Animal Cookies Strain Info: Effects, Taste, Cost, and More

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The Animal Cookies cannabis strain is an upbeat marijuana variety that’s big on flavor. Favored by cannabis connoisseurs for its visually stimulating high that’s perfect for when you’re stuck in a creative rut, this strain also hits the right chords with medical marijuana users.

Combining the qualities of two, legendary cannabis cultivars, the Animal Cookies strain was destined for success from the very start. Find out more about this cult favorite with this comprehensive guide.

What is Animal Cookies Strain?

The Animal Cookies strain (also called ‘Animal Crackers’) brings together the genetics of iconic cannabis strains – Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG. This genetic history puts the Animal Cookies strain just three generations away from the esteemed Afghani landrace.

Known for its flavor and effects, the Animal Cookies cultivar rose to popularity because of its distinct, light green nugs and sticky trichome coat that effectively grabbed the attention of cannabis users during marijuana’s grunge era.

Who Created Animal Cookies Strain?

The Animal Cookies strain is one of the few successful cannabis cultivars that comes from Canada. Bred by BC Bud Depot, the strain is considered one of the company’s biggest hits.

Originally based in Vancouver, Canada, BD Bud Depot was established in 1998 as a cannabis cultivator. Today, they sell a wide range of seeds and operate across the Americas with offices in both Canada and Van Nuys, California.

When Was Animal Cookies Strain Created?

It’s not entirely clear when the Animal Cookies strain came into existence. Unfortunately, strains developed in the late 90s and early 2000s weren’t properly documented by cultivators and consumers.

Based on information posted online, however, we can assume that the Animal Cookies strain first dropped in the early 2000s. The strain gets its name from the well-loved childhood snack which is perfectly represented in the cultivar’s flavor profile.

Animal Cookies Strain Review

Many cannabis users keep a jar of Animal Cookies in their stash for its everyday appeal. Users with a daily marijuana habit state that the Animal Cookies strain serves up balanced, controlled effects that are perfect for day-to-day use.

Because of its mild flavor and palatable sweetness, the Animal Cookies strain also appeals to low-tolerance users and novices. Samples with less pronounced cannabinoid profiles also work well for beginners who want to experience the strain’s effects without overwhelming their system.

As a fairly popular strain, Animal Cookies weed strain flower can be purchased almost anywhere. This low-cost appeal and easy accessibility have made it a mainstay in stashes across the globe, especially for users who appreciate consistent, predictable outcomes from their cannabis intake.

Animal Cookies Strain THC Level

The base limit for Animal Cookies THC rests at 16%, but when cultivated by expert hands, the strain’s THC percentage can rise well beyond 26%. So how strong is Animal Cookies strain, and can it work for users of all calibers?

Interestingly, even Animal Cookies batches with steep THC levels don’t overwhelm or over-arouse the system. That’s why the strain transcends user experience levels, allowing everyone from beginners to long-time potheads to enjoy its effects.

Aside from THC, the Animal Cookies strain also contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN.) These organic compounds blend to provide beneficial effects for users intending to leverage the strain for medicinal purposes.

Animal Cookies Strain Taste

What does Animal Cookies strain taste like? Anyone who has ever tried Animal Cookies will tell you that its flavor is perhaps its biggest selling point. As its name suggests, the strain tastes peculiarly similar to a childhood snack of the same name.

The Animal Cookies strain flavor comes from a combination of terpenes including caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. These combine to create a distinct sweet cracker flavor that tapers off into a mild yet noticeable pungent bitterness.

In terms of its aroma, the Animal Cookies strain smell strays a little from its sweet snack flavor. Instead, the Animal Cookies strain terpenes produce a deep, earthy, organic aroma that wafts forcefully from fresh Animal Cookies flower.

Animal Cookies Strain Effects

What are the effects of Animal Cookies strain? Often described as a balanced cultivar, the Animal Cookies variety relieves physical pain and discomfort as it begins saturating the system with its dynamic chemistry.

Soon after smoking Animal Cookies strain, the cultivar works to uplift the mood, instilling a mild euphoric buzz as it lifts away stress and worry. The hazy headspace produces the iconic Animal Cookies strain high which many describe as an intensely visual experience.

This rush of psychedelic thoughts can help improve creative performance, which is why Animal Cookies often finds itself in the clutches of creatives and artists who need extra inspiration. These effects last for a few hours before gradually dying down into a floaty cognitive emptiness that slows breathing and heavies the eyelids.

Animal Cookies Strain Price

A fairly popular and prolific marijuana variety, the Animal Cookies strain is well-supplied across the market. This high availability has allowed vendors to dial down their prices, so you should expect to spend less on Animal Cookies versus rare strains like Apples and Bananas.

On average, a gram of the cultivar will set you back $6, however, some vendors can crank up their prices depending on quality, cannabinoid expression, and branding. To enjoy cheaper prices per gram, you might want to consider buying your Animal Cookies flower in bulk.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Animal Cookies strain is a hybrid strain with 75% indica dominance, evidenced by its intensely calming and relaxing effects. However, some sativa properties do tend to shine through, especially when it comes to the plant’s morphology.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Good for Sleep?

Yes, the Animal Cookies strain has long been leveraged by medical marijuana users for its ability to induce sleep. The short-lived creative, visual high lasts for just a few hours before finally tapering off into a heavy drowsiness that fosters the perfect mood and mental state for sleep.

Is Animal Cookies Strain Good for Anxiety?

Yes, this strain can be a suitable choice if you’re trying to combat the negative effects of anxiety. Whether you’re clinically diagnosed with anxiety or other conditions like mood disorders, the Animal Cookies strain can help relieve some of the symptoms by reducing stress and filling the mind with upbeat, positive images and thoughts.

Animal Cookies Strain Cartridge

Since it’s a pretty popular variety, the Animal Cookies strain has been turned into every kind of cannabis-derived product you can think of. This includes products like edibles, topicals, and even vape cartridges.

A vape cartridge relieves some of the tediousness involved in smoking raw marijuana flower and provides easy doses that you can take on the go. Prices for Animal Cookies vape carts start at around $30 but could easily cost double that depending on the amount of product and the brand.

You can find Animal Cookies vape cartridges through your local marijuana dispensary or online through vetted vape cart vendors.

Similar Strains to Animal Cookies Strain

The likable properties of the Animal Cookies strain have inevitably improved the market performance of strains with similar qualities. While they’re not exactly like Animal Cookies, these picks share enough similarities with the strain that they’ve managed to climb their way up the marijuana popularity ladder as well:

  • GG4
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Sherbet Cake
  • London Mints
  • Apple Fritter

Animal Cookies Strain Seeds

If you’re looking to buy Animal Cookies strain seeds, the best place to start would be the BC Bud Depot seed bank. These guys started the whole Animal Cookies strain, so you can be sure that the seeds they sell will produce a genuine article.

Other online seed banks also sell Animal Cookies seeds at prices ranging from $10 to $17 a piece. Make sure to buy feminized or autoflowering seeds to increase your chances of cultivation success.

Animal Cookies Strain Flowering Time

Growing Animal Cookies strain takes time, producing mature, harvest-ready flowers in 12 weeks from germination. This means that you will have to pay close attention to the cultivation timing since the variety takes longer than other strains to produce its yield.

Upon maturity, each Animal Cookies plant will tower at over 10 feet, so it’s ideal to grow the variety outdoors where it can get enough room to spread its leaves and branches. Constant topping may be necessary to guarantee optimum growth and to foster a bushy, dense structure.

Where to Buy Animal Cookies Strain Flower

Most of the best marijuana vendors sell their products online, so it’s not hard to find high-quality Animal Cookies nugs through a trusted web-based vendor. Physical dispensaries and brick-and-mortar stores also provide a suitable selection of flower that you can smell, see, and examine up close.

Before you buy Animal Cookies marijuana flower – or any cannabis for that matter – make sure you check lab reports, read reviews, and do a background check on your chosen vendor. Performing your fair share of due diligence should help you steer clear of bunk products and unscrupulous vendors.

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