Blue Cookies Strain Info: Effects, Cost, Taste, and More

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Not to be confused with a hand-picked Girl Scout Cookies phenotype of the same name, the Blue Cookies strain is the lovechild of two award-winning varieties. Combining a blissful blend of effects that relax the body and stimulate the mind, this cultivar is celebrated for its holistic effects that also awaken sensual energies.

With all of its benefits packed into a sweet-flavored smoke, the Blue Cookies strain has earned the seal of approval from countless critical connoisseurs. Learn more about this coveted cultivar with our complete review.

What is Blue Cookies Strain?

Known for its alluring taste and pleasurable effects, the Blue Cookies strain inherits its properties from two award-winning parent strains that have both etched their names into the marijuana hall of fame.

The first is the archetypal pastry strain, Girl Scout Cookies (simplified to GSC.) Breaking into the cannabis scene in 2009, this cultivar stands as the genetic cornerstone for an entire marijuana lineage.

Blueberry takes the place of the second parent in the mix, contributing its enticing, fruity flavor. Aside from a distinct saccharine taste, Blueberry also shares its laidback benefits with its Blue Cookies offspring.

Who Created Blue Cookies Strain?

Just like the rest of us, Derek LaRose – the progenitor of the Blue Cookies strain – started growing his first cannabis plants inside his bedroom. After months of reading about cannabis cultivation and practicing his newfound knowledge within the four walls of his room, he started exploring wider territories, like his best friend’s small garden plot.

Soon enough, LaRose (known in the cannabis industry as Kronic) began breeding his own cannabis varieties and has since become known as the industry’s leading autoflowering expert. The man is well-loved by home growers for his actionable tips and tutorials that he regularly posts on websites like YouTube.

When Was Blue Cookies Strain Created?

Unfortunately, Blue Cookies’ past is clouded by poor documentation and a lack of reliable published literature. So we can’t put an exact date on the year the strain was first introduced to the market.

The best way to come up with a rough estimate, however, would be to check the strain’s existing reviews. Buyers have mentioned Blue Cookies in reviews that date back to 2015, which may mean that the strain was developed sometime in 2013 or 2014.

Blue Cookies Strain Review

From its place on the top shelf of your favorite marijuana dispensary, the Blue Cookies weed strain beckons users with its enticing, multi-colored nugs. Brandishing a beautiful green colorway with hints of purple and blue, the only thing that dulls this strain’s saturated hues is its thick trichome overlay.

Covered in a sticky, aromatic resin, the Blue Cookies strain leaves hints of its chemistry on your fingers after handling. This abundant production of cannabinoids and terpenes also gives the Blue Cookies strain its distinct power and potency.

With a whopping rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars taken from over 700 reviews on Leafly, the Blue Cookies strain has easily captured the patronage of a dedicated, growing audience. Perfect for nighttime use, the Blue Cookies cultivar is the kind of marijuana you should indulge in only if you’re sure you’re done for the day.

Blue Cookies Strain THC Level

How strong is Blue Cookies strain? Not intended for beginners and users with a low THC threshold, the Blue Cookies strain boasts a THC percentage of 28%. This can fluctuate, however, depending on how the strain was cultivated.

If you’re trying to assess whether a strain is too strong for you, it’s important to remember that THC isn’t the only compound that contributes to potency. Cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN) add to the equation and significantly boost a strain’s strength, even if they’re present just in trace amounts.

Blue Cookies Strain Taste

What does Blue Cookies strain taste like? Remember that both of Blue Cookies’ parents are widely popular for their flavor, and the Blue Cookies strain isn’t any different.

Caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene make up the majority of the Blue Cookies strain terpenes, and they mix together well to produce a distinct sweet, pastry flavor. Aside from the taste of fresh, warm cookies, the strain also lets off hints of berry and tart cherry that are underscored by a subtle diesel taste.

Compared to its aroma, the Blue Cookies strain flavor might be a little more intense. That said, the Blue Cookies strain smell can be slight and modest, offering the same sweet pastry scent and hints of earthy bitterness that’s only detectable by well-trained potheads’ snouts.

Blue Cookies Strain Effects

What are the effects of Blue Cookies strain? This strain takes the stimulating qualities of its GSC parent and the soothing effects of the Blueberry strain to produce the perfect balance.

Smoking Blue Cookies strain hits hard with a tingling body buzz that rages through the limbs as it numbs the senses and heavies the extremities. Slowly and gently, the strain encourages users to melt into a seat and stay there for the entire length of its effects.

Later on during the Blue Cookies strain high, users report feeling cerebral effects that inspire euphoria and sensual arousal. If you’ve got a willing partner nearby, expect to get busy, but if there isn’t anyone to serve as an outlet, you should be just fine giggling to yourself as the high experience runs its course.

Blue Cookies Strain Price

The Blue Cookies strain is a fairly accessible variety that falls into the average price range for marijuana at about $12 per gram. Buying in bulk packages of about 250g, 500g, or 1kg can significantly decrease the cost per gram, but that also entails paying more upfront.

Is Blue Cookies Strain Indica or Sativa?

Although the Blue Cookies strain delivers balanced hybrid effects, it actually touts a whopping 90% indica bias. This might explain its noteworthy performance as an end-of-day cultivar that’s effective against stress and physical pain.

Is Blue Cookies Strain Good for Sleep?

Among medical marijuana users, the Blue Cookies strain is seen as a reputable choice for combating insomnia. Although it might awaken the mind for a moment, allowing the strain’s chemistry to proceed to the end will ultimately result in a hazy headspace that lays the foundation for uninterrupted sleep.

Is Blue Cookies Strain Good for Anxiety?

The initial, jittery jolt can stimulate anxious feelings in some users, especially if they have a lower tolerance for the physical high that strains like Blue Cookies can cause. However, as the high progresses, it will inevitably calm the mind and body, allowing users to relax and release apprehension and feelings of anxiety.

Blue Cookies Strain Cartridge

Although the Blue Cookies strain already touts incredible flavor, vape cartridge manufacturers have somehow found a way to further enhance its taste. Aside from flavor intensity, vaping also significantly simplifies the intake process.

If you’re looking to buy Blue Cookies vape carts, be ready to spend between $20 and $100 per cart. Depending on the amount of product in the cart, a single cartridge can serve between 200 and 400 hits.

Similar Strain to Blue Cookies Strain

Sure, the Blue Cookies strain is a unique cultivar, but there are a few others that possess pretty similar effects and flavors. Wondering what other cultivars you can try to experience a similar high? Here are some varieties that come close to Blue Cookies’ profile:

  • Black Roses
  • Sherbet Cake
  • Obama Kush
  • London Mints
  • Blue Sherbert

Blue Cookies Strain Seeds

You would do well to check The Cannabis Kronicles website if you’re looking to buy Blue Cookies strain seeds. The strain’s originator sells seeds directly to end-users, but availability fluctuates a lot, so it pays to visit their website regularly.

Then again, if you don’t have the patience to wait for their next Blue Cookies restock, you can always check other trusted seed banks. Regular marijuana seeds cost an average of $13 each while autoflowering and feminized seeds cost slightly more at $15-$16 each.

Blue Cookies Strain Flowering Time

It takes just about 7 to 9 weeks for the Blue Cookies strain to reach maturity from germination. It could take slightly less time if you use autoflowering seeds that grow regardless of light cycles.

Growing Blue Cookies is fairly easy, thanks to the breeding genius of LaRose. These tall-ish plants reach a height of about 6 feet indoors, allowing maximum growth while retaining your control of the variables.

Where to Buy Blue Cookies Strain Flower

If you like being able to inspect your marijuana flower before you make a purchase, you would do well to visit your local vape shop or dispensary before anything else. However, if you’re big on variety and you like exploring the limits of your horizons, the internet provides a plethora of cannabis vendors that you can try.

Whatever the case, make sure you check lab reports and reviews before you settle on a purchase. If you’re trying an online vendor for the first time, you might want to look into their satisfaction guarantee or return policy to protect your payment.

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