Cake Mix Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Although it might seem like breeders have exhausted every distinct variety possible in the race to produce the best pastry-flavored marijuana, they come out with Cake Mix. Yes, we’ve all encountered a similar, sweet, sugary marijuana cultivar in the past, but the Cake Mix strain promises to deliver a distinct, energetic high that’s encased in the flavor of your favorite Bettt Crocker batter flavor.

Possessing a powerful cannabinoid chemistry that will keep you up and moving for what seems like forever, the Cake Mix strain is a daytime choice that tickles the sensibilities of hardcore veteran users. If you’re looking for a strain that can pull you out of the pits of lethargy, Cake Mix might be for you – and here’s why.

What is Cake Mix Strain?

Just when you thought the pastry hype was over, Cake Mix joins the chat. This sweet, sugary cannabis treat’s moniker is twofold. Firstly, it’s an indicator of the cultivar’s flavor (which we’ll get into a little later.) And secondly, it’s a nod to the Cake Mix family tree.

Trace back the Cake Mix lineage, and you’ll find that it descends from – yes, you guessed it – the poster child for all pastry flavored cannabis varieties, Girl Scout Cookies, or simply GSC.

Directly before the Cake Mix strain, however, you’ve got Wedding Cake and London Pound Cake. These two, uniquely-flavored cannabis strains both boast a cakey taste but take on different angles at tackling the pastry blueprint.

For the most part, Cake Mix gets its flavor from the London Pound Cake parent. If we were to take a guess, breeders probably used the Wedding Cake strain stud to take advantage of its dazzling trichome and cannabinoid potency.

Who Created Cake Mix Strain?

Just like most breeders, Anthony Hart (known in the industry as JBreezy) started his cannabis breeding empire in the comfort of his garage. That was the early 2000s when the internet wasn’t the same bustling, bastion of information it is today, and breeders couldn’t just Google ‘how to grow pot.’

He enhanced his cultivation skills over the course of several years and ultimately established what’s known today as Seed Junky Genetics. According to its website, the company is dedicated to producing cannabis strain flavors that challenge our perceptions of the limitations of marijuana taste and potency.

When Was Cake Mix Strain Created?

Breeders don’t really write down elaborate histories about their strains, and if they did, they don’t share the records with the general public. That’s unless the strain reaches legendary status, in which case releasing its recorded history becomes a part of marketing its antiquity.

The only published records available for the Cake Mix strain are reviews from buyers on the web. While the oldest feedback left on Leafly is dated 2020, there are some mentions of the Cake Mix cannabis strain on Reddit that date back as far as 2019.

Cake Mix Strain Review

Aesthetically, the Cake Mix strain beguiles buyers with a rich-colored exterior, speckled with glittering hairs. Inheriting the Wedding Cake strain’s intense trichome coat, Cake Mix adds to the drama with deep purple hues and red-brown threads piercing through the nugs.

The Cake Mix strain is a sticky cultivar indeed, coating the hands and fingers in its gooey resin after manual handling. This tactile experience should clue you into the kind of chemistry the strain possesses.

With just shy of 100 reviews on Leafly, Cake Mix holds an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Although newbies are warned against taking a toke of this enticing variety, hardened potheads enjoy Cake Mix’s energizing benefits by the spoonful.

Cake Mix Strain THC Level

How strong is Cake Mix strain? Although some lackluster samples have clocked in THC levels of just 17% (which is still pretty high), expert-grown Cake Mix will often score between 22% and 28% THC percentage.

The Cake Mix chemistry also incorporates other cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD, which makes up roughly 1% of the strain’s content), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN.) 

Although these organic compounds don’t come to par with THC in terms of concentration, they offer just enough potency to enhance the strain’s soothing and calming benefits.

Cake Mix Strain Taste

What does Cake Mix strain taste like? Don’t let the name fool you – Cake Mix packs a distinct peppery sourness that might catch you off guard if you’re expecting a pure sweet, pastry taste.

Of course, the Cake Mix strain flavor does incorporate strong foreground notes of sugary confection, but the overall experience is much more dynamic than just that. The multi-dimensional taste experience weaves together sugar, spice, and even petrol undertones which are also well-represented in the Cake Mix strain smell.

The Southbay Genetics company deliberately focuses on enhancing their marijuana flavors, so the Cake Mix strain terpenes weren’t a mere accident. Combining limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene, the strain serves up a mouthful of flavor that’s dynamic and stimulating.

Cake Mix Strain Effects

What are the effects of Cake Mix strain? Considered a social smoke, the Cake Mix strain high awakens an outgoing energy that begs to be released. The uplifting high wipes away negative thoughts and feelings, replacing them with a persistent smile and the desire to talk deep into the night.

The jittery, social high is accompanied by a tingly body buzz that radiates throughout the limbs, effectively soothing discomfort and relaxing the muscles for a truly carefree disposition. Nevertheless, smoking Cake Mix strain keeps users awake even after the crash.

Cake Mix Strain Price

Cake Mix isn’t an expensive cultivar despite being fairly tough to find. Per gram prices for this variety peak at $13, but most vendors sell the stuff for just $11.

If you’re buying in bulk, you stand the chance to take those per gram prices even lower. Vendors will often reduce their gram prices if buyers choose to purchase in larger amounts, although that also means having to spend more upfront.

Is Cake Mix Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Cake Mix strain is a 60-40 indica-dominant hybrid. Despite that, the cultivar blesses users with an intense combination of awakening effects that even encourage outgoing behavior – something you would expect from a sativa.

Is Cake Mix Strain Good for Sleep?

To put it plainly, no, the Cake Mix strain isn’t the kind of cannabis variety that you should use if you’re wrestling with sleeplessness. The cultivar infects the mind with thoughts of socialization, making users feel chatty and giggly throughout.

Anyone hoping to quell the flames of insomnia would do well to check out true indica-leaning hybrids or full-blooded indicas that provide a more relaxed experience.

Is Cake Mix Strain Good for Anxiety?

It really depends. Some users report that the strain works just fine to eliminate feelings of apprehension, worry, and stress, but there are others who report a more jittery experience that could exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety.

The best way to gauge how your system might respond would be to take smaller doses and see how your body reacts. If you don’t want to take any risks, you might want to consider other strains that have a more consistent anxiolytic effect.

Cake Mix Strain Cartridge

Pothead purists will always opt for marijuana flower because they believe it delivers a more authentic experience. However, if the lengthy process of joint preparation is starting to get old, you might want to consider buying a Cake Mix vape cart instead.

Sure, they’re typically more expensive, but these carts offer enhanced flavors and faster doses in a convenient, smoke-free package. Some of these carts cost just $20, but get ready to spend upwards of $90 if you’re buying a premium-quality cart.

Similar Strains to Cake Mix Strain

While every breeder tries to make their strains unique, there are just way too many overlaps in cannabis genetics. This means that there are a plethora of varieties out there that share the qualities of the Cake Mix strain.

So if for whatever reason, Cake Mix isn’t accessible to you, here are some alternative varieties you can consider:

  • Turpee Slurpee
  • Lemon Pineapple
  • Old Family Purple
  • White Linen
  • Mousse Cake

Cake Mix Strain Seeds

The Seed Junky Genetics website has a link that supposedly redirects visitors to a directory that shows you all the seed banks near you that sell their line of seeds. However, since the link doesn’t always work, you can check non-partner seed banks to find vendors that offer Cake Mix.

Regular seeds retail for $12 a piece, but feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds typically cost 20% to 30% more. Given that these special seeds have an increased chance of germinating, the added price might be well worth it.

Cake Mix Strain Flowering Time

Growing Cake Mix strain entails an 8-week waiting period. Plants develop into stubby little bushes roughly 3 to 4 feet in height. The dense leaf configuration entails quite a bit of topping to make sure sunlight penetrates evenly through.

The Cake Mix strain is a high-yielder, producing over 8 ounces of dry flower for every plant that reaches maturity.

Where to Buy Cake Mix Strain Flower

Your local marijuana dispensary or smoke shop might have the Cake Mix strain in stock. In case they don’t, however, the online cannabis market has you covered.

There are literally over a hundred different online vendors you can choose from, most of which offer money-back guarantees and even free samplers that let you try their stuff before you commit to a bigger purchase.

Be wary of unscrupulous vendors that make it their objective to mooch off of unsuspecting buyers, though. Reviews left behind by past customers should help you weed out scammers from viable, reputable sources.

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