Birthday Cake Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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What better way to cap off a long day of partying than with a serving of Birthday Cake? The perfect nighttime variety, Birthday Cake serves up a mouthful of sweetness that packs a powerful body high.

Leveraged by medical marijuana users for its ability to relieve common discomforts, the Birthday Cake strain also makes a solid pick for recreational potheads who want to wind down at the end of a tiring day. Find out more about this decadent, dessert-flavored favorite with this comprehensive guide.

What is Birthday Cake Strain?

The Birthday Cake (also called Birthday Cake Kush) strain enjoys widespread popularity partly because of its parents’ positive reputation. The lovechild of two cultivars of royal status, Birthday Cake’s commercial success was expected from the offspring of such an iconic duo.

Girl Scout Cookies makes up half of the Birthday Cake strain’s composition. A legendary hybrid, this strain is the genetic backbone of an entire family tree of dessert-flavored OGs.

The other half of the combination comes in the form of Cherry Pie. A classic strain with a distinct pastry taste, Cherry Pie is a delicious hybrid that serves up smiles and euphoria that’s similar to Birthday Cake’s energizing appeal.

Some breeders claim that Birthday Cake actually combines a phenotype of the Wedding Cake cultivar with Cherry Pie. However, the resulting variety is considered an entirely different strain, despite sharing a name with the iconic Birthday Cake cultivar.

Who Created Birthday Cake Strain?

Interestingly, the Birthday Cake strain’s originator isn’t known. There are tons of seed banks and breeders out there that proudly claim ownership of various strains, but Birthday Cake has yet to be branded by any of them.

Considering its parent strains, however, it makes sense to assume that Birthday Cake comes from somewhere in SoCal.

When Was Birthday Cake Strain Created?

Ironically enough, no one knows Birthday Cake’s birthday. There are zero resources online that discuss the strain’s inception and release, but we can take a look into customer reviews to get a perspective as to when buyers first had the chance to try the variety.

Some of the oldest reviews for Birthday Cake date back to 2014. Keep in mind, though, that before any strain makes its way to the general public, it goes through a few months or years of development, breeding, cultivation, processing, and marketing, which means Birthday Cake might have been around as early as 2013.

Birthday Cake Strain Review

Named for its sweet, vanilla, pastry flavor, Birthday Cake delivers delicious, creamy smoke that’s packed with soothing benefits. An identified go-to for medical marijuana users, Birthday Cake serves up benefits that work best for end-of-day use.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Birthday Cake’s properties might still find themselves gravitating towards the strain because of its interesting jar appeal. The glistening nugs tout a gorgeous trichome coat that gently rests on multi-colored leaves that appear sprinkled in hues of purple and green.

On Leafly, over 500 users have left their positive comments about the Birthday Cake strain, earning the variety a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Birthday Cake Strain THC Level

How strong is Birthday Cake strain? The variety boasts an impressive average THC percentage of 24%, but some batches of the cultivar push the envelope with levels up to 27%.

With a slew of other cannabinoids contributing to the strain’s effects, including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG), the Birthday Cake cultivar’s potency easily exceeds the average threshold.

Birthday Cake Strain Taste

What does Birthday Cake strain taste like? Of all the different pastry-flavored strains on the market, the Birthday Cake strain is one of the few that actually accurately replicates its namesake flavor.

Caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene are the most prolific Birthday Cake strain terpenes, and they blend together with other organic compounds in the cultivar to produce the distinct Birthday Cake strain smell and taste.

Release the seal on a pack of Birthday Cake and you’ll be instantly greeted by the sweet aroma of vanilla pastry and thick, sugary icing. The Birthday Cake strain flavor is almost exactly the same with the unique addition of a nutty, earthy, diesel finish.

Birthday Cake Strain Effects

What are the effects of Birthday Cake strain? If you’re planning to take a dose of this iconic cultivar, make sure you’ve got a free day ahead of you.

Known for its sedative effects, smoking Birthday Cake immerses the body in a numbing embrace that subdues even chronic aches and pains. The potent body high puts an end to all discomfort while inducing a powerful couch lock that keeps users glued to their seats for the entire experience.

After that, a cloudy haze overcomes the mind. While some users claim to be able to navigate their cognition without a hitch, others state that the Birthday Cake strain high can drench the mind in a thoughtless static, preventing any and all productive thought processes.

Birthday Cake Strain Price

You can get your hands on the Birthday Cake strain at most vape shops, marijuana dispensaries, and online vendors. The variety sells for an average of $12 per gram, but bulk options offer large amounts of cannabis flower at a lower price per gram.

Is Birthday Cake Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Birthday Cake strain falls into the hybrid category but demonstrates a slight indica lean at 60% versus 40% sativa. This genetic split makes itself manifest in Birthday Cake’s predominantly soothing benefits which capture what it means to be indica dominant.

Is Birthday Cake Strain Good for Sleep?

Throughout the medical marijuana industry, Birthday Cake holds a place as one of the best cultivars for inducing sleep. Its numbing effects on the body combined with its hazy cerebral high leaves users with no choice but to nod off.

Is Birthday Cake Strain Good for Anxiety?

Although it doesn’t directly resolve or relieve anxiety, the strain’s ability to cloud the mind and put thoughts on hold can help manage anxious and apprehensive moods. Keep in mind, though, that it will cause drowsiness and sleep so its anxiety-relieving benefits aren’t productive or functional.

Birthday Cake Strain Cartridge

More and more people are turning to marijuana vape pens because they’re convenient to use and they enhance the flavors of well-loved cannabis strains. A number of manufacturers produce their own unique version of the Birthday Cake vape cart with prices ranging from $20 to upwards of $90.

Strains Similar to Birthday Cake Strain

If you like the Birthday Cake strain but you’re in the mood for a little variety, you can try a number of alternative strains that provide a similar experience with their own unique twist. Some of them include the following:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Animal Cake
  • Motor Cake
  • Apple Fritter
  • Scooby Snacks

Birthday Cake Strain Seeds

Everyone loves Birthday Cake, and with such a high demand for the pastry-flavored cultivar, seed banks make sure to keep the variety in constant stock. Seeds sell for an average price of $11 a piece and come in packs of 3, 5, 10, or 12.

Feminized seeds are specifically bred to produce female plants only which are said to produce higher quality flower and a larger yield. Autoflowering seeds on the other hand produce a mature plant regardless of light cycles, making it an ideal choice for first-time cultivators.

Birthday Cake Strain Flowering Time

The average flowering time for the Birthday Cake strain is 9 weeks, but if you choose autoflowering seeds, you can shave down the waiting period to just 7 weeks. Growing Birthday Cake doesn’t require a lot of expertise, but since the plants are prone to mold, growing them indoors where you have full control of humidity levels can significantly reduce the risk of mold growth.

Where to Buy Birthday Cake Strain Flower

As a highly sought-after variety, the Birthday Cake strain can be found and purchased through almost every vendor and dispensary. You can also check online sources to find more options in case your local stores are out of Birthday Cake stock.

With so many choices available, though, you will want to shop around to find the best value for your money. After reading reviews and comparing prices, see to it that you ask about satisfaction guarantees to get the best marijuana that’s available to you.


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