Black Ice Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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With an appearance as foreboding as its name, the Black Ice strain imposes deeply intense effects that take full control of the body and mind. Preferred by medical marijuana users for its aggressive effects that soothe every kind of discomfort, the Black Ice cannabis cultivar comes in handy for those long, restless nights of tossing and turning.

Its elevated THC concentration places the Black Ice variety in the ranks of hardcore cultivars that tickle the fancy of picky veterans. Learn everything you need to know about this rare yet well-loved cannabis variety with this comprehensive review.

What is Black Ice Strain?

Black Ice is a rare cannabis cultivar that’s often considered an exotic variety because of its elusive nature. Interestingly, despite being a relatively unknown variety to most, the Black Ice strain was born from the marriage of two cannabis cultivars that have both secured their place among the legends.

White Widow is a well-known heavy-hitter that dates back to the 1990s. Its energetic, talkative high occurs alongside a pain-busting buzz that travels up and down the spine to relieve every kind of physical discomfort.

Black Domina completes the Black Ice genetic equation. This variety descends directly from landrace parent strains. Its smoke is imbued with the potent flavors of pepper and diesel, while its effects work to relax users and induce a groggy disposition that ends in sleep.

Who Created the Black Ice Strain?

Moon Seeds takes full responsibility for the development and breeding of the Black Ice strain. Unfortunately, the breeder doesn’t have an online presence, doing away with a website or any social media pages to advertise their products and varieties.

According to the Seed Finder website, however, Moon Seeds has originated 12 strains in total, including Explosion, Critical Magic, and Black Jack.

When Was Black Ice Strain Created?

You would think that a strain with such a limited presence on the market is a fairly new variety, but the opposite is true for Black Ice. While the developer hasn’t released an official date to mark the release of the Black Ice variety, online reviews for the strain date back to 2011.

Black Ice Strain Review

Most strains boast beautiful, saturated colors that capture the attention of customers as they scan their options on a dispensary’s shelves. With the Black Ice weed strain, however, buyers who base their decision on looks might totally gloss over the soothing variety.

Black Ice strain’s jar appeal is anything but alluring, touting muted colors that even appear a grayish black color at times which explains the Black Ice strain’s name. The ‘Ice’ moniker comes from the strain’s cold appearance, made possible by a rich trichome coat that gives the nugs a frosted look.

There are only 88 reviews for the Black Ice strain on the Leafly website, giving the cultivar a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. A common theme across the feedback left behind for the variety is that it’s a potent cultivar that might surprise unsuspecting beginners with its unrelenting effects.

Black Ice Strain THC

How strong is Black Ice strain? Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN) make up a fraction of the strain’s chemistry, lending the soothing effects that it’s best known for.

These cannabinoids work together with Black Ice’s THC percentage which tests have found to average 24%. Some batches have been known to raise the bar up to 27%, but there are some samples with THC concentrations that dip as low as 17%.

Black Ice Strain Taste

What does Black Ice Strain taste like? The variety combines various Black Ice strain terpenes that include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene which result in a spicy, peppery, pine taste.

The Black Ice strain flavor latches onto the tongue and lingers on the exhale, leaving an earthy nuttiness in its wake. Similar to the taste, the Black Ice strain smell also engulfs the senses in a peppery experience, clearing the sinuses as the aroma saturates the nostrils.

Black Ice Strain Effects

What are the effects of Black Ice strain? Users report a powerful, forceful high that charges forward within minutes of the drag. The aggressive chemistry seems to take hold of the limbs, pinning users against the nearest surface on which to lie and rest.

A palpable body buzz then slowly washes through the system, unclenching every muscle and releasing physical tension as it works its way from the core and outwards towards the limbs. As this happens, the tongue and mouth are left completely dry with an intense case of cotton mouth.

Minutes later, users find themselves swaying and stuporous as the Black Ice strain high completely takes over. Smoking Black Ice strain will always certainly result in a knocked-out, dreamless sleep that can take you through to the next day.

Black Ice Strain Price

Prices for marijuana vary from vendor to vendor and depend on factors like weight, freshness, cannabinoid content, and of course, branding. Most vendors that sell Black Ice marijuana flower, though, average $12 per gram.

These days, most vendors offer bulk packages that let you cop 250g, 500g, and even 1000g of raw flower for a lower price per gram. These wholesale packages let you purchase your Black Ice stash for as much as 50% off the retail price.

Is Black Ice Strain Indica or Sativa?

Although its effects might make it seem like a full-blooded indica, the Black Ice strain is actually a hybrid. It’s worth noting though that it does tout a 70% indica dominance which would explain its deeply soothing and subduing benefits.

Is Black Ice Strain Good for Sleep?

If there’s any one thing that the Black Ice strain would be good for, it would be sleep. The strain’s forceful chemistry surges through the system, lifting away any and all discomfort before ultimately cradling users into an unstoppable slumber.

Black Ice is lauded as a medical-use variety, making it popular among individuals who struggle with conditions that cause insomnia or problems with sleep quality.

Is Black Ice Strain Good for Anxiety?

Because it causes users to fall asleep, the Black Ice strain may provide temporary relief versus anxiety. However, if you need a strain that serves a cerebral, clear-headed high that maintains your consciousness, you might have to consider other indica-dominant hybrids or true, blue indicas.

Black Ice Strain Cartridge

When it was first introduced, the concept of vaping marijuana was immediately met with disdain from pothead purists who believed that altering the natural state of cannabis flower produced an inauthentic experience. These days though, vaping is becoming just as popular as marijuana flower because it’s easier to use and far less irritating to the lungs and throat.

Black Ice vape carts are sold for between $20 to $90 which is determined by the brand, amount, and quality of the cartridge’s content.

Similar Strains to Black Ice Strain

With so many different strains on the scene, it’s impossible to breed a variety that’s entirely unique in all of its properties. That said, there are a handful of alternatives on the market that tout effects and flavors that come pretty close to the Black Ice strain, and these include the following:

  • Ingrid
  • OG’s Pearl
  • Black Bubba
  • Biochem
  • Black Domina

Black Ice Strain Seeds

It’s not entirely clear whether Moon Seeds still supplies o seed banks on the market, so you might have to make do with seeds that are bred and sold by other providers on the scene. Just like other varieties, Black Ice strain seeds sell for about $11 each.

If you’re new to cultivating your own marijuana, you might want to consider feminized seeds (which more reliably produce a hefty yield) or autoflowering seeds (which germinate and grow more easily.) Naturally, these seeds cost way more than regular seeds, with some options priced at $20 each.

Black Ice Strain Flowering Time

Regular seeds reach full maturity at about 9 weeks, but if you opt for autoflowering seeds, you might be able to cut down the flowering time to just 7 weeks. As an indica-leaning hybrid, growing Black Ice strain doesn’t require much space since the plants don’t grow too high, averaging just 6 feet at full height.

Where to Buy Black Ice Strain Flower

If your local vape shops and marijuana dispensaries happen to be out of Black Ice, there are a ton of online vendors you can choose from. However, since you forfeit a face-to-face flower inspection when you buy online, it’s important that you take the time to check reviews and lab reports to steer clear of bunk flower.

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