress and anxiety so users can enjoy a carefree evening of fun conversation.

Candyland Strain Cartridge

Some users find the smoking process to be a little too tedious, which is why vaping has become such a popular cannabis intake alternative. Candyland vape carts provide quick easy doses that eliminate the mess and the smoke.

It’s important to point out, though, that vape carts tend to be significantly more expensive, making them difficult to maintain as an everyday intake method of choice. Nevertheless, you can find them through most cannabis product vendors for an average price of $70 per cartridge.

Strains Similar to Candyland Strain

Although it isn’t a particularly rare strain, Candyland’s appeal in both flavor and effects makes it a hot choice among consumers of all calibers. So when stores manage to have the stuff in stock, it sells out pretty quickly.

If you’re waiting for your local dispensary’s next Candyland restock, here are some similar strains you can try in the meantime:

  • Chemmy Jones
  • Forum Cut Cookies
  • Lemon Haze
  • Mr. Clean
  • Pink Picasso

Candyland Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Candyland strain seeds? Unlike other cannabis breeders that gatekeep their strains, Ken Estes makes it his objective to get his varieties as prolific as possible. So you should be able to find Candyland strain seeds almost anywhere.

Regular seeds cost an average of $10 each, while feminized and autoflowering seeds sell for $15 a piece. Make sure to shop around and check various marijuana seed banks before you make a choice to get the best deal on authentic, quality seeds.

Candyland Strain Flowering Time

In true sativa fashion, the Candyland strain takes a little longer to produce a mature harvest. Growing Candyland strain plants from the seed will require a waiting period of about 60 days or more, depending on light cycles.

As a sativa, Candyland grows relatively tall. Unless you’ve got high enough ceilings in your greenhouse, it’s recommended that you grow your Candyland seeds outdoors to make room for the 10-foot-tall mature plants.

In proper conditions, Candyland plants will produce a harvest of 8-9 ounces for every mature plant, which is a fairly high yield.

Where to Buy Candyland Strain Flower

Candyland strain flower is available almost everywhere, but online vendors provide the best prices. Before you make a purchase, see to it that you shop around and check different sources so you can compare prices and reviews.

As a general rule, you should only purchase cannabis flower that comes with a verified third-party lab test to ensure the quality of the flower in question. Avoid deals that are too good to be true and transact only with vendors that have a well-established reputation.

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