Black Truffle Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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You don’t need to dig in the dirt to find yourself some good Black Truffle. This sneaky cannabis cultivar creeps up on consumers with intense effects that embrace both body and mind in blissful, carefree comfort.

Named for its interesting flavor profile, the Black Truffle strain is a highly coveted, exotic marijuana variety that contains a powerful blend of cannabinoids strong enough to knock out even the most experienced potheads. Want to learn more about this intense cultivar? Here’s a complete guide about the Black Truffle strain.

What is Black Truffle Strain?

Shrouded in mystery, the Black Truffle strain’s roots aren’t clearly outlined in available cannabis literature. Today, the cultivar’s parent strains remain the focus of heated debate, however, the majority of cannabis experts seem to agree that Gelato 33 had something to do with the strain’s conception.

Given the Black Truffle strain’s name, some cannabis connoisseurs assert that the strain might have its roots in the Truffle family. However, there aren’t any publications that can confirm the assumption.

Who Created Black Truffle Strain?

The development of the Black Truffle cultivar is attributed to Big Chief. The California-based breeder has had its fair share of cultivation experience, but it doesn’t have a lot of original strains under its belt.

Since joining the marijuana market in 2013, Big Chief has moved on to selling cannabis–derived products instead. They mainly cater to the vaping market by selling a wide range of disposable vape pens and cartridges that use their very own batches of marijuana.

When Was Black Truffle Strain Created?

There isn’t a lot of literature that documents the development of the Black Truffle strain. So the best way to pinpoint the time when it first entered the market would be to check the dates of its oldest reviews.

The first time the Black Truffle strain was mentioned online dates back to 2020. Considering that Big Chief would have taken some time breeding, cultivating, marketing, and distributing the cultivar, the original prototype for Black Truffle could have been around as early as 2018.

Black Truffle Strain Review

Earthy and pungent, the Black Truffle strain makes its potency known from the moment you crack open the jar. The cultivar’s intense smell saturates the air, offending the oflactories of unassuming curious cats.

All over its surfaces, Black Truffle strain nugs showcase a brilliant, glittering coat of fuzzy trichomes that drip and ooze with a resinous film. The nugs themselves appear darker than the average marijuana flower, which explains why it’s called ‘Black’ Truffle.

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Leafly, the Black Truffle weed strain is a sneaky variety with effects that can jump out at first-time users. Because of its jittery power, this strain finds its rightful place in the hands of more experienced, veteran cannabis users.

Black Truffle Strain THC Level

How strong is Black Truffle strain? According to lab reports, the average batch of Black Truffle can contain 26% to 28% THC. Certain samples, especially those that come from small batches, have been reported to possess an even higher THC percentage.

With sky-high THC content, the Black Truffle strain is categorized as an advanced marijuana cultivar that’s best reserved for experienced users. Aside from its high THC content, this strain also showcases significant levels of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN.)

Black Truffle Strain Taste

What does Black Truffle strain taste like? Just like its namesake, the Black Truffle strain flavor stimulates the taste buds with hints of bitter earth and nut enveloped in an aromatic blend of foreground flavors including lavender and tea.

The Black Truffle strain smell, on the other hand, is best described as a pungent, musky odor. Crack open a jar of this cultivar, and you’ll be met with a rather offensive, knockout stench that’s likened to burnt organic matter with scattered hints of diesel.

This sensory experience is made possible by Black Truffle strain terpenes which mainly include caryophyllene, limonene, and the rare terpinolene.

Black Truffle Strain Effects

What are the effects of Black Truffle strain? If there’s one thing in common about the way people describe the effects of Black Truffle, it’s that the strain’s impact comes suddenly and all at once. 

For a long period after you take a drag, the cultivar seems to fall short of expectations, leaving both mind and body relatively unchanged.

This prompts some users to take a second dose, but experts warn against the false tranquility, often dubbing it ‘the calm before the storm.’ Once the chemistry does penetrate the system, the strain abruptly changes the mood.

The talkative, energetic, outgoing Black Truffle strain high can have you feeling extra inspired to head out and meet new friends. This cerebral, euphoric boost comes accompanied by a strong body buzz that eliminates any sense of pain or discomfort.

While it can be a fun party strain, lots of users also state that smoking Black Truffle strain can lead to a strong sensual arousal. If you’re looking to hook up or if you’ve got a partner who’s game, then the strain can be the perfect way to bolster your confidence and put you in the mood.

Black Truffle Strain Price

Some people dub the strain an exotic variety, lumping it together with other rare, hard-to-find cultivars, and to some extent, it is. Not a lot of vendors carry the Black Truffle strain, so it’s likely that the variety comes at a slightly more expensive price than the average marijuana cultivar.

Selling prices for Black Truffle range from $8 to $14 a gram depending on the brand and the quality of the weed. In most cases, though, you should be able to take those gram prices down by purchasing your marijuana in bulk. 

Is Black Truffle Strain Indica or Sativa?

You would think that the strain’s prominently energizing effects make it a sativa strain, but it’s actually an indica-leaning hybrid. The strain touts a 60% indica dominance, which you might be able to feel through its body-high and pain-busting effects.

On the other hand, the cultivar has some pretty strong sativa properties as well, especially when it comes to the cultivar’s powerfully arousing impact and cerebral, chatty mood.

Is Black Truffle Strain Good for Sleep?

While there are people who use the Black Truffle strain for medicinal use, the strain doesn’t really help with sleep. Its effects are helpful in combating the symptoms of depression and fatigue but because it wakes people up with its arousing benefits, it doesn’t really make for a good sleep aid.

Is Black Truffle Strain Good for Anxiety?

There have been numerous reports of high doses of Black Truffle causing anxiety, stress, and paranoia. Experts attribute this increased rate of negative cognitive side effects to the fact that some people end up taking more than they can handle because of the strain’s delayed effects.

Nevertheless, even at low doses, the strain may cause racing thoughts and a jittery feeling that could exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety. Individuals who struggle with anxiety-related disorders are cautioned against using this marijuana variety.

Black Truffle Strain Cartridge

Marijuana vape products have become increasingly popular over the past decade because they make intake easy and hassle-free. Plus, because they eliminate smoke, these vape products have earned the patronage of users who don’t like the feeling of itchy, irritating plumes passing down into their lungs.

Black Truffle strain vape carts can be purchased anywhere including through the original Black Truffle creator, Big Chief. Cartridges can cost anywhere from $20 to $90 each, depending on the chemistry, brand, and the amount of product in the cartridge.

Similar Strains to Black Truffle Strain

If the Black Truffle strain’s effects tickle your fancy, then there are a few other varieties you might want to give the light of day. These strains bear similar properties to the Black Truffle cultivar and promise to provide a similar experience that you’re guaranteed to enjoy just as much.

  • Green Crack CBD
  • A-Train
  • Electric Kool Aid
  • The Gift
  • Gas Station Bob F2

Black Truffle Strain Seeds

Looking to buy Black Truffle strain seeds? Although it’s a pretty rare cultivar, its seeds are fairly accessible. Most seed banks today offer Black Truffle seeds in packs of at least three.

On average, Black Truffle seeds cost $11 each. Regular seeds are sold at lower prices versus feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. 

Black Truffle Strain Flowering Time

Growing Black Truffle strain plants requires quite a bit of expertise. Best grown indoors, the strain will produce a mature harvest at around 70 days after germination.

Serving up a high yield, this generous plant thrives best with nitrogen-rich soil that’s well-draining. If you’re using regular seeds, paying close attention to light cycles can significantly increase your chances of growing high-quality marijuana flower with pronounced trichome expression.

Where to Buy Black Truffle Strain Flower

Considered a rarity of sorts, Black Truffle strain flower isn’t too easy to come by but you could still manage to find some in stock through a trusted online vendor. Physical marijuana dispensaries and vape shops, however, almost never have it in-stock.

To make sure you’re buying the best marijuana flower, check lab reports and reviews for both the product and the vendor. And don’t forget that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

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