Black Runtz Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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As the dark sibling of the award-winning Runtz cultivar, the Black Runtz strain boasts an elevated cannabinoid chemistry that makes it a little stronger than its light-colored brother. The heavyweight marijuana variety features dark, tightly clustered nugs that speak volumes about its hard-hitting effects.

Although not quite as popular as its critically acclaimed older sibling, the Black Runtz strain is making waves across the cannabis landscape because of its sensually stimulating benefits. Learn more about this intense, enigmatic cultivar with this comprehensive guide and review.

What is Black Runtz Strain?

When people call the Black Runtz strain the Runtz cultivar’s sibling, they mean it quite literally – because the strains come from the same parents. Black Runtz is the result of the same Zkittlez and Gelato combination but was specifically bred to showcase a different phenotype.

Compared to its Leafly award-winning Runtz sibling, the Black Runtz strain possesses a slightly more pronounced cannabinoid expression and darker leaves. Most of those who have had the chance to compare the strains side by side also say that Black Runtz has a denser trichome coat.

Who Created Black Runtz Strain?

Perhaps one of the reasons for the discrepancy between the popularity of the two phenotypes is the company behind each one. While the Runtz strain was developed by the world-famous Cookies Fam Co., Black Runtz comes from the lesser-known Big Boss Farms.

With zero web presence, there’s a lot that Big Boss Farms keeps hidden from their consumer base. According to some sources, Big Boss Farm operates out of Burnaby, British Columbia, but there’s hardly any information about the cultivator aside from that.

When Was Black Runtz Strain Created?

The Black Runtz strain is a fairly unpopular marijuana cultivar with very little, reliable information published online. As for its roots, the earliest mention of the strain on the internet was dated May of 2021.

Since it takes a few years for cultivars to become stable, replicable phenotypes, and even more time before they’re circulated enough to receive recognition and feedback online, we can assume that the Black Runtz strain was developed sometime in 2019 or 2020.

Black Runtz Strain Review

The Black Runtz strain gets its name from its dark colors that starkly contrast against its more popular, older sibling. The deep rich purples and greens provide the perfect backdrop for the fiery orange tendrils and thick fuzzy trichomes that coat the cannabis nugs’ exteriors.

Based on reviews posted online, the Black Runtz weed strain isn’t for baby lungs. This cannabinoid-dense cultivar packs a heavy-handed punch and scrapes through the throat with its itchy, thick smoke.

Known to irritate even the most experienced cannabis users, the Black Runtz strain will almost certainly cause a coughing fit. Fortunately, the strain makes up for it with its dynamic flavor profile and full-bodied effects.

Keep in mind, however, that because the Black Runtz strain isn’t too well-circulated, it’s not easy to find in stores. So while it might provide suitable benefits as a standard, everyday go-to, the sheer difficulty of finding the strain in stock might stop you from having a nug at the ready.

Black Runtz Strain THC Level

If there’s anything that the Black Runtz strain wins at versus its Runtz counterpart, it’s THC percentage. So how strong is Black Runtz stain?

Based on lab reports, the Black Runtz cultivar can demonstrate THC levels up to 30%, which makes it a smidge more potent than its Runtz sibling. It also contains quite a strong concentration of other cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG) which explains its widespread medical use.

Considering its potent cannabinoid profile, the Black Runtz strain is mostly reserved for veteran users. Novices and beginners are advised to manage their dose or build experience before entering Black Runtz territory.

Black Runtz Strain Taste

What does Black Runtz strain taste like and is it in any way similar to its sibling? Remember that the Runtz cultivar gets its name from its flavor profile that closely resembles the taste of a popular confection that goes by the same name.

The Black Runtz strain flavor is said to taste almost exactly like its sibling since Runtz and Black Runtz strain terpenes are identical. Both strains contain high levels of limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene which give them a distinct fruity flavor.

The difference however is that aside from tasting like a sweet, sugary, fruit-flavored treat, Black Runtz makes the addition of an earthy sandalwood and pine. The Black Runtz strain smell also tends to be a little more pungent, with notes of diesel front and center.

Black Runtz Strain Effects

While the Runtz strain works as a suitable daytime strain that gives positive, upbeat energy, the Black Runtz strain is better known as a medical marijuana variety. So, what are the effects of Black Runtz strain?

Black Runtz cannabis flower works powerfully to relieve physical discomfort and pain. The strain also helps to soothe stress and cognitive disturbance, allowing users to assume a more relaxed, unclenched, slightly euphoric persona and mood.

In about 50% of reviews, users point out that the Black Runtz variety might also arouse sensual energy. The calm, smooth, and easy effects can stimulate certain sensitivities and inspire users to engage in sexual activity, making the strain a possible aphrodisiac for those looking for an erotic boost.

Black Runtz Strain Price

There isn’t a fixed price for Black Runtz or cannabis in general, so you might find yourself having to bob and weave through widely different prices. On one hand, some vendors can go as low as $6 per gram of Black Runtz, but then others can pump up prices as high as $18 for the same amount of product.

If you’re trying to spend less, bulk options bring down prices per gram. Although that also means having to spend more upfront, extra big bulk bundles can reduce prices per gram by up to 30% or more.

Is Black Runtz Strain Indica or Sativa?

Unlike the Runtz strain which touts a perfectly balanced hybrid profile, the Black Runtz strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that demonstrates a bias of up to 70%. It showcases this significant leaning by way of its morphology.

The cultivar’s dried flowers cluster together in tight nugs, while its mature plants max out at a height of just around 3 to 5 feet, making it a fairly stubby growth that’s characteristic of the indica phenotype.

Is Black Runtz Strain Good for Sleep?

Definitely, the Black Runtz variety can provide soothing comfort to lull users off to a blissful and carefree sleep. In some cases, though, it is possible for users to feel slightly energized especially when the strain’s sensual effects kick in.

If you’re trying to use Black Runtz to support sleep, it’s advised that you let the effects take their course as you sit back and allow the relaxing calm to wash over your system.

Is Black Runtz Strain Good for Anxiety?

Often enjoyed by medical marijuana users for its soothing, relaxing, and stress-relieving benefits, the Black Runtz cultivar also provides effective relief against anxiety. Many of those who leave reviews for the strain claim to use it to quell the symptoms of other mental health conditions as well, including depression and paranoia.

Black Runtz Strain Cartridge

It’s easy to understand why so many people try to find alternative ways to enjoy Black Runtz’s benefits when you remember just how itchy and irritating its smoke can be. That’s also why vape cartridges have become the go-to for many smokers who can’t keep up with Black Runtz’s scratchy plumes.

Vape cartridges deliver the same experience sans the smoke. Although they cost significantly more, with each individual cart priced at up to $80 a piece.

Strains Similar to Black Runtz Strain

Not a lot of farmers cultivate Black Runtz, so it’s not that easy to find the specific variety in stores. Fortunately, there are alternative strains you can try that come close to the Black Runtz experience, and these include the following weed strains:

  • Cookie Puss
  • Huckleberry Diesel
  • Face on Fire
  • LA Kush Cake
  • Runtz

Black Runtz Strain Seeds

Any grower looking to buy Black Runtz strain seeds might encounter a bit of a challenge trying to find a viable source. That’s because Big Boss Farms – the original breeder – doesn’t sell their products directly to consumers.

To get your hands on Black Runtz seeds, you may have to check other seed banks whether online or in person. Just remember to read reviews to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable source.

Expect prices to run from $9 to $16 per seed. Keep in mind that feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds will naturally cost more than regular cannabis seeds.

Black Runtz Strain Flowering Time

Just like its Runtz sibling, the Black Runtz strain takes about 50 days or 7 weeks to produce mature flower. Growing Black Runtz strain is a fairly easy and simple process, allowing cultivators to enjoy a harvest even with little to no gardening experience.

However, one of the reasons why not a lot of people cultivate Black Runtz in the first place – despite its easy growth – is because each cannabis plant produces an underwhelming yield. So from a business standpoint, the amount of product collected from the plant might not be sufficient to make a profit.

Where to Buy Black Runtz Strain Flower

There are just a handful of vendors online that sell real, authentic Black Runtz strain flower. So make sure to do your research before you shell out any cash.

Read reviews, check lab reports, and transact only with reputable vendors to get the best value for your money. Whenever possible, buy cannabis flower at a trusted local dispensary so you can inspect the sample up close before you make a decision.

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