Bruce Banner Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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Also called Banner or OG Banner, the Bruce Banner cannabis strain boasts an intense cannabinoid profile that delivers heavy-handed, long-lasting effects. Named after the Hulk’s alter ego, this potent cultivar reaches deep into the mind and body, granting users profound, carefree comfort.

With an incredible, dynamic chemistry that’s not for the faint of heart, the Bruce Banner strain offers benefits that can easily overwhelm the uninitiated. So before you take a toke of this superhuman cultivar, make sure to check out this complete guide to find out what you’re up against.

What is Bruce Banner Strain?

The Bruce Banner strain is one of the older marijuana varieties on the market, produced from the cross-breeding of parent strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Together, these two strains created what’s known today as one of the most intense hybrids on the scene.

Because of its interesting properties, the Bruce Banner strain has been used countless times in the development of various other cannabis cultivars. Presently, the strain is the proud parent of three phenotypes namely Bruce Banner #1, Bruce Banner #3, and Bruce Banner #5.

Who Created Bruce Banner Strain?

The Bruce Banner strain was developed by Jason Holck – founder and owner of Dark Horse Genetics. According to an interview with Cannabis Now, Holck states he coined the strain’s name as a joke derived from his last name.

Holck started growing cannabis in the privacy of his dorm when he was in college in Denver. Because of his ‘boyish good looks’, the breeder was one of many young men included in a card-collecting game called Boy Crazy! released in 2000.

The card game was quickly phased out in the same year, and very few copies of Jason Holck’s card remain in existence today. So as a reward for his dedicated fans and followers, Holck stated that he’s giving away a lifetime supply of cannabis seeds to anyone who can find his Boy Crazy! card.

As of writing, a few copies of the card have surfaced on internet-based auction websites, selling for over $500 each.

When Was Bruce Banner Strain Created?

The Bruce Banner strain has been around since 2008 and was originally sold through the now-defunct Delta 9 Alternative Medicine dispensary in Denver. While it hasn’t won first place in any competitions yet, it was ranked number nine on the High Times list of the 25 best strains of all time in 2014.

In 2016,  the Bruce Banner strain was met with some difficulty as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) banned the strain solely for its name. According to the authoritative body, the cultivar’s name – along with 17 others – might ‘appeal to children.’

So as part of the ban, the OLCC works to control the use of these names on product packages, but it doesn’t necessarily ban the strains themselves. As of writing, the ban applies only within the jurisdiction of Oregon and controls the sale of marijuana strains with banned names in liquor stores, vape shops, and the like.

Bruce Banner Strain Review

With its powerful genetics and intense, full-body benefits, the Bruce Banner strain has captured the interest and patronage of consumers across the world and the web. Reviews for the strain laud the variety for its heavy-handed chemistry that even veteran potheads find overwhelming.

A favorite among experienced users, the Bruce Banner strain is often said to be a ‘one-and-done’ kind of cultivar, requiring just a single drag to experience the fullness of the variety’s chemistry.

If there’s anything that might get in the way of the experience, it’s probably the Bruce Banner weed strain’s taste. According to users, the smoking experience can deter low-tolerance users with its thick, itchy smoke that easily irritates the throat.

Bruce Banner Strain THC Level

How strong is Bruce Banner strain? Potent enough to overpower experienced cannabis users, the Bruce Banner strain is the kind that’s taken with caution. The strain’s THC percentage ranges from 21% to 30%, pushing the limits of normal cannabis plant chemistry.

Although not particularly known for its cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) content, the Bruce Banner cultivar touts a fairly high cannabigerol (CBG) concentration that helps to intensify its effects and improve its benefits for medical purposes.

Bruce Banner Strain Taste

When Holck developed Bruce Banner, taste wasn’t one of his top priorities. So the Bruce Banner strain flavor isn’t what draws customers to the iconic cultivar.

That said, what does Bruce Banner strain taste like? Most users describe the initial, foreground taste as deeply bitter with strong notes of gasoline, earth, and sandalwood.

This intense flavor is mainly thanks to the Bruce Banner strain terpenes, which include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. However, as the smoke drags through the throat and coats the mouth’s interior, the strain does leave very mild hints of sweet berry.

In terms of aroma, the Bruce Banner strain smell doesn’t stray too far off from its flavor profile. Crack open a jar, and you’ll find your senses instantly assaulted by the strain’s pungent, earthy odor.

Bruce Banner Strain Effects

The Bruce Banner strain’s effects come suddenly and all at once. That’s why first-timers are cautioned when smoking Bruce Banner strain because of the temptation to take more as there’s no palpable, gradual intensification.

So, what are the effects of Bruce Banner strain? After about 30 minutes from the first drag, users should feel a sudden rush of muscular calm washing over their bodies.

This overwhelming tidal wave of relaxation will often warrant a few minutes of unoccupied blank wall staring as the strain’s chemistry also empties the mind. Over the next few minutes, the body buzz rises into the headspace and turns into a giggly episode of carefree euphoria.

The Bruce Banner strain high churns the creative juices and inspires curious thought processes. Because of its intense, long-lasting effects that tend to cloud judgment, the Bruce Banner strain isn’t recommended for times when you might need sharp concentration and quick decision-making skills.

Bruce Banner Strain Price

The Bruce Banner strain sells for an average of $8 per gram, but prices fluctuate erratically across the market. Since there are no regulations in place that attempt to control cannabis prices, vendors are free to decide the cost of their marijuana as they see fit.

Artisan, small-batch vendors can sell their Bruce Banner cannabis flower for as much as $20 per gram, or more. So make sure you shop around before sealing the deal on a stash.

Generally, it can help buyers to spend less per gram by buying in bulk. Although you’ll end up paying more upfront, bulk cannabis flower can dial down the cost per gram to below market value.

Is Bruce Banner Strain Indica or Sativa?

According to lab findings, the Bruce Banner strain is a hybrid cultivar with 60% sativa dominance. This genetic bias is seen in the strain’s energetic, upbeat, and awakening effects.

Some indica qualities shine through, however, especially in terms of morphology. Although Bruce Banner plants are quite tall, they showcase wide, short leaves and tightly clustered nugs that are characteristic of the indica phenotype.

Is Bruce Banner Strain Good for Sleep?

If you’re taking cannabis to fall asleep, then the Bruce Banner strain isn’t the right choice. The cultivar awakens the mind and keeps users feeling giddy, giggly, and upbeat for the duration of its effects.

However, if you’re out of options and you’re trying to combat insomnia, you might be able to achieve drowsiness with Bruce Banner if you take a dose that exceeds your usual threshold. As with most other cannabis varieties, the Bruce Banner strain can alter consciousness if taken in high amounts.

Is Bruce Banner Strain Good for Anxiety?

At the height of its effects, the Bruce Banner strain empties the mind and uplifts the mood. The euphoric high can easily combat the negative effects of stress and anxiety, making the Bruce Banner cultivar a suitable choice for individuals experiencing cognitive uneasiness.

It’s also worth mentioning that when Holck first created the Bruce Banner strain, he intended that it would become a medical marijuana mainstay to combat conditions like depression, mood disorders, and anxiety.

Bruce Banner Strain Cartridge

It’s no doubt that the Bruce Banner cultivar’s flavor is an acquired taste. For many, the strain’s flavor profile is so offensive that they never really get used to its bitter properties.

That’s why Bruce Banner vape cartridges have become such a hit. Offering a similar intensity of effects, these cartridges turn the plant’s chemistry into a smooth vapor that’s easier to breathe in versus smoke from burning flower.

Bruce Banner cartridges sell for between $20 to $70 or more, depending on the amount of product, the brand, and the cannabinoid profile. Most vendors sell vape cartridges online so there’s really no limit to the variety you can explore.

Strains Similar to Bruce Banner Strain

If the Bruce Banner strain pushes all the right buttons for you, then there are a few other varieties you can try. These strains provide a similar experience with minor tweaks in both taste and effects:

  • Bruce Banner #3
  • Ed Rosenthal Super Bud
  • Sour Chem
  • Baklava
  • Hulkamania

Bruce Banner Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Bruce Banner strain seeds? If you’ve yet to find an original copy of Jason Holck’s Boy Crazy! card, there are other ways you can get your hands on Bruce Banner seeds.

Right now, the Dark Horse Genetics seed bank only carries Bruce Banner #3, which is a phenotype of the original. Fortunately, other seed banks online sell Bruce Banner seeds through their virtual storefront.

Each feminized seed will set you back around $9 to $16, depending on the vendor. The most viable seeds should appear black and brown, with a distinct geometric pattern that resembles the fur of a giraffe.

Bruce Banner Strain Flowering Time

The quick-growing Bruce Banner cultivar can produce a mature harvest just after 7 weeks of cultivation. If you use autoflowering seeds, you could cut flowering time to just 6 weeks after germination.

The tall plants can tower over 10 feet and are thus best grown outdoors to reach their maximum potential. Growing Bruce Banner strain plants will produce a hefty harvest averaging 430 grams of product for every square meter of plant growth.

Where to Buy Bruce Banner Strain Flower

Bruce Banner cannabis flower isn’t quite as easy to find as its #3 phenotype. Today, Bruce Banner #3 stands as the most popular installment of the entire Bruce Banner cannabis franchise, outperforming its parent strain in terms of market reach.

Nevertheless, some vendors still offer the original strain. Make sure to check lab reports and read reviews before you make a purchase to get the best cannabis for your money’s worth.

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